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Vancouver'da nerede kalınır

Canada ‘s British Columbia province ‘and 700 thousand in the third largest city in the country with a population of over Vancouver can say also the most beautiful city as well. In addition to having every advantage in a metropolis, it also has all the beauties of being on the shores of the ocean. The historical buildings dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries, the park and green areas, which are abundant in the west of the city, the hospitable atmosphere that embraces immigrants from all over the world and the city center with its skyscrapers and wide streets are a center of attraction. Moreover, the city is extremely rich in terms of outdoor activities.

I will talk about where you stay in Vancouver and what hotels in the city you can find and what I like in the city for a comfortable stay. The question of where to stay in Vancouver because of the very nice and pleasant areas in terms of accommodation outside the center is a bit difficult question.

Read about what to see in Vancouver .

Where to stay in Vancouver

Where to stay in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city that cannot be explored on foot when it is not only the city center, but also the neighboring districts. So let’s look at how to get from place to place before we say where to stay in Vancouver.

Vancouver Expo has a 3-track subway (Skytrain) system, including Millennium and Canada lines. You can see the subway map which is the cheapest and fastest way to travel around the city.

Where to stay in Vancouver

Other than that, there are also sea bus services between the Waterfront and Lonsdale Quay for 15-30 minutes. You can see the flight hours below.

Buses are spread all over the city and provide the cheapest transportation option. Moreover, unlike ours, Vancouver is a quick option, as there is no traffic contagion to create a crisis. You can find information about bus services in this link .

If you want to go back to the question of where to stay in Vancouver har 8 before you go to the section that tells me different regions, you can review the locations of these regions on the map below.

Where to stay in Vancouver

1. City Center

The city center is full of office buildings, skyscrapers, shopping centers and scenic hotels and is full of art galleries and museums. Howe Street is the financial center in the region.

Not only accommodation, but in every sense of the high price of the region with a high budget, I recommend to tourists who want to see a lot of time in the city in a short time.

2. Yaletown Location

Where to stay in Vancouver Yaletown

Actually in the small part of the city center is Yaletown . I can say that the red brick buildings that used to be used as warehouses are today studio of various artists, young, trendy and maybe a little bohemian. For travelers who want to be part of the city’s cultural life, there’s no need to think about where to stay in Vancouver.

3. Gastown Region

Where to Stay in Vancouver

Today, the city’s oldest district, Gastown , which stretches from Canada Place to Maple Tree Square along the Vancouver Harbor, has taken on a completely different face today with a wide range of restaurants starting at the end of the 1960s. The area stands out with its remarkable late Victorian buildings, quality restaurants and shops.

4. Chinatown District (Chinatown)

Where to stay in Vancouver Chinatown

You don’t know that you have a high proportion of Asian, even Chinese, population in Canada. Chinatown is an area where you can feel yourself in China in the heart of Canada with restaurants serving exotic Asian food, food and beverage shops and Chinese souvenir shops. In this region, Dr. The Sun Yat Sen Park is a classic Ming Dynasty landscape. Rather than staying in this area, tourists prefer to stop by during their visit to Vancouver and enjoy the delicious Chinese food, but there are still plenty of options for accommodation in the area.

5. West End Location

Where to stay in Vancouver West End

The West End, which is a residence of the locals who want to live close to the center, is full of tourist attractions. When you choose to stay in this area, you can enjoy the advantages of getting to the city center quickly and easily and enjoy an elite and calm area.

6. Granville Island

Another area of ​​post-restoration is the Granville, the paradise island of Vancouver. The old buildings that are used as depots today are connected to other parts of the city with the island ferries which are used for the purposes of theater, studio and handicraft shops. I would recommend the island, where there are enough options in terms of hotels, restaurants and shopping, for those who prefer a bit more unusual accommodation.

7. Commercial Drive Location

In other words, “ Little Italy Başka. Another extraordinary choice is the area where you can experience Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Latin American restaurants and shops around the East Culture Center and experience the Latin culture in Canada. The answer to the question of where to stay in Vancouver if you prefer Latin warmth rather than the cold atmosphere of North America.

8. Kerrisdale and West Side Region

Where to stay in Kerrisdale West Side

Known as the more shopping district, Kerrisdale has a different atmosphere from other regions with its stylish restaurants, boutiques and extraordinary gift shops. West Side , home to the University of British Columbia, is a very large neighbor. This area also has beaches like Jericho , Locarno , Wreck (nudist beach). Of course we are accustomed to the warm sea of ​​the Mediterranean Sea, we can swim in Canada ler

In a nutshell, those who want to stay in a place where they can stay in a quiet, relaxed and time-consuming place have found answers to the question of where to stay in Vancouver.

Hotel Deals & Reservations in Vancouver

Where to stay in Vancouver

Canada US border near the city of Vancouver at the hotel I have to say that a very low price. In fact, for backpackers, the hostel charges around USD 80-150 per night for hotels with a bed rate of 25 USD but in the middle and medium quality, clean, comfortable and centrally located hotels. If you prefer a 5-star hotel, these figures are increasing.

On the other hand, if you book using booking.com – you are using the site for some time – you can always take advantage of the 10% genius discount and the hotel’s periodic discounts, which I pay particular attention to in all my travels.

Accommodation in Vancouver

5 ★ Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver

Vancouver Hotel recommendation Vancouver Four Seasons Hotel

Located in the city center, the Four Seasons Hotel is an ideal base for both business and sightseeing. The 372-room hotel features a heated pool, fitness room, SPA, restaurant and bar. Rooms are spacious and decorated in a modern style and have a high guest satisfaction rating at 9 on booking.com.

Located 200 meters from the Granville Skytrain Station and 400 meters from Waterfront Station , the hotel is close to Vancouver Art Gallery, Christ Cathedral, Vancouver Performing Arts Center. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

4 ★ Hotel BLU

Hotel BLU Hotel Vancouver

Hotel BLU is located in Yaletown and is ideal for both business and leisure travelers. Decorated in a classic style with modern furniture, the hotel has 4 restaurants, a bar, a heated pool, a fitness room and a SPA. In short, everything you can call in a hotel can be found at Hotel BLU.

Located 600 meters from Granville Skytrain Station, the hotel is a few minutes’ walk from the Pacific Center AVM, BC Place Stadium, Vancouver Performing Arts Center and Rogers Arena. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

3 ★ Victorian Hotel

Vancouver hotel recommendation Vancouver Victorian Hotel

Housed in a restored Victorian historic building from 1858 in the Gastown District , the Victorian Hotel is modern and simply decorated. The 10-room boutique hotel also features an on-site restaurant and a bar serving morning breakfasts.

Located 300 meters from Granville and Waterfront Skytrain Stations, the hotel is perfect for those looking for affordable accommodation in a comfortable, clean and central location, thinking of where to stay in Vancouver. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

5 ★ Loden Vancouver

Vancouver hotel recommendation Vancouver Loden

Located in the West End District , Loden Vancouver offers modern and comfortable rooms. I would especially recommend the rooms on the 2nd floor, because the rooms here have a terrace and a garden. The rooms on the 6th floor are suitable for pets. The hotel has a restaurant, bar, fitness room, SPA and sauna, and a high satisfaction rate of 9.3 on booking.com.

It is a 5-minute walk from Loden Vancouver and Burrard Train Station, which is a few hundred meters from the Robson Street Christ Cathedral and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

4 ★ Granville House Bed and Breakfast

Vancouver Hotel Vancouver Granville House Bed and Breakfast

Finally, I would like to talk about a 6-room boutique hotel in Kerrisdale, a typical North American style villa. The Granville House Bed And Breakfast is an ideal base for romantic holidays and honeymoon. The hotel’s garden is also very pleasant, and is tastefully decorated with classic furniture.

Located 50 meters from the NG Granville Street Bus Stop, this warm and friendly villa is very close to the South Granville Street, full of shops, the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens and Queen Elizabeth Park. I would recommend it to lovers who say where to stay in Vancouver. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

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