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Vienna is a city rich in eating and drinking. You are also aware of this wealth and enjoy every day of your stay in Vienna by experiencing different things.

Experience the wonderful Austrian flavors in Vienna. When it comes to Vienna, the famous coffees, apfelstrudels, hotdogs, wines and shinitzeller are coming.

You can say that there is no need to go to Vienna until the Schnitzel can be made at home, but the portions here are quite large and are definitely served with lemon. You can guess that portions are nice and famous when they are not very cheap price. If you want to eat hotdogs, there are many peddlers in the streets. You can choose for Hotdog. Most of these peddlers are Turkish. You might be surprised to go. You have so many choices for dessert and coffee. These include flavors and places based on the royal family for years.

Vienna Restaurant Tips

1. Demel Pastanesi

vienna demel patisserie

Vienna is a city where you will find yourself if you have weaknesses. Because in Vienna there is a history of pretty deep-rooted cuisine. Demel Patisserie Founded in the 1700s, the royal patisserie is also known as a pastry with several floors.

The first floor has a chocolate section. In this section you can watch the construction stages from behind the glass. A variety of chocolates, cakes are made and the artwork they form is an art. The top floor is the bakery where you can sit and have a dessert and coffee. There are many varieties of bakery, but there is Apfelstrudel that you will not find a place that makes sweets better than Demel. It is served with more than one layer of dough and apple pie sprinkled with powdered sugar. Another dessert is Sacher . Chocolate is a sweet dessert. Sacher’s best to accompany the drink is a coffee without sugar.

Demel patisserie location within walking distance to Hofburg Palace . There is a place on the ground floor both inside and outside, but if you go outside in summer it is quite difficult to find a place outside. If you want to have a drink in the pastry instead of coffee, there are also wine options. The patisserie is open from 9.00 in the morning to 19.00 in the evening.

  • Address : Kohlmarkt 14, Vienna 1010, Austria

2. Hotel Sacher

Restaurant recommendations in vienna Hotel Sacher

If you are going to experience a famous taste in Vienna this should be the best place. This is where the Sacher dessert is the best. Hotel Sacher is actually a hotel as the name implies. But he’s famous for his dessert. The hotel has a classic historic texture. The interior design is also made with care. You don’t need to stay at Hotel Sacher for food. You can just taste this in the cafe section. Although the price is a bit high, the rooms are very comfortable 5 star hotel if you want to stay. The location is very close to the State Opera House .

  • Address : Philharmonikerstrasse 4, Vienna 1010, Austria

3. Figlmuller

Where to eat in Vienna Figlmuller

With several branches in Vienna Figlmuller ‘e schnitzel should definitely go for food. It is the oldest place in the passage at Wollzeile 5 . I suggest you go here. It is also useful to make a summer winter reservation for Figlmuller because this is Vienna’s most famous place for schnitzel.

Here is the origin of the pork , but according to your preference, you can ask for the chinitzel made from chicken and beef . The portions are great here as well as in the whole of Vienna. You can satisfy almost two people with a plate. You can request wine or grape juice next to the schnitzel as a drink. Alternatively, you can also ask for a potato salad made from sweet potato.

The waiters were quite helpful and the services were fast. Figlmuller is located at Stephanplatz . The venue is also full of pretty cute restaurants in a Viennese restaurant. St. Stephen’s Cathedral is also within walking distance. The portion price is around 30 euros. Lunch and dinner are served. Open from 11.00 to 22.30 hours.

  • Address : Wollzeile 5, Vienna 1010, Austria

4. Bitzinger Wurstelstand Albertina

Bitzinger Wurstelstand Albertina vienna viyana

Bitzinger is a buffet that Viennese people use for a night snack. It might be a good alternative if you want to taste some of the more street flavors of Vienna. The location was very close to the opera house. If you have a plan in the opera house that night, it’s a very ideal place for a snack. The most famous fastfoodu cheese filled hotdog . In front of some evenings, there are queues that will surprise you. Pork, veal chicken etc are available in varieties. There is also a Turkish employee. He also helps you a lot. It is open between 8 AM and midnight from 4 AM. If you are coming out of an entertainment place late at night and your stomach is hungry, this may be your only option. At the same time there is also alcohol in the buffet.

  • Address : Augustinerstrasse 1, Vienna 1010, Austria

5. Ulrich

Ulrich viyana

If you want to enjoy a wide range of breakfast in Vienna, you are at the right place. They have a very wide menu for breakfast . Generally it is quite difficult to find such a place in European cities. It is also a place to be preferred for a drink in the evening. The menus are so extensive that you can find food close to Turkish breakfast. The prices are very good for breakfast. It is open from 09.00 to 02.00 in the morning. The outdoor area also has a seating area but when you sit outside, the service can be delayed.

  • Address : Kirchengasse 41, Vienna 1070, Austria

6. Kaffemic

The minimalist design of coffee in Vienna is small enough for you to feel yourself, but there is plenty of coffee to eat. The owner is always on the venue as well. There are 3 tables in the shop. Outside is a bench. The coffee varieties are basic as well as hot and cold coffees. Apart from that, all the coffee you know is prepared and the presentations are made in very nice coffee cups. You can also note this here in the list of 3 popular Wave coffee makers. Location within walking distance to Torture Museum. The prices are also very affordable.

  • Address : Zollergasse 5, Vienna 1070, Austria

7. Crossfield’s Australian Pub

What to eat in Vienna Crossfields Australian Pub

Crossfield’s Australian Pub in Vienna is one of the places where you can have a good time and have some local Austrian food. Every corner of the bar smells like Austria because the bar is also a TV with continuous kangaroos, Austrian music and all the staff at the bar are Austrian.

One of the famous dishes here is hamburgers made from kangaroo . There are also menus with crocodile meat and grasshoppers. The place that appealed to a different taste makes them quite tasty.

There is a smoking area on the upper floor of the 2-storey building. The bottom floor is the smoke-free airspace. The prices are also very expensive, not paid for the price of a total of 30 euros for two people with mixed plates along with beers. Here again, portions are quite large. You can eat the mixed plate and say two. The staff speak English very well and are very friendly. They help you explain in detail the contents of your menus with different tastes. This place is an ideal place to meet the different tastes of Vienna if you come as friends or as tourists. 400 meters walking distance to the Bitzinge r kiosk. You can find it from there. It is open between 10.00 am and 2 am and 2 am.

  • Address : Maysedergasse 5 | W Budynku Slynnego Hotelu Sacher, Wejscie Z Tylu Budynku, Vienna 1010, Austria

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