Where to go on May 19?

This is a public holiday in a row and the employees are in the mood for a holiday. May 19, 2017 Friday and everyone around me (including myself) is in a hurry to make a sweet holiday plan. Isn’t it a 3-day holiday that makes people happy? . Without going too far, I will offer you a few holiday destinations that you can reach without wasting time and you can listen to 3 days. Suggestions close to Istanbul istem Napalım almost half of the country live here, I am a little torpedo inevitably.

Places near Istanbul to go on May 19 holiday

I have 3 suggestions close to Istanbul on the 19th of May. Ağva , Polonezköy and Sapanca . Let’s come to the details Gel


On May 19

Ağva is one of the breathtaking areas of İstanbul’s back gardens. It is connected to Şile and is 97 kilometers away from Istanbul. The road is a bit bendy but believe that when you reach a landscape it will be worth it. Ağva, which hosts the most beautiful colors of nature, means ev village between two streams “in Latin. Yeşilçay and Göksu streams pass through Ağva to the Black Sea.

The Black Sea coast has a beach of 3 kilometers will be turning heads as beautiful as Agva. The beach is generally clean. Especially on the weekends in the spring and summer can be difficult to find on the beach. I suggest you go in the early hours if you don’t stay. But there is a 3-day holiday and I think that you do not miss this opportunity, the place in Agva Hotels. Click here to review or book all hotels in Agva.

What is Agva?

Walking : I walked there long every day of my stay. Her nature is so beautiful that she can’t let go of her frustration.

Raki – fish : Definitely book in the restaurants on the beach and have a nice feast.

River trip : You can also do activities in the river. You can rent a boat in Göksu River and take a stroll. Or you can explore by canoe.

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19 may polonezköy
Photo: polonezkoy.biz

If you want to escape from the crowd, from the chaos, to integrate with the grass, to take fresh air walks and to be reset, Polonezköy is the exact address you are looking for. Even when you’re on your way, you can turn your head around the plentiful oxygen leri Green forests, bird sounds and calmness that you can take will blow your mind. Polonezköy hotels 2 – 3 days stay in the drug will come to you like.

a village inhabited by Poles in Turkey this corner of heaven resembles a postcard. Polonezköy, one of the most beautiful surprises of Istanbul, will win your admiration and even admiration with its beauty and colors. Click here to review and book all hotels in Polonezköy.

Polonezköy What to do?

Breakfast : There are arrivals here on weekends just to make breakfast. Even regulars. Especially the breakfast of a couple of places is exquisite.

Trekking : Between trees stretching up to the sky, the wind passes through your hair, you go and the bird chirps come from even the most beautiful music, who does not want to walk? 🙂

Bike Tour : Polonezköy is one of the most special places to do a bicycle tour. Here lies the first track in Turkey is the world standard. Moreover, Turkey in races organized by the Cycling Federation is located in the park.

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19 May
Maşukiye is a trout restaurant in Sapanca.

I’m late because I was a torpedo Sakaryalı course Sapanca ‘or ? I think one of Turkey’s most special places, scrumptious district. The nature is beautiful apart, the lake is separate. People already have cotton candy consistency. As welcoming as you’ve never been accustomed to ı The variety of plants on the postcard beauty coast, the clarity of the water creates and fascinates visitors, especially when the nature revives. The ” orchard ve of the Kırkpınar and Kurtköy regions, which are the two important areas of the region, is almost.

If you want to spend a holiday you cannot forget, to find peace, to enjoy the calm and to be reset, you can book your place in Sapanca without losing any time. If you want to browse all hotels in Sapanca, click here .

What is Sapanca?

Water Sports : The breathtaking Sapanca Lake with its exquisite beauty is suitable for water sports. Water skiing, canoeing, windsurfing and kneeboard are the most preferred water sports.

Trout Feast : If you come here, you won’t be able to return without eating trout. I mean, “slava,” trout. Take a look at one of the restaurants along the lake and start waiting for a pleasant feast Göl

Paintball : Paintball is among the most preferred activities in Sapanca and its surroundings. There are natural trails for this fun sport.

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