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Melbourne’de nerede kalınır?

Melbourne , which is the capital of Victoria State in the south of Australia , is also one of the most touristic cities in the country. Park and gardens from churches, historical buildings to museums, dozens of places to visit and surfing, boat tour, swimming activities, such as a variety of activities such as the city before you die, one of the must-see places. The question of where to stay in Melbourne because of a metropolis is one of the hardest questions to answer. Australia is already an expensive country, Melbourne is not different from the rest of the country. Therefore, it is necessary to do research both economically and cleanly and close to places to visit and public transportation.

I will try to make this research as simple as possible for you in Melbourne. I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of staying in these areas by telling a few different regions suitable for accommodation in the city, as well as a few hotel recommendations for every budget.

Where to stay in Melbourne?

Before answering the question of where to stay in Melbourne, it is worth mentioning briefly about the city’s public transportation system. Bus , tram , metro and train systems are all available in Melbourne and this system can be reached easily in almost every corner of the city. Even the tram system called the CBD , provides free shuttle in the center of the city. Other than this, you can travel with myki card at almost any station and all public transportation at reasonable prices.

Where to stay in Melbourne

Returning to Melbourne, I would like to say that you can actually stay in 5 different regions. On the map above, these places are all marked and start from the most advantageous location, and let’s talk about them in turn.

1. Southbank

Where to stay in Melbourne

Located in the very center of the city, Southbank is preferred because it is within walking distance of the necessary places and streets, offering a wide selection of cafes, restaurants and shopping options, as well as a fascinating view of the Yarra River . There are also hotel and boutique hotel options in every region. Furthermore, day and night is a very mobile and safe area.

2. East Melbourne

Actually I say East Melbourne but I think it would be much more accurate to say the east of the city center. Starting from Spring Street , the streets spreading towards east turn a little further into residential areas. This detached house with garden or low-rise buildings is ideal for accommodation. The Treasury Gardens can also be preferred due to the proximity of Captain Cook to the house of Fitzroy Gardens , Melbourne .

3. Carlton and Fitzroy

Where to stay in Melbourne Carlton and Fitzroy Melbourne

For restaurants, patisseries, delicatessens, books and any kind of shopping, I recommend the Carlton or Fitzroy Regions , which are located in the northern part of the city center. It is rich in restaurants and pubs, full of designer boutiques and art galleries, and the closest places to visit are Melbourne University , Carlton Gardens , Fitzroy Gardens , Brunswick Street .

4. South Melbourne

It is in the city center but in the southern part of the center. St. with Southbank Located between Kilda Beach and the region is close to both touristic places and the beach is the reason for preference. The area is very easy to reach, especially to the National Gallery of Victoria and the Royal Botanic Gardens .

5. St. Kilda Beach Surroundings

Melbourne accommodation guide St Kilda Beach

Beaconsfield Road ‘, starting from the region to the south of St. Kilda Beach is the closest accommodation to the beach . Melbourne ‘s coastline is especially lively on weekends. Being close to the city center and tourist attractions is a place you can choose if you want to be in the area preferred by all kinds of artists living in Melbourne for a bohemian life, as well as to enjoy the laziness of the coast.

Hotel Deals & Reservations in Melbourne

Where to stay in Melbourne

When I was writing about where to stay in Melbourne, I thought I should give three or five up ideas about prices. The hotel is located in close to 1000 hotels in the city in every budget, even if I think the prices actually start from 30-40 USD level. The hotel is located in a clean and good location, starting from 70-80 USD . If you expect to have a high customer satisfaction rating from Booking.com (which all of my recommendations here are over 8 points), you should allocate 100 USD per night for accommodation.

The best method for booking a hotel is booking.com, which I prefer for all my travels. In this way, I can not only see the customer satisfaction points of the hotels, but also read all the positive or negative comments of the previous guests. The free cancellation option (available in most hotels but not in most hotels) is another advantage of this site for me. Whether the breakfast is included in the prices, to see all the room types available at the hotel, to choose the most suitable one, whether it is an airport or another pick-up service, and even all the conditions or additional advantages are clearly stated on the site, it is very difficult to experience any surprises. .

Accommodation in Melbourne

The question of where to stay in Melbourne can be answered in a thousand ways as expectations and budgets change from person to person. So in this article I would like to offer you a few different hotels in 3 and 4 star hotels.

4 ★ Imagine Marco (Southbank)

Marco Melbourne hotels

Imagine Marco at Southbank is one of the preferred hotels in this region with 8,8 booking.com points and is in the range of 180-200 USD . The main advantage of this hotel is that each accommodation is arranged to contain a small home-like kitchen and basic kitchen utensils. In this way, you can eat out at any time, you can prepare your own meals at any time. This detail, which is not important for a few days’ stay, is a very important advantage for longer stays of 10 days or more.

Imagine Marco, located 35-40 minutes away from the airport, is within walking distance of many major tourist attractions, including the Eureka Building. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

4 ★ Oaks WRAP on Southbank (Southbank)

Melbourne hotel recommendation Southbank Apartments Wrap

I would like to give another recommendation from Southbank as the city is the ideal location for accommodation. Oaks WRAP airport is 30-35 minutes away with a price level of 125 USD per night. With 8.8 booking.com points, the hotel’s most admired, helpful staff and excellent location. On the other hand, if you go by car you may experience a shortage of parking because it is on a very busy street. The sauna, swimming pool and fitness room guarantee you a pleasant time even if you never leave the hotel. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

4 ★ Quest St Kilda Bayside (St Kilda District)

Melbourne hotel recommendation Quest St Kilda Bayside

Quest St Kilda Bayside is also within walking distance of St Kilda Beach . Therefore, it provides the advantage of meeting the kitchen and basic needs for stays of more than a few days. With a booking.com rating of 8.6 and a price of 100 USD, it is a few minutes’ walk from the Alfred Square bus stop and the Esplanade stop of 3A , 16F and 96 . Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

4 ★ Alston Apartments Hotel (Carlston)


Alston Apartments Hotel, which is very close to both the airport and the city center, can be reached in 5-10 minutes on foot or by public transport, has the necessary equipments for kitchen and basic needs. Although it is pleasant to eat outside in an expensive city such as Melbourne , it is extremely convenient for travelers who want to be on occasion.

The biggest benefit of the hotel is that it is only a few hundred meters from Lygon Street , which is full of restaurants, cafes and bars. Right in front of the hotel is the Rathdown Street bus stop, and buses 200 and 207 are passing by. In addition, the nearest tram stop is Lygon Street Stop, where tram number 1 and 6 pass, and a few hundred meters from the hotel. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

3 ★ Lily Sands In (South Melbourne)

Melbourne hotel reservation Lily Sand Inn

Lily Sands Inn is one of the rare clean and convenient location hotels in Melbourne where you can stay for less than 100 USD on the list of where to stay. Most of the tourist attractions in the city cannot be reached on foot from this hotel, but considering the hotel’s reasonable price, it is preferable to take the Albert Road Stop, where tram number 12 passes, as it is within walking distance of public transportation, such as Moray Street Stop , where tram number 1 passes. It is also possible to reach the tourist spots by tram or bus as short as 10-15 minutes. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

3 ★ Birches Serviced Apartments (East Melbourne)

Melbourne Hotel Advice

Located in the residence area of ​​the city, the hotel is actually in a way a comfortable home. The garden and courtyard of the Birches Apart Hotel can also enjoy the garden if you want. The area is full of parks and gardens. The hotel is located at a price level of 130 USD per night and is easily accessible to all tourist destinations. Within walking distance of the city center and the restaurant, cafe paradise Lygon Street , the hotel is a few minutes’ walk from the Cromwell Street Bus Station, where 11 different buses pass, and the Hoodle Street Tram Stop, where the 12 and 109 tramways pass. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

Information about all important places to visit in Melbourne can be found in my article on Melbourne attractions .

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