Wonderland Park

Harikalar Diyarı Parkı Ankara

Wonderland Park, only Ankara ‘s or not Turkey has also the distinction of being the largest park in the whole of Europe. The park which was opened to the visitor in October 2004 leaves us in the middle of a fairy tale we know very well. Every character you can find in the House of Wonders greet you in the park. Both giants and gnomes and clowns and many other books are transformed into a colorful environment.

The park is fully built on 1,320.00 m2. 650,000 m2 of this area, ie half of which is decorated with greenery. There is also an artificial pond in the park. This artificial pond covers an area of ​​92 thousand m2. There is also a Nejat Uygur amphitheater, Go-Kart and skating rink in the park. You can also walk around the area by taking the train in the park. Among the most beautiful parks of the city, you can add Harikalar Parkı your list of .

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