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Vienna has largely invested in transport in the area of ​​rail transport. This provides extra comfort for travelers traveling to the city, while minimizing time losses. Of course, railways and rail transport were highlighted, while road routes were not put into the background. They are also the least; train, metro, tram services, passengers are satisfied. In Vienna, as in most cities, travelers are given the opportunity to experience this comfort free of charge through discount cards.

Venice Guide: Where and How to Get to Vienna

The Austrian capital is located in the northeastern part of the country, adjacent to the Alps. Surrounding the Danube River, the city is the largest city in the country with its 414,56 square kilometers and Vienna has 9 districts and 14 out of the 23 districts.

Where to go to Vienna

Travelers to the city, where the continental climate is effective, prefer to travel by plane in the period between May and September. ‘na Türkiye de dâhil olmak üzere 72 ülkedeki 186 farklı şehirden direkt uçuşlar düzenleniyor. Located within the boundaries of the town Schwechat Vienna International Airport ‘s direct flights to Turkey are held in 72 countries from 186 different cities, including. sürüyor. Turkish Airlines and Pegasus flights from Istanbul take an average of 2 hours and 20 minutes . If you cannot find a place to take these trips, you can alternatively check out flights to Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport in Bratislava.

You can also take a train or bus trip to Vienna in addition to flights from different locations in Europe. Train and flights to find out the best times to go in the city için Vienna Where? How to get to Vienna? ”You can read our article.

Vienna Airport City Center Transportation

Vienna transportation guide airport transportation

You can use the iron or road options to travel to the city center, which is 16 kilometers from Vienna International Airport. sahibiyseniz, araçların birçoğu için biletlerinizi indirimli fiyattan satın alabilirsiniz. Moreover, if you are the owner of the Vienna City Card, you can buy your tickets for most of the vehicles at a discounted price.

ağına bağlı, ekonomik fiyatlı S7 ekspres trenine verebilirsiniz. If your preference is on rail, you can give the priority to the S- Express , which is connected to the S-Bahn network. Express trains between the airport and Floridsdorf, which carry passengers from 05.18 to 00.18, also visit the Wien-Mitte Train Station. St. yani City Airport Train. A few minutes’ walk from Stephen’s Cathedral, the train to the public is another option, namely the CAT Airport Train. You can reach the city center by high-speed trains within the RailJet without being affected by the traffic.

otobüsleri. When the problem is I can suggest options to non-airport transfers Bus Lines that carry out surveillance flights in the Airport of PO Box. If you intend to reach the airport directly from the airport, you can opt for hotel pickup service or taxis.

In this section of the Vienna transport guide, you can have a look at our content entitled hakkında Vienna Airport City Center Transportation “to get more information about the vehicles I recommend.

Vienna Train Transportation

Transport in Vienna, train stations, train services

As I mentioned at the beginning, Vienna is well developed in terms of railway transportation and it is known as one of the important centers of Central Europe. , Prag gibi bölgedeki diğer popüler tatil destinasyonlarında veya Avusturya’nın diğer kentlerinde tatilinizi geçiriyorsanız, tren seferlerinden yararlanıp Viyana’ya seyahat edebilirsiniz. If you’re traveling to other popular holiday destinations in the region, such as Budapest , Prague , or other cities in Austria, you can take a train to Vienna.

The most comfortable options you can use to go from Vienna to Vienna are the Austrian highways. The fees for flights organized every two hours start at 13 Euros. ‘dan yolculuk içinse iki ülkenin ulusal demir yolu şirketlerinin seferlerine öncelik verebilirsiniz. For travel from Prague , you can give priority to the voyages of national railway companies of the two countries. If you cannot find a place on CD and ÖSS voyages, you can book your location from the RegioJet trains, which are jointly established by the two companies. seferleri 4 saate yakın sürede tamamlanıyor. Prague-Vienna flights, where you can book tickets for up to 14 Euros with early booking opportunities, are completed in 4 hours.

Austrian railways from cities such as Innsbruck, Graz and Hallstatt provide transportation to Vienna with prices starting from 9 Euros. ‘dan ise kente Westbahn’ın düzenlediği seferlerden yaralanarak seyahat edebilirsiniz. From Salzburg , you can travel to the city by taking advantage of the expeditions organized by Westbahn. The company, which was founded in 2008, offers tickets for 26,50 Euros for this trip.

Vienna City Transportation Options

Transport in Vienna, city transport, metro tram

Vienna is a city with advanced facilities in art and architecture as well as in public transportation. Whether you are in the city center or in the suburbs, you can reach the place of your choice with ease.

1. Walking

Choose your hotel “ Where to stay in Vienna? M If you use the facilities in the city center like the options listed in our article, you can walk to the popular tourist spots without the need for public transport. Of course, in this case you should consider the cobblestone streets and choose suitable footwear for walking.

2. Metro

The most important part of the Vienna transport network, the line includes a total of 79.2 kilometers. U1, U2, U3, U4 and U6 between these lines can be made from the transition between 10 different points. Trains run between 05.00-00.30 on weekdays. The metro network of 109 stops provides uninterrupted service on weekends and public holidays.

3. Train

If you want to go to the suburbs and further distances instead of the city center, you can use 3 different train options. The S-Bahn is located at the heart of the city. S-Bahn trains stop at each stop until the end of the line. The scope of Regionalbahn running in parallel is slightly wider than S-Bahn. Regional Express trains, which cross the longest distance between the three options, stop only in certain places in the suburbs.

4. Tramway

Since 1865, the trams have been operating uninterruptedly in 29 different lines with a total length of 175 kilometers. These are the most interesting in terms of tourist lines 1 and 2. You can also take a 30-minute tram tour of The Vienna Ring and see some of the city’s attractions.

5. Bus

The buses that have become the only transportation option after midnight when U-Bahn and the tram do not make a voyage, allow guests to travel comfortably thanks to their convenient structures in the city center. Between the hours of 00.30 – 05.00 hours of the city’s 24 different points of the night buses carrying passengers to the only change is made on the weekend where the metron is active. 123 is not affected by the day operating in this situation.

6. Taxi

If you want to travel comfortably in the city, you can go to one of the many taxi stops and take the next car. If you are away from the stop, you can call a taxi company and ask for a car. Please note that there is a fee for the reservation service. This fee is added to the amount on the taximeter when the journey is completed. Day and night tariffs are applied in Vienna as in our country.

7. Bicycle

If you are looking for a nature-friendly transportation option, you can rent bikes by taking advantage of the services offered by CityBike or PedalPower. For travelers who do not want to ride bicycles alone, tours are organized in the city. If you want to rent bikes and go to the suburbs, you can exceed a certain part of the road by using public transport outside certain times of the day.

You can find details about the options I have provided in Vienna within the scope of the Vienna Transport Guide .

Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours to Vienna

Vienna transportation guide

ve Vienna Sightseeing ‘in hop on hop off turlarına katılabilirsiniz. If you want to reach the Vienna sights without spending too much, you can join the hop on hop off tours of Big Bus and Vienna Sightseeing . Even if you buy a Vienna Pass, you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Vienna Bus Tour, the Vienna City Card, and the 24-hour tours of the Big Bus. Of course, as in every city, the 48-hour option is available for guests.

Big Bus organizes tours on 2 different routes with a total of 20 stops. The tours of Vienna Sightseeing were planned more extensively. The company’s buses stop at 6 different routes and stop at 50 locations. ‘yi dâhil etmiş. Both companies have included Turkish in the voice guidance service in their buses. Apart from standard tours, guests are also offered night outings and boat tours.

If you have another popular city in Central Europe in Budapest, I recommend you to buy the premium package for Big Bus. Because of this package, you can also take part in the free boat tour in Budapest as well as the paused bus ride in Budapest.

Vienna City Transport Prices & Vienna City Card

Vienna transportation guide ticket prices

fiyatla satışa sunuluyor. In Vienna, disposable tickets are available at an average price of 2.20 Euro for adults. The price of the discounted ticket is 1 Euro. Tickets can be purchased at the contracted points or at the vending machines at the stations, as well as in the vehicle you board. If you are going to stay in the city for a short period of time and if you are going to use the city transportation very little, you can prefer single use tickets. However, if you have a holiday program that will last for 2 days or more and includes intensive visits and travel, the city discount cards will be more ideal options for you.

Two different discount card options are offered to travelers in the city. , ziyaret odaklı bir kart olarak 60 farklı cazibe noktasına ücretsiz giriş imkânı sunuyor. From these options, the Vienna Pass offers free entry to 60 different attraction points as a visit-oriented card. You only need to pay extra for the card to be used in the Vienna transport system. The other option, the Vienna City Card , is available in Wiener Linien in the red version, which can be used free of charge for public transport. The price starts at 13.90 Euros, so you can benefit from attractive discounts at more than 210 points.

All the information you may need about the scopes, prices and how to buy the city discount cards … What is Vienna Card and Vienna Pass? Where is it valid? L is waiting for you in our article. If you’re interested in shopping and entertainment in the city, you can find comprehensive information on these topics in the beri Vienna Travel Guide Kent.

City Center Vienna Hotels

You can review the locations of the hotels in the city center on the map below. Prices shown are per night accommodation fees. If you wish, you can review the prices by entering the destination and date information.

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