Where to Stay in Zurich Hotel Recommendations

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Where to stay in Zurich In 2006, Zurich was chosen as the most livable city in Europe and as a major city of Switzerland . Zurich, the financial and banking center of Europe, is a regular, clean and modern city like the famous Swiss watches. Therefore, it is one of the places where people want to live most and therefore has a quite cosmopolitan structure.

Although Bern is the capital of Switzerland, Zurich is considered the cultural capital of the country. Zurich, which is one of the must-see places with its luminous and luxury stores, high standards of welfare, green nature, museums, architecture and clean air, is among the most curious routes of tourists. If you want to go to this beautiful city, you can take a look at the oluştur Where to stay in Zurich ist guide for you.

Where to stay in Zurich

Public transport in Zurich is quite advanced. Therefore, you can spend your trip safely and comfort by taking advantage of the subway, bus or tramways in which part of the city you are staying. The hotels in the historic city center called Zurich Altstadt are frequently preferred by tourists. In addition, the largest railway station in the country called Zürich Hauptbahnhof (Zürich HB) in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, you can easily pass if you have a visa. 12 districts (district-kreis) in Zurich, with large parks, museums, Kreis-8 and the center of Kreis-2 near the center of the trip can complete your stay.

Accommodation in Zurich

I would like to share with you the suggestions of 5 hotels I would like to give you an idea about where to stay in Zurich .

3 ★ Hotel Bristol Zurich

Zurich hotel recommendation Hotel Bristol Zurich

The first hotel I would recommend is the 3-star Hotel Bristol Zurich , which is located in the city center. The hotel, which scored 8.1 points in the 1875 evaluation question, is preferred especially for its location. Acceptance of pets in the hotel is an important detail. You can look here for a more detailed review and reservation.

3 ★ Hotel Montana Zürich

Hotel Montana Zürich

The 3-star Hotel Montana Zürich is especially preferred with its original design and being a street away from the train station. Within walking distance of the sights of Zurich, the hotel has 74 rooms, and as in many Swiss hotels, pets are still accepted. Click here for details and information.

4 ★ Hotel St. Gotthard

Hotel St. Gotthard

If you are looking for a little more comfort, the 4-star Hotel You can choose Gotthard . The hotel was built in 1889 and recently modernized. The on-site restaurant serves live piano music, and guests can enjoy a meal at the bar and massage services. You can look here for a reservation.

4 ★ Central Plaza

Where to stay in Zurich

With its historic building and central Zurich, Central Plaza offers free use of the gym and Wi-fi. The 101-room hotel offers an à la carte restaurant and a piano bar. You can make your reservation here .

Zurich Marriott Hotel 5 Zurich Marriott Hotel

Where to stay Zurich Marriott Hotel

For those looking for 5 star quality, I can recommend Zurich Marriott Hotel . The hotel has 266 rooms, overlooking the river and the park and connecting to the Mariott Hotels chain. Close to tourist attractions, open buffet breakfast, a la carte restaurant, sauna and solarium, gym is very popular. You can get detailed information here .

I hope that the article “ Where to stay in Zurich l is useful for those who want to come to this beautiful city. You can read about the most important places to visit and see in Zurich . Pleasant holidays.

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