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Glasgow’da Nerede Kalınır

Go shopping in the city streets, cafes, bars, and you may be the traveler who wants to enjoy the atmosphere in the restaurant, the castle dating from the Middle Ages, the castle, the church, from history lovers who want to see historic buildings such as palaces and examine, Scotland ‘s human eye area lush nature park and a nature lover who wants to enjoy the gardens. Whatever you’re looking for, Glasgow offers more than what you expect. In bold font in Glasgow where I want you to help in this green alternative accommodation in the city.

It may be the largest city in Scotland , but it is not so big in comparison with the cities in our country and even the world metropolises. With a choice of accommodation options to suit every budget and every taste, Glasgow offers a rich hotel, boutique hotel and hostel.

Where to stay in Glasgow

If you want to take a quick look at the city’s public transport system just before entering the subject of where to stay in Glasgow. It is important to know that the hotel plays an important role in the choice.

First of all, my advice is to ride a bicycle in Glasgow. If you don’t prefer bikes or if you’re a little further out of the city center, theres subway , train and bus options extremely common and comfortable. Metro network is located in the center of the city by drawing a circle in the train network with Buchanan , Queen Street , St. Petersburg. Enoch and Central Stations . The bus is extremely frequent in the city center and outside. Daily unlimited use tickets for Metro, daily unlimited use tickets for Metro + Train or daily unlimited use tickets for Metro + Train + Bus can minimize your travel expenses in the city.

In my opinion, the most important part of my stay in Glasgow is where you can stay on a trip to this city. You can review the areas under Glasgow on the map below.

Glasgow accommodation guide regions

1. Glasgow City Center

Naturally a vibrant and vibrant region. The metro line runs from the city center, which is full of all kinds of shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes, and you can walk to almost anywhere, and there are 2 train stations. On the other hand, accommodation prices are higher than in other regions. If you plan to stay only 1-2 nights in the city, I recommend you to take advantage of staying here because it doesn’t affect the cost much. In the case of longer stays, the following sections will provide a lower cost and more comfortable accommodation.

2. Finnieston

Where to stay in glasgow Finnieston

Finnieston , which stretches around extremely lively streets such as Argyle and Sauchiehall , once cited as the hippie region of England. It’s not like he lost anything more than his reputation today. It is very close to the city center and very close to the tourist spots in Glasgow. Finnieston is therefore relatively affordable and accommodated in a vibrant and vibrant area. The region, which has the most trendy restaurants, cafes and boutiques in the city, is also very close to the concert venue The Hydro and is also ideal for concert tourists.

3. The West End

Glasgow hotel recommendation

The most enjoyable part of my stay in Glasgow is West End . Both the locals and the densely populated areas of the city are also very close to the attractions such as the Kelvingrove Art Gallery , the historic Glasgow University campus and museums, and the Botanical Gardens . As the well-known chain stores are mostly located in the city center, the streets such as Ashton Street and Byres Road in The West End are full of boutique shops. Therefore, it is also an ideal address for the shopping of the products you want. I would recommend The West End for a travel, museum and art gallery.

4. Merchant city

Glasgow accommodation Merchant city

The city became the center of the city in ancient times and it is now united with the city center that we know today. Starting from Tolbooth Steeple , the narrow historic streets are full of elegant restaurants, cafes, pubs and high-end boutiques.

Hotel Deals & Reservations in Glasgow

Where to stay in Glasgow

Glasgow is a city in a country with a high level of welfare, so accommodation fees are incomparably higher than in countries like Asia and Africa. On the other hand I would say that the hotels are also much more clean and comfortable.

If you’re not too obsessed with rigor, I think you can feel comfortable in 2-star or even one-star hotels because these hotels don’t have a bad situation. The price of these hotels is between 50-70 USD per night. However, in Glasgow, where I stay, I will offer suggestions from 3 or 4 star hotels in order to appeal to everyone. This type of hotel usually starts at $ 100 per night, and you’ll rarely find a choice of less than 100 USD (which is 2 of my suggestions).

I recommend booking.com for booking every time I travel. In this way, you can cancel all kinds of details from cancellation, no opportunity to instant discounts.

Accommodation in Glasgow

4 ★ CitizenM Glasgow (City Center)

Glasgow hotel recommendation citizenM

Within walking distance of all the tourist attractions of the city center, the CitizenM Glasgow hotel is at a price level of 100-120 USD including breakfast per night. The most important feature of the hotel is its highly stylish and modern technology. The number of employees is very small but everything is organized so that the guests can do it automatically. The Booking.com rating is 9.1 . Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

4 ★ Kelvin Apartment (The West End)

glasgow hotel recommendation Kelvin Apartment

My point is Booking.co 8.2 Kelvin Apartments in the heart of The West End’s historic and elegant building is located in a Victorian style. The hotel is right next to Glasgow Botanical Gardens and a few minutes’ walk from Byres Road and Ashton Street . With a single nightly rate of USD 170 per night, the hotel is actually more suitable for a couple of people with crowded groups or families. The rooms are arranged as an en-suite, with a lounge and a kitchen, as well as family and long term accommodation.

Buses 10A , 914 , 926 , 976 and N6 pass through the Kersland Street Stop opposite the hotel. Therefore, transportation to the city center is also very easy. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

4 ★ Lorne Hotel (Finnieston)

glasgow hotel recommendation Lorne Hotel

The Lorne Hotel is located right on the border between Finnieston and The West End and offers easy access to both areas. The hotel is also very rich in terms of restaurants and cafes. Both the city’s shopping, restaurants and live to enjoy the cafe, ensure easy access to both concerts and live music, as well as in a few minutes by metro or bus to the city center, or walk if you want to go in 10-15 minutes per night 100 USD with the price level Lorne Hotel is a clean and comfortable would recommend as a place. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

4 ★ Fraser Suites Glasgow (The Merchant City)

Glasgow accommodation Fraser Suites

Located in the historical center of the city, Fraser Suites Hotel is located in an old but very elegant building. The hotel, which is preferred for both business and leisure trips, is designed as an apart hotel and has a small kitchen. With the price level of USD 150 per night, I would say that the hotel is within walking distance of every place in the city, except for the Botanical Gardens and Glasgow University, within walking distance or public transport.

The nearest bus stop is a few minutes’ walk from the bus stop in Glasgow Cross and from there buses 64 , 255 and 263 . Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

3 ★ Point A Hotel Glasgow (City Center)

Where to stay in Glasgow Point A Hotel

Located within walking distance of all tourist attractions, Point A Hotel Glasgow is located in a shopping, cafe, restaurant rich street. Also very close to the train station. Booking.com rating 9.1 The hotel’s most admired property is its cleanliness, stylish decoration and comfort. If you want to stay in the city center, you can find the most clean and comfortable hotel that you can find among the options under 100 USD . Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

3 ★ Albion Hotel (The West End)

glasgow hotel recommendation Albion Hotel

With a total of 85 USD per night, The Albion Hotel is an affordable accommodation in The West End. Located in an old Victorian-style building, the hotel is within walking distance of the most vibrant streets of the area, right in the middle of the Botanic Gardens and the University of Glasgow, with other attractions within easy reach such as by metro or bus, or even by walking.

The 6 , 6A and 10A buses run by Landsdowne Crescent Stop and Kelvinbridge Underground Station is a few minutes’ walk away. I would recommend this boutique hotel to travelers who prefer to stay in a limited but comfortable and clean hotel and can easily reach almost anywhere. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

3 ★ Hotel Sandyford (Finnieston)

Where to stay in Glasgow Sandyford hotel

Another hotel located between The West End and Finnieston is Sandyford . The hotel, which has an extremely rich breakfast, is the highest hotel in Glasgow where I think it is the benefit / price balance. I also mentioned the price of USD 85 per night including a rich breakfast and a high hotel with a booking.com score.

The Kelvingrove Street Stop in front of the hotel passes 17 , 77 and Simplycity 3 buses, but the area itself is rich in food and shopping. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

You can read all the information and photos of the places to see in Glasgow in my article in Glasgow .

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