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Although it is a foreign flavor, French cuisine has a well-deserved reputation all over the world. Of course, the importance given to the culture of the city and even the whole country should not be ignored. We, the Turks, are actually divided into two in French. We do not even try to try it without being open to innovations, or we want to taste all kinds of local flavors. Therefore, it was not difficult for me to write a text on what to eat in Paris . You can find the options for you and your expectations in the list I am trying to get the options that are suitable for both expectations.

Of course, given the French cuisine and how rich it is, the options in this article remain very limited. But at least when I visit Paris , I think I have created a summary list of food, dessert and snacks that you can eat with pleasure and confidence. I hope you like the list and the food in Paris.

What to eat in Paris? What will you find in the guide?

What to eat in Paris

Important note : This content has been prepared with the aim of informing the local France, Paris flavors. It is not a recommendation. The following foods may contain pork, oil . Or the food may not be halal, though beef etc. If you are sensitive about this matter, you can choose vegetables, dessert-type foods instead of foods that contain meat, etc. in their content. Halal Food & Turkish Restaurants in Paris   You can find information and advice on halal food in our article.

I mentioned it at the beginning of the summer because French cuisine is rich. Snails , pork , such as the materials we normally prefer not to be used abundantly. However, the cuisine culture of a country is not limited to these.

There are plenty of options for both snacks and long and pleasant dinners during the tour. Just think about how you prefer to eat and leave the rest to the rest of the article. There are some options you’ll love. I also tried to give the most ideal restaurants and addresses in the city for each meal I mentioned in Paris.

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1. Snacks


What to eat in Paris Falafel

Paris, or indeed all of France , is famous for its cuisine, so you can think that a non-French food is not so common and famous. Partly correct.

However, there is a food exception to this rule, which is one of the most important fast food products of Middle Eastern cuisine Falafel . Some even say that the best falafel in the world is in Paris, but I can’t talk so ambitiously. I’ve eaten at least those other delicious ones.

Falafel is an affordable, reliable and delicious snack that can be found in almost every place in Paris, with chickpeas, flavored with vegetables and spices. If you want bread sandwich, or if you want, you can also take it as a portion. My advice is to try the falafel 4. Chez Hanna Chez Marianne again in the same region or Arrondissement’daki.


Local French Food Croissant

In French, the snack, which means malık croissant iliy meaning half a month, is consumed in the city with coffee, especially at breakfast.

Paris is already the most famous among them, croissants with very good options in bakery products. You can enjoy the freshest of croissants, which you can prefer with any jam, caramel or chocolate, before 10:00 in the morning. In fact, according to our breakfast culture is a food that is weak but I do not want to return to try the croissant while thinking what to eat in Paris.

My favorite croissants were the D es Gâteaux et du Pain on Pasteur Boulevard and Pichard on Combronne Street.



As you walk through the streets of Paris, you will often encounter pancakes . As a snack, you can find salty options, as well as sweet crepes such as chocolate, banana and caramel. I recommend you to stay away from places that warm up ready pancakes and go to places that cook pancakes from scratch. Apart from that, you can try with a thousand different flavors.

The two addresses I can offer for the most delicious pancakes are the Breizh Cafe on Vielle Street and the Creperie Broceliande on Rue des Trois Freres Street.

2. Main Meals and Side Dishes

Onion Soup

What to eat in Paris onion soup

Onion soup , which is very famous in Paris and even outside France, contains beef, caramelized onions and melted cheese. The flavor of the course also gives caramelized onions. If the French cuisine is very unfamiliar to you and you cannot eat it, I suggest you try the onion soup as the best option for our taste.

You can sample the most delicious onion soup in Paris at Bistro Richelieu on Richelieu Street or Au Pére Louis on Monsieur le Prince Street.

Confit de Canard

What to Eat in Paris Confit de Canard

Confit de Canard made from duck meat is a food that is consumed very often among the Parisian. In some restaurants, goat or pork can also be used, so if you are sensitive to this, you should always tell the waiter.

After the meat is marinated with salt and garlic for 1.5 days, the food is usually prepared by the Confit method with potatoes and other vegetables. If you love duck meat or if you are curious, I suggest you to try Confit de Canard as the answer to what to eat in Paris.

For Confit de Canard I can recommend a single restaurant, Le Petit Canard on Henry Monnier Street, but you can try this taste in different restaurants.

Steak Frites

What to eat in Paris Steak Frites

In fact, the Steak Frites , which is a common dish in the menus of Paris bistros, is a grilled steak served with a variety of vegetables. Therefore, if you don’t mind eating meat in Paris or abroad, another option close to our taste is Steak Frites.

The most delicious Steak Frites in Paris are Le Severo on Plantes Street and Le Relais de l’Entrecote on Marbeuf Street.

Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon drinking in Paris eating

In fact, his native land is also popular in Beef Bourguignon Paris, the Bourgogne region of France. Beef Bourguignon, prepared with beef, garlic, onion, mushrooms and fresh vegetables in red wine, is an extremely delicious option for those who want to try the local tastes of the city.

Located on the Francois Miron Avenue, Au Bourguignon du Marais and the Ecosseo, Miznon offer two tastes .

Nicoise Salad

What to eat in Paris Nicoise Salad

A recommendation in what to eat in Paris would also give to those who pay attention to their health and physical appearance. Nicoise Salad, whose homeland is in the region of Provence, usually consists of lettuce, tomatoes, boiled eggs, tuna, olives, anchovies and green beans. In fact, it is basically described in different ways in different restaurants.

Chez Francis Nicoise in Alma Square


Local French food Ratatouille

As a main course, Ratatouille is a vegetable dish, which you can prefer as a side dish. Vegetables cooked in a short time at very high temperature with very little oil are then baked.

I recommend Ratatouille, which is sweetened with black pepper, thyme, mint and other spices, to those who avoid eating meat. The taste is very nice because it is baked.

Le Galibot and Chez Janou are two restaurants where you can taste the most delicious Ratatouille in Paris.


Parisian dishes Cassoulet

Cassoulet , which is obtained by slow, long-term cooking of duck, pork, goat or cow meat and dried beans, is one of the options you should ask the waiter in advance if you don’t eat pork. I recommend you to consume Cassoulet, a high-calorie, hearty and classic French dish, with red wine for a long dinner.

You should try the Auberge Pyrénées Cévennes Restaurant on Folie Mericout Street for a delicious cassoulet.

3. Desserts

Iles Flottantes

What to eat in Paris Flottantes

It’s a sweet classic French dessert, meaning ” floating island ” because of the floating greens in the vanilla sauce. There are also several different variations of the dessert where the whites mixed with sugar are served in the custard. Custard is very fluid ones, like those with thicker consistency.

Located on D’Assas Avenue, Georgette and Deux Ponts, L’ile Flottante is one of the best Iles Flottantes in Paris.


Parisian dishes Clafoutis

Clafoutis ‘ original fruit cake is called cherry. However, the choices made with different fruits according to the season are also extremely common. I would even recommend it, especially because it is lighter than the sour fruits are prepared. You can find it in almost every restaurant in Paris because it is a dessert that is frequently consumed.

On the Moulin Vert Street in Charlottes et Clafoutis , you should not say you ate this dessert without eating clafoutis.

Creme Brulée

Local French food Creme Brulee

Creme Brulée, meaning meş burnt cream Ad, is probably the most famous French dessert in the world. So if I didn’t get what I’d like to read in Paris, you should definitely try it when you go to this city. In fact, the name is similar to our Kazandibi dessert, frankly, there are common points, but certainly different.

For me, the most delicious creme brulees in Paris are made in Pierre Hermé on Bonaparte Street and I recommend you to try it.


Eating souffle in Paris Those who love chocolate sweets should try the soufflé in Paris, France. The best examples of the soufflé that I can describe as a cocoa cake made of melted chocolate are being made in Paris. You can taste the best soufflé in the city at Le Récamier on Récamier Street.

All other information you may need during your trip to Paris; Paris travel guide , where to stay in Paris, what to do in Paris? and what can be taken from Paris .

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