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Its architecture, music and culinary culture are just a few of the tourist attractions of Vienna . To recognize the other values ​​that make the city a unique holiday destination, it is necessary to visit museums that shed light on its history and to participate in festivals that are the mirrors of cultural richness. The way to do all these things is to have information about the possibilities of the city. You can get to know all aspects of the city through the Vienna travel guide and have a pleasant holiday period.

Vienna Travel Guide

Let’s start by giving information about the history of the city. The first settlements in the area where the Austrian capital is now yılında Keltler tarafından kurulmuş. Founded in 500 by Celts. B.C. , kuzeydeki Alman kabilelerinin saldırıların karşı Vindobona adını verdikleri yerleşimi savunma yapıları ile güçlendirmiş. In 15, the Romans , who dominated the region, strengthened the settlement of Vindobona by defending structures against the attacks of the German tribes in the north.

In 976, Babylon of the Babenberg dynasty, I.Leopold, was appointed as the ruler of the settlement on the eastern border of Bavaria. Count II. This is official when Henry moved the throne from Klosterneuburg in Lower Austria to Vienna in 1145. ‘nın kente gelişi ile birlikte Viyana büyümüş ve sonunda Kutsal Roma İmparatorluğu’nun başkenti haline gelmiş. With the arrival of the Habsburg Dynasty in 1440, Vienna grew and eventually became the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. In this process, the city became known as the center of the empire in terms of art, science, music and culinary culture.

Vienna trip blog

‘ya karşı savunmak durumunda kalmış. The city, which was besieged by the Hungarians in 1485 and 1490, had to defend itself against the Ottoman Empire in the 16th and 17th centuries. In fact, just before the second siege, he lost a third of the city’s population due to the outbreak.

‘nun başkenti ilan edilen Viyana, konumunu 1867’de Macaristan ile gerçekleştirilen birleşmenin ardından da korumayı başarmış. Vienna, which was declared the capital of the Austrian Empire at the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars, succeeded in preserving its position in 1867, following the unification with Hungary . The city’s increasing political role in Europe, the civil war in 1934 4 years after the transition to the Nazi control of the entire Jewish population and lost the title of the capital. In 1945 the American, British, French and Soviet armies of the city as a result of a joint effort of the Nazi occupation, the freedom of the agreement signed in 1955 declared.

1 milyon 900 bine yakın olan Viyana’da resmi dil Almanca . The population of Vienna is 1 million 900 thousand and the official language is German . However, most of the people can speak in English. Nearly one third of the population in the city, 41% of which is Catholic, did not adopt any belief system. After these two groups, Muslims come with 11%.

The most ideal mode of transportation for the travelers from our country to the city in the northeast of Austria is the direct flights organized by Pegasus and Turkish Airlines . If you are going to the city from a different place in Europe, you can also prefer to take the train or bus. To find out more about transportation options bilgi Where is Vienna? How to get to Vienna? ”You can read our article.

When to Go to Vienna

Vienna travel guide sightseeing time

For travelers who will be traveling for the first time, the first question to be answered in the Vienna travel guide is when to go to the city. nedeniyle seyahat için Mayıs-Ekim arasındaki dönem öne çıkıyor. The city, which is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Central Europe, stands out from May to October due to the terrestrial climate which is effective throughout the year. However, those who want to see the organizations that reflect the cultural richness of the city consider Vienna as a place to be visited in all four seasons.

de gerçekleştirilen görkemli konserlerle karşılıyor. The Vienna New Year, which has been colored with the markets established for Christmas in December, meets the glorious concerts held at Wiener Musikverein . In May, when the tourism season begins, the festival offers many opportunities for the city guests to enjoy. ‘nin açılışı yapılıyor. Also in the same period, the concert is held in front of the municipality palace and the opening of the Vienna Festival , which lasts until the middle of June. The share of the world-famous Music / Film Festival, which ended in September in June, increased considerably since June. ile sona eriyor. The festival season, which peaked in summer , concludes with the Viennale in October.

Where to stay in Vienna

Vienna travel guide hotel recommendation
The Ibis Wien Mariahilf is one of the nicest facilities in Vienna. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

The next topic in our Vienna travel guide is accommodation and hotel recommendations. However, I would like to touch upon the regional system implemented in the city center before going into details. Because this way, you can find the places you get on your trip list more easily and you can make your choice of hotel more comfortable.

” adıyla anılan 23 bölgeye ayrılmış durumda. Vienna is divided into 23 regions in the local language called bölge bezirke Viyana . The first 9 of these regions constitute the city center where the places of interest are concentrated. The numbers are increasing from the Inner City to the outside. In other words, when choosing the accommodation facility, the smaller the number of the area you are reviewing, the closer you are to the center. Exceptions do not exist, of course. On my last trip, I prefer the Star Inn Hotel Wien , where the 15th and 20th districts with affordable facilities such as Schönbrunn are located just outside the city center. Moreover, thanks to the richness of public transportation, it takes a short time to travel to the heart of the city.

It is easier to choose a hotel that is suitable for all budgets and tastes in 9 regions that are considered as the city center. Ideal for those wishing to be within walking distance of the popular sights of the city, there are 3 hotels with high quality service at different levels such as 3 ★ Ibis Wien Mariahilf , 4 ★ 25hours Hotel beim MuseumsQuartier and 5 ★ Grand Ferdinand Vienna .

You can find detailed information about the accommodation areas of the city and the hotels I recommend in Vienna.

Things to Do in Vienna

Places to see in Vienna trip notes

Vienna travel guide is another important topic in our article. döneminde inşa edilmiş yapıları aracılığıyla konuklarına aktarıyor. With more than two thousand years of history, Vienna conveys its knowledge of its historical and cultural heritage to its guests, many of which were built during the period of the Habsburg Dynasty . At the beginning of this style, Schönbrunn Palace, which is famous for its gardens, houses sections with different architectural styles.

The Hofburg Palace is another magnificent complex where you can take your trip list with the places where visitors like the Austrian National Library, the Spanish Riding School, the Sisi Museum and the Imperial Silver Goods Collection show great interest. If you are interested in architecture, you can include the interesting looking Hundertwasser House , the impressive Vienna City Hall and the Belvedere Palace , which is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe.

Of course, the city’s historical and artistic richness of the structures that reveal not only the palaces. If you go to the Museumsquartier , which earned Vienna the title of the city of museums, you can understand what I mean more easily. Other cultural facilities outside this area are the Museum of Art History, which was opened in 1891 by the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph II, and the Natural History Museum of the Hallstatt Archaeological Finds and the Willendorf Venus.

For the unique view of the city, I recommend you to visit Saint-Stephen’s Cathedral ‘s South Tower or the 252-meter-high Donauturm , which impresses its guests with its Gothic style.

Detailed information and photos about this place I mentioned in Vienna, including the guidebook ” Vienna Things to Do ” while the positions of this place “Vienna Attractions Map” (under construction) you can find in our article.

What to do in Vienna?

Things to do in Vienna

Thanks to its cultural richness, Vienna provides its guests with the freedom to carry out many activities. Of course, this is the first time in the city can confuse the mind of going to the city. If you cannot decide which activity to start when you go to Vienna, you can follow a sequence like this:

  1. Visit the palaces that reflect the splendor of the city.
  2. Explore unique collections in museums.
  3. Visit the churches that enrich the urban fabric with its architecture.
  4. Take a stroll through the beautiful streets of Vienna.
  5. Watch live performances at the National Opera Hall.
  6. Savor the Viennese specialties.
  7. Watch the city view from Donauturm or St. Stephen’s Cathedral
  8. Watch Lipizzaner horses at the Spanish Riding School.
  9. Go to Prater Park for fun.

Da What to do in Vienna? List of things to do in Vienna eler read more about the activities I have listed in the Vienna guidebook.

Transport in Vienna

Vienna travel guide city transport

Transportation in Vienna is one of the most comfortable things I’ve mentioned during the travel guide. Vienna is one of the most developed cities in Central Europe in terms of transportation facilities. In public transport, the fact that the weight is concentrated on rail and rail systems gives passengers both time saving and comfortable travel.

lık uçak yolculuğunun ardından ulaşacağınız Viyana Uluslararası Havalimanı ‘ndan 16 kilometre uzaklıktaki kent merkezine gitmek için hızlı ve konforlu bir seçenek isterseniz, önceliği S-Bahn’ın S7 ekspres treni ne verebilirsiniz. If you want a quick and comfortable option to go to the city center, which is 16 kilometers away from Vienna International Airport , which you will arrive after 2 hours and 20 minutes flight from Istanbul, what you can give S-Bahn’s S7 express train . The trains carrying passengers from the early morning to midnight reach the Wien-Mitte Station in the city center in 25 minutes. seferlerinden de yerinizi ayırtabilirsiniz. If you are going to the same spot, you can book your location at City Airport Train . If you’re looking for a faster tool than these two options, ÖBB’s Wels, Linz and St. Petersburg will be available. You can prefer high speed trains to Pölten.

adlı otobüsler, trenlere alternatif olarak 3 farklı hat üzerinden kent merkezine ulaşım sağlıyor. Buses from Airport Lines provide transportation to the city center via 3 different routes as an alternative to trains. You can take a taxi or hotel pickup option to get personalized service on the airport transfer.

After reaching the city center, more options are waiting for you. çoğu tarihi ve kültürel mekâna kolayca ulaşabilirsiniz. If you prefer hotel facilities around the Inner City, you can easily reach most historical and cultural sites on foot . ve tramvay sunuyor. In the heart of the city, the most ideal solution for traveling without exertion offers metro and tram . After midnight, the bus provides safe travel to travelers to S-Bahn, Regional Express and Regionalbahn Vienna to go to settlements outside the city center. You can rent a bike from CityBike or Pedal Power if it’s more appealing than a nature-friendly and pleasant transportation vehicle.

turlarına katılabilirsiniz. If you’re inconvenient to learn the routes of public transport and wait for a car, you can join the hop on hop off tours organized by Big Bus or Vienna Sightseeing . Voice guidance in tours, which allows travelers to solve their transportation needs in a practical way, makes it easier to learn about the locations on the route. In addition, the tour packages include various night and river rides that allow you to recognize different aspects of the city.

For details of all the transportation options that I have mentioned during the Vienna travel guide article, please see the topics listed below.

Shopping in Vienna

Vienna sightseeing notes shopping malls, street markets

Although it stands out with its Viennese culture and history, it has many shopping opportunities. If you wish, you may have the opportunity to purchase products from various categories, from gastronomy to fashion, from antiques to souvenirs in the shops or markets of the city’s prestigious streets or shopping centers. ve üzerinde yapacağınız alışverişlerde KDV iadesinden yararlanabilirsiniz. Moreover, you can benefit from the refund of VAT for purchases of 75 Euro or more from the stores.

In Vienna, 4 streets stand out with their brand diversity. . Graben is the most famous of these streets, which provides a safe environment for pedestrians as they are closed to vehicle traffic. , yerel tasarımcıların butikleri ile dünyaca ünlü markalara ait mağazaları bir arada bulabileceğiniz bir diğer cadde. Mariahilfer is a street where you can find the boutiques of local designers and the stores of world famous brands. ‘ın üzerindeki mağazaların odak noktasında mücevher ve hazır giyim yer alırken Landstrasser ‘de gastronomi tutkunlarının ilgisini çekecek fırsatlar bulunuyor. Jewelery and ready-made clothing are at the focal point of the stores on Kohlmarkt , while Landstrasser has opportunities to attract gastronomic enthusiasts.

There are several shopping malls in the city that have gained admiration of their guests. yerli ve yabancı markalara ait 60 mağazası ile tarihi bir binada faaliyet gösteriyor. Among them, Ringstrassen Galerien operates in a historic building with 60 stores owned by domestic and foreign brands. ‘de konukları hem modern eğlence olanakları hem de daha fazla marka bekliyor. In Lugner City , guests are waiting for both modern entertainment facilities and more brands.

The markets you can choose for affordable shopping are not the size of shopping centers. 200 tezgâhtan oluşuyor. Ottakring is set up on Saturday at Brunnemarkt 200. It is easier to observe everyday life because it is very popular with local people. ise gıda maddelerinin satışının yoğunlukta olduğu bir yer. Naschmarkt , whose roots date back centuries, is a place where foodstuffs are concentrated. You can buy snacks prepared with fresh products in the market with more touristy directions. , gastronomi tutkunları için ideal bir diğer pazar. Karmelitermarkt is another ideal market for gastronomy enthusiasts. At the same time, it reflects the city’s ethnic diversity in a very good way.

For more information on the most enjoyable activity on holiday for some travelers, please see our content in the Vienna travel guide shopping category:

Food and Drink in Vienna

Vienna travel guide local dishes

eşliğinde tatlı tüketimi, günlük hayatın olmazsa olmazlarından bir tanesi. The sweetest consumption of coffee in Vienna, which has one of Europe’s leading culinary cultures thanks to its ethnic diversity, is one of the musts of daily life. The fact that coffee is the first place where coffee is consumed in Europe in the emergence of this situation and the widespread use of cafe culture in time has a great deal.

ekmek, tereyağı, yumurta, reçel, sosis gibi lezzetleri tüketmeyi tercih ediyor. The Viennese began the day by drinking coffee or tea, bread, breakfast, butter, eggs, jam, prefers to consume delicacies like sausages. ve akşam yemeklerinde ise sofralar schnitzel, tafelspitz, gansl, zwiebelrostbraten, semmelknödel gibi yerel et yemeklerinin yanı sıra Macar mutfağına ait birçok tarif ile zenginleştiriliyor. At lunch and dinner , the tables are enriched with many recipes from Hungarian cuisine, as well as local meat dishes such as schnitzel, tafelspitz, gansl, zwiebelrostbraten, semmelknödel.

In Vienna, where you can find lots of restaurant options to suit your budget, you can fill your belly with street delicacies. If you want to try local flavors, such as falafel or doner kebab, you can give priority to Wurst-based sausages. When you feel the need to eat dessert, you can treat yourself to a huge slice of apfelstrudel or linzer torte.

If you look for familiar dishes for your taste, instead of foreign delicacies, you can go to Turkish restaurants such as Ali Ocakbasi, Kent and Lale.

Below you can find more information about the food culture of the city and the tips to help you calculate the budget you will allocate.

Vienna Urban Discount Card: Vienna City Card & Vienna Pass

Vienna travel guide Vienna pass

Vienna is a place where there are lots of sightseeing and shopping options. Add to this the frequency of use of public transport according to the season, it is difficult to keep control of the holiday budget. In order to avoid such a situation, I recommend that you purchase one of two discount cards for travelers.

One of the discount cards prepared for the visitors to the city, Vienna City Card offers travelers two different options, red and white. In both options, card holders are entitled to a discount of more than 210 points within 24, 48 or 72 hours. With the white Vienna City Card, travelers can take a 24-hour pause on Big Bus . The biggest plus of the red card is that it allows free transportation during the period of validity in the public transport system.

The focus of the Vienna Pass is free and queuing. Free access to Vienna Sightseeing’s 24-hour tour is available for public transport to pay extra fee to buy Travelcard .

For detailed information on prices, profit potentials and more for the discount card for travelers, see, What is Vienna Card and Vienna Pass? Where is it valid? Abilir You can browse our content. (This part of our Vienna travel guide can be especially useful for travelers who spend a long time in the city and are interested in attending many events in the city.)

Nightlife in Vienna

Vienna Trip Nightlife

The city of music Vienna offers many opportunities for entertainment. ‘nın yolunu tutabilir isterseniz de salaş eğlence mekânlarında dansın ritmine kendinizi kaptırabilirsiniz. You can get dressed in a stylish way in the city filled with spaces that appeal to individuals from any age group, or take the path of the State Opera , or you can catch yourself in the rhythm of dance in the shabby entertainment venues.

If you feel more comfortable in a comfortable environment, you may be interested in the places in Gürtel. isimli mekânın açılmasıyla popüler hale gelen yerleşim bölgesinde Rhiz , B72 ve Q gibi özgün içerikli işletmeler bulunuyor. In the residential area, which has become popular with the opening of Chelsea , Rhiz , B72 and Q. ile Flex hem eğlence anlayışına farklı bir açıdan yaklaşıyor hem de sık sık canlı Dj performanslarına ve konserlere sahne oluyor. Pratersauna and Flex, which has a pool which can be used up to 22:00 in the summer , approaches both the entertainment concept from a different angle and often the live DJ performances and concerts. ise diğer mekânlardan farklı olarak modern eğlence anlayışını geleneksel ayrıntılarla harmanlıyor. In contrast to other venues, the Palm House blends modern entertainment with traditional details.

‘e gidip dünyaca ünlü isimlerin eserlerinden uyarlanan performansları izleyebilirsiniz. Go to the Theater an der Wien for events unique to Vienna and follow the performances of world famous names.

Other Places to Visit Near Vienna

vienna budapest tour, transportation

In the last section of the Vienna travel guide, I will give you brief information about getting to other popular places near the city.

ve Prag gibi popüler destinasyonlara kolayca seyahat edebiliyor. Thanks to the city being one of the important railway centers in Central Europe, many travelers can easily travel to popular destinations such as Budapest and Prague during or after Vienna holidays. With high-speed trains of the Austrian Railways, Budapest can be reached in just 2 hours and 40 minutes. For these flights, you can easily find tickets even at 19 Euros.

‘a Viyana’dan tren yolculuğu yapmak istediğinizdeyse ister Çek ve Avusturya ulusal demir yolu şirketlerinin kendi seferlerinde ya da bu iki firmanın ortalaşa kurdukları RegioJet’in araçlarında yerinizi ayırtabilirsiniz. If you want to take a train from Vienna to Prague , you can book your own flights between Czech and Austrian national railway companies or in the vehicles of the RegioJet, where these two companies are centered. The journey between the two cities is completed in less than 4 hours and ticket prices start at 14 Euros.

If you have travel plans for Budapest and Prague after the Vienna holidays, the following topics can be useful for you.

Through the Vienna travel guide, I have shared information and advice on all the important topics that may be needed in Vienna, one of the most beautiful and popular tourist cities in Central Europe. If you have any information you would like to add, please share your comments with us.

City Center Vienna Hotels

You can review the locations of the hotels in the city center on the map below. Prices shown are per night accommodation fees. If you wish, you can review the prices by entering the destination and date information.

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