Where to stay in Vienna Regions and Hotel Recommendations

Viyana'da nerede kalınır rehberi

Austria ‘s capital, Vienna , which hosts cultural tours of their favorite stops Hungary and the Czech Republic which included the showing of the most popular cities of the Central European region. If you want to visit Vienna, which is the most livable city in the world for 9 consecutive years, you can take a tour of the tours or explore the historical and cultural values ​​of your own holiday plan without any limitations. The ones who think the second option most often think about çok Where can we stay in Vienna? ”Is the question. The answer to this question, which is confusing for those who will go for the first time, is waiting for you in the guide I prepared in full detail.

During my stay in Vienna, I will share very detailed information and advice on accommodation in Vienna . If you are indecisive about choosing a region and hotel in Vienna, you will be more confident after reading this article.

What will you find in his article in Vienna?

Where to stay in Vienna Accommodation Areas

Where to stay in Vienna
Where to stay in Vienna. The blue dots are places to visit in the city in order of importance, while the red dots symbolize the location of the hotels I recommend during the summer. Click to open the map in Google Maps .

Vienna is divided into 23 neighborhoods . In local languages, the numbers of neighborhoods called doğru bezirke “are increasing from the center to the outside.

District 1 ie Innere Stadt is considered the center of Vienna. All neighborhoods up to District 9 surround the Inner City. If you’re planning your stay to Vienna city center hotels, focus on these 9 local areas or choose yoğunlaş If I don’t have time ayı you can choose from a range of Vienna hotel recommendations.

I will concentrate on the most basic places where I can stay in Vienna rather than mentioning all the regions throughout the article.

There are 6 regions where you can stay in Vienna. These:

  1. The Innere Stadt is located in the historic city ​​center and called District 1 ;
  2. South of the center, known for its multicultural structure, the District 4 Wieden ;
  3. On the east of the historical center, the transportation point of the airport train is District 3 Landstrasse ;
  4. District 7, called the museum district Neubau ;
  5. District 2 Leopoldstadt to the north of the city center, close to the Prater Amusement Park;
  6. District 5 Margareten , District 6 Other regions such as Mariahilf and District 19 Döbling .

If you choose one of these areas, you will be close to many of the places to visit in the city. As with every tourist city, the more you stay close to the center, the higher the prices. But I will give information about all the regions where I stay in Vienna, alternatively, let me go to the details.

1. District 1 – Innere Stadt

Accommodation in Vienna

Where to stay in Vienna The first region I will recommend to you in my guide is District 1 , the heart of Vienna, or Innere Stadt .

Until the 1850s, Vienna was merely the region. Even the 1st District was surrounded by defensive walls. However, within the scope of the renovation works carried out in the 19th century, these walls were destroyed. Nevertheless, the Inner City, which has managed to preserve its historical texture and has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List , hosts many of the places on our list of places to visit in Vienna .

The cobbled streets, famous churches, high-quality hotels, rich eating and drinking facilities, and flashy shopping streets make Innere Stadt the most popular accommodation in Vienna. rahatça ulaşabilirsiniz. You can easily reach most places in the region, which is ideal for travel with family or for business-oriented travel. It takes 1 hour to walk from the beginning of the residential area, which is already considered the heart of Vienna.

ve meydana adını veren, Avrupa’nın en önemli dini yapıları arasında gösterilen Stephansdom ‘u ziyaret ederek başlayabilirsiniz. If you prefer to stay in this part of the city Located right in the center of your navigation Stephansplatz square and giving the name, Stephansdom one of the most important religious building in Europe ‘u can start by visiting.

In short, if you want to stay in the center of the city, this place is complete. If you’re going to spend 1 or 2 days in Vienna, book your hotel in the Innere Stadt area for a top-notch stay. But if your holiday period is longer and your budget is not extensive, staying here can force you financially. Because the price of overnight accommodation in hotels in the Inner City is above the city average.

I recommend the hotel in this area:

Booking.com puanı 9,0. 3 ★ Hotel Austria – Wien: Booking.com rating 9.0. Popular attractions, including St Stephen’s Cathedral, are just a few minutes’ walk away. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 8,9. 3 ★ Hotel Kärntnerhof: Booking.com rating 8.9. Decorated with a mix of Vienna Art Nouveau and Italian elegance, this hotel is located in the heart of the city. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 8,4. 4 ★ Mercure Wien Zentrum: Booking.com rating 8.4. Just a 5-minute walk from St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 8,6. 4 ★ Austria Trend Hotel Europa Wien: Located on the famous shopping street Kärntnerstraße, one of the city’s most popular hotels. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 9,4. 5 ★ Hotel Sacher Wien: Booking.com rating 9.4 Where to stay in Vienna, in a central location, luxury hotel is cut out for those who say. Click for information and reservation.

2. District 4 – Wieden

Accommodation in Vienna

ile biliniyor. District 2, Wieden , is known for its multicultural nature and vibrant nightlife . Moreover, accommodation prices in this area are more suitable than other places in the city center.

The Art Nouveau-style houses feature attractive facilities for those who want to be close to designer boutiques, original products, vintage furniture and second-hand bookstores.

Wieden also hosts the University of Vienna’s campus. olmasını sağlıyor. The large student population makes it possible to have many bars and restaurants in the 4th District. The vast majority of these places are listed on Schönbrunner Straße .

If you prefer the area close to the Central Train Station, you can easily reach the city’s historic center after a short walk .

Of course, you can spend time in Karlsplatz at the border between the two regions during this pleasant journey. Travelers in the square surrounded by baroque-style buildings show great interest in the Church of Karlskirche . If you go to this part of the city in December, you will have the opportunity to witness the colorful atmosphere created by the Christmas Market in front of the church.

bulunuyor. Wieden’s history within the boundaries of the Naschmarkt market place. Local people, ideal for those who want to observe daily life rituals in the market offering fresh opportunities for fresh fruit and vegetables and farm products sold outside the stands, restaurants, desserts are waiting for you.

You can also go to Chinatown to take advantage of the food and beverage facilities in the District 4, known as the Hipster district . You can end your holiday in a pleasant way by having fun in the bars and night clubs after you’ve had a good meal in the restaurants in Chinatown.

I recommend the hotel in this area:

Booking.com puanı 8,7. 3 ★ Drei Kronen Hotel Wien City: Booking.com rating 8.7. The Vienna State Opera is a beautiful hotel with a central location very close to the Museum District and the Naschmarkt. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 9,4. 4 ★ Hotel Kaiserhof Wien: Booking.com rating 9.4 A popular hotel close to the Ringstrasse boulevard and Karlsplatz Underground Station. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 8,8. 4 ★ Hotel Erzherzog Rainer: Booking.com rating 8.8. The State Opera and Karlsplatz Metro Station are just a 10-minute walk away. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 8,6. 5 ★ Pakat Suites Hotel: Booking.com rating 8.6. This hotel, which I can recommend for those who want to stay in Vienna, where there is a quality and luxurious place, is located in the embassy district of the city. Click for information and reservation.

3. District 3 – Landstrasse

Places to visit in landstrasse Vienna

If you’re looking for affordable and affordable accommodation, check out the hotels in District 3, which is one of the city’s best tourist destinations to find your answer to your arasında Where to stay in Vienna Merkez question.

seviyelerde. Prices at Landstrasse are much more reasonable than those of the 1st District. Even in the 4-star hotel operating in the Innere Stadt, you can stay in a 5-star hotel in the 3rd District.

The destination of the S7 and CAT trains departing from the airport is at a walking distance from many popular attractions in the city. Especially if you stay in one of the hotels on the west side, you can reach the historical buildings within the boundaries of Innere Stadt with much less effort.

Landstrasse, which is much quieter and more peaceful than the Inner City, may not be the most interesting place in Vienna. However, it has many buildings with extraordinary architectural details, including the Belverede Palace and Hundertwaasser . Vienna Mitte Railway Station and embassies are also located in this region.

Landstrasse, or District 4, is becoming one of the ideal accommodation areas in the city due to its budget-friendly hotels. The presence of the airport train, the baroque architecture and the calm but close proximity to the movement make the area attractive for accommodation. If you’re wondering what to do if you walk out of places to visit, you can choose from hotels in Landstrasse.

I recommend the hotel in this area:

Booking.com puanı 9,0. 4 ★ Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna: 1 Review An ideal hotel for those who stay in Vienna, close to the center and the transport network. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 8,5. 4 ★ Mercure Grand Hotel Biedermeier Wien: It is a 15-minute walk from the historic city center. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 8,4. 4 ★ Eurostars Embassy: Booking.com rating 8.4. A quality resort within walking distance of the Kardinal-Nagl-Platz Underground Station. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 8,0. 5 ★ Hilton Vienna: Booking.com rating 8.0. Hilton Vienna, one of the city’s most popular 5-star hotels, is right next to the City Park and the metro station that connects the center. Click for information and reservation.

4. District 7 – Neubau

Accommodation in Vienna Neubau

District 7 is a place often preferred by the young population. The official name is Neubau ; Art galleries, industrial-looking 3rd generation coffee shops, designer boutiques with regional lines and stylish restaurants are famous.

oluşuyla gezginlere büyük avantaj sağlıyor. The 7th Region, which you can include in your l Where to stay in Vienna gez for its lively atmosphere and proximity to the center, provides a great advantage to travelers with its proximity to the transportation network .

You can visit the city center, which has a rich historical texture, without taking much apart from the moving environment by taking advantage of this feature of the region. Cheaply priced Neubau hotels are mainly located around the Westbahnhof .

Due to its diverse cafes and restaurants reflecting its multicultural nature, the central Spittelberg is located in the District 7, which is filled with university students throughout the day, while visiting the Museum Quarter , where rich collections are on display.

Defined as the cultural capital of Europe, the cultural capital of Vienna, the Neubau is well-known for its affordable prices for both accommodation and eating and drinking. In short, District 7 is one of the best in the city for those who want to have the freedom to act as a local people without spending too much in an artistic and culturally rich area.

I recommend the hotel in this area:

Booking.com puanı 8,9. 4 ★ 25hours Hotel beim MuseumsQuartier: Booking.com rating 8.9. One of the most noticeable facilities in the hotels I’ve introduced throughout Vienna is where the museums, shopping streets and public transport network are very close. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 8,5. 4 ★ IntercityHotel Wien: Booking.com rating 8.5. Located in Mariahilfer Straße, Vienna’s premier shopping street, the hotel is ideal for those who want to be close to the vibrant city life. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 8,9. 4 ★ Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna: Booking.com rating 8.9. Located on the corner of the Mariahilfer Straße and the Kaiserstraße, this hotel is a popular choice. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 9,5. 5 ★ Hotel Sans Souci Wien: Booking.com rating 9.5. Those who say, where you can stay in Vienna, in a good quality and central location, can take a look at this beautiful hotel located in the Museum Square. Click for information and reservation.

5. District 2 – Leopoldstadt

Accommodation in Vienna Leopoldstadt

District 2 , also known as Leopoldstadt , is the last popular place to stay in Vienna for your research.

Vienna’s No. 2 residential district and Innere Stadt separate from each other the Danube Canal. Although very close to the historic center, Leopoldstadt hotels are much more convenient in terms of price.

You can choose from hotels on the west side of the city center to reach the rich inner city without spending too much time. If you intend to go to the heart of the city from here, you can take the metro or you can choose to walk for 15 minutes . Also, just like Landstrasse, the S7 express train moves from the airport.

Local people and experienced travelers are visiting Leopoldstadt for a pleasant time on the sandy beaches of the Danube in summer.

There are also peaceful green areas in the area, as well as the beaches that have been appreciated by the guests with their fun atmosphere. Even the largest of these green areas is the Prater Amusement Park with historical value. If you get hungry while spending time in the park to recreate your childhood memories through nostalgic toys, you can sit in one of the restaurants with menus from the local cuisine.

I recommend the hotel in this area:

Booking.com puanı 8,4. 3 ★ MEININGER Hotel Wien Downtown Sissi: Booking.com rating 8.4. It is a 10-minute walk from Schottenring Underground Station. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 9,3. 3 ★ Das Capri: Booking.com rating 9.3 Just a few steps from Nestroyplatz Metro Station, Das Capri is both an economic facility and advantageous for transportation. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 8,0. 4 ★ Novotel Wien City: Booking.com rating 8.0. With a view of the Ringstrasse boulevard, Novotel is one of the most popular 4 star hotels in the city. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 9,1. 4 ★ Hotel Stefanie: Booking.com rating 9.1. Stefanie, one of the most remarkable hotels in the hotels I have introduced throughout Vienna, is the oldest hotel in the city with its 400-year history. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 9,0. 5 ★ SO / Vienna: Booking.com rating 9.0. It offers panoramic views of Vienna and is ideal for those looking for quality accommodation. Click for information and reservation.

Other Regions

where to stay in mariahilf Vienna

If you can’t find the hotel options that fit your budget or your expectations in the popular areas mentioned above, where do you stay in Vienna? U You can expand your research to find answers to the question to cover District 5 , 6 and 19 .

, sanata ve tasarıma ilgi duyanlara hitap ediyor. District 5, or Margareten , addresses people interested in art and design. The settlement is home to market places offering different options for travelers interested in gastronomy and second-hand products.

If you enjoy visiting the street markets, visit the nearby markets of this part of the city and visit the famous Naschmarkt .

sınırları içerisindeki konaklama tesislerine de göz atabilirsiniz. Of course, if you set up your holiday plans entirely on the theme of shopping, you can take a look at the accommodation facilities in District 6 (Mariahilf) . Throughout Mariahilferstrasse you will find shops with content suitable for every taste and budget.

ise kasaba tarzı görünümü ve sakin atmosferi aracılığıyla aileleri ile seyahat eden gezginlere aradıkları ortamı sunuyor. District 19 or Döbling , in the name of the local language, offers an environment that is ideal for travelers traveling with their families through a town-style view and tranquil atmosphere. The area where you can find the opportunity to easily mingle with the locals is appreciated thanks to the streets surrounded by trees, stone-covered streets and green parks. While you are on holiday in the 19th district, you can go hiking in the surrounding hills during the day and in the evening you can have fun in the taverns with quality wine menus.

I recommend the hotel in this area:

Booking.com puanı 8,1. 3 ★ Ibis Wien Mariahilf: Booking.com rating 8.1. Those who say where to stay in Vienna, whether it’s a cheap and quality place, can take a look at Ibis Wies, which is just 500 meters away from Mariahilfer Straße. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 8,6. 3 ★ Ibis Styles Wien City: Booking.com rating 8.6. Ibis Styles, one of the best value-for-money facilities in Vienna, is a hotel that is a bit far from the center but can be preferred by those who want to stay in more economical conditions. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 8,2. 4 ★ Leonardo Hotel Vienna: Booking.com rating 8.2. Just a few steps from the Mariahilfer Straße shopping street, this property is one of the most popular 4-star hotels in the city. Click for information and reservation.

Booking.com puanı 8,8. 4 ★ Austria Trend Hotel Anatol Wien: This beautiful property, which has the best value for money in Vienna, is also on the famous shopping street Mariahilfer Straße. Click for information and reservation.

Your Vienna Hotel Recommendation: Star Inn Hotel Wien Schönbrunn

Where to stay in Vienna
The 3-star Star Inn Wien Schönbrunn is a very affordable hotel, a short metro ride from the center. Click for information and reservation.

The answer to the question im Where to stay in Vienna? Ön I had a lot of thought before my trip and looked at all the resources I could. As a result of my detailed research, I found the hotel named Star Inn Wien Schönbrunn, by Comfort, which is both very economical and the service quality is high.

oranına sahip oteldi diyebilirim. For my 3-star hotel, I can easily say that the hotel has the highest price / performance ratio. Already the hotel; Thanks to its location, hygiene level and quality of service, we have managed to get an extremely high score of 8.9 out of 10 as a result of the rating of 4000 travelers on Booking.com.

The hotel offers a buffet breakfast in the mornings and operates in Vienna’s 15th district . ve U6 hatları üzerinde bulunan Langenfeld İstasyonu , tesisin hemen önünde yer alıyor. But on the U4 and U6 lines of the subway, Langenfeld Station is right in front of the facility. You can reach the Schönbrunn Palace and the Westbahnhof Train Station in just 5 minutes by taking the vehicles moving from this station. Stephansplatz , the city’s heart, is 5 stops away from the hotel.

ödedim. Let’s come to the beautiful side of the hotel konaklama I paid only 108 euros in total for 2 nights stay in a double room. Believe, this facility is Ibis and so on. There was no difference in terms of service quality from hotels. If you’re looking for an affordable hotel in Vienna, check out this hotel. If you want to know the details of the hotel and make a reservation through Booking.com, please click here .

  • Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

City Transportation in Vienna

Where to stay in Vienna, information about city and airport transportation

Where to stay in Vienna I would like to provide important information about transportation in my guide.

, kent merkezinden 16 kilometre uzakta yer alıyor. Turkish Airlines’ direct flights from Turkey Pegasus and organized by Vienna International Airport, is located 16 kilometers away from the city center. Here for access to the heart of a residential area in the city’s number one express train line S7 or CAT City Airport Train ie ‘e you can ride. Alternatively, you can also choose to take the buses called Airport Lines .

rahatça ulaşabilirsiniz. If you are staying in Innere Stadt or the surrounding settlements, you can easily walk to many attractions. In the outer areas, you can benefit from the city’s advanced metro network. The distance between the 15th and the inner city of the region I prefer to stay is only 5 stops. In this way, the journey between the two regions was completed in 10-15 minutes.

Although the subway is not exactly an alternative, if you want, you can meet your need for transportation by tram in the city ​​center. Lines 1 and 2 pass near some of the city’s most interesting buildings. isimli araçsa 30 dakikalık tur ile gezginlerin kentin önemli noktalarını tanımalarını sağlıyor. The Vienna Ring is a 30-minute car that allows travelers to see the city’s highlights.

In Vienna, where you can travel to the countryside by trains and take the buses in the city center after midnight, the tickets are sold for single use.

There are different options available to the public transport network, ranging from 24 to 72 hours. Of course, if you want to reduce your transportation costs, you can buy the Vienna Pass . Thus, you can get free access to most of the popular attractions.

Hotel Deals & Reservations in Vienna

Where to stay in Vienna, hotel prices

Where to stay in Vienna? “If you do research on the subject, with the knowledge that you will encounter in almost every source is expensive in terms of tourist attractions of the capital of Austria. Indeed, Vienna has a higher price profile than most of its neighbors.

For example, for a magnet to keep your holiday memories alive, you may have to pay above average. There is a similar situation in terms of accommodation. However, you can stay at quality hotels at very reasonable prices with detailed research.

In Vienna’s historical center, which offers rich content to travelers, the price of a double room including breakfast is 150 Euros . When you get 1 to 2 stops away from the center, the prices go down to a more appropriate level. Even in the heart of the city 3-4 metro stops away from the facilities that operate only 65 euros you can meet your accommodation needs.

If you want to easily reach affordable accommodation options, you can do your research through Booking.com as well as me. You can sort the results by regions and prices, and you can learn the facilities offered by the facilities by examining the detailed hotel pages. In the decision-making process, you can browse the user comments.

Where to stay in Vienna?

Information and advice about where to stay in Vienna

‘a (District 1) araştırmanızda öncelik verebilirsiniz. If you have booked a large budget for a holiday in Vienna and want to be close to attractions, popular shopping streets, you can prioritize Innere Stadt (District 1).

‘den (District 4) yana kullanabilir. At least as much as the heart of the city, the center of the nightlife, and the rich in terms of shopping in search of affordable prices for those who prefer the first choice rights from the Wieden (District 4) can use.

If you are planning to have a high level of accommodation experience with an average budget close to the heart of the city, then I suggest you focus on Landstrasse (District 3), Neubau (District 7) and Leopoldstadt (District 2).

gelecek olursak, ben tekrar Viyana’ya gidecek olsam ilk göz atacağım tesislerden biri yine son gezimde konaklayıp memnun ayrıldığım 3 yıldızlı Star Inn Hotel Wien Schönbrunn oteli olur çünkü tesis hem merkeze metro ile çok yakın, hem de çok uygun fiyatlar sunabiliyor. On the recommendation of the hotel , if I am going to Vienna again, one of the first facilities I’ll take a look at the 3-star Star Inn Hotel Wien Schönbrunn , which I stayed on my last trip and left satisfied.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly, 3-star hotel, you can look at the Hotel Austria – Wien or the Wiener Wiener Mariahilf , Das Capri or Drei Kronen Hotel Wien City hotels in the center.

The 4-star Mercure Wien Zentrum is very popular if you want to stay in the center, ie the Innere Stadt. The 4-star Ruby Marie Hotel Vienna is located on the Mariahilfer shopping street, with 4-star 25hours Hotel beim MuseumsQuartier around the Museum Square.

If you are comfortable with budget accommodation, the 5-star Hotel Sacher Wien is right in the heart of the city, the Hilton Vienna next to the Stadtpark and the Hotel Sans Souci Wien, close to the Museum Square can be preferred.

During your stay in Vienna, where you can stay during your stay in Vienna, I have tried to provide you with information about all the regions where you can stay, the issues you should pay attention to and the nice hotel recommendations for accommodation.

All information you may need during your Vienna holiday; You can read about my Vienna travel guide , Vienna attractions , Vienna things to do and Vienna shopping guide .

City Center Vienna Hotels

You can review the locations of the hotels in the city center on the map below. Prices shown are per night accommodation fees. If you wish, you can review the prices by entering the destination and date information.

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