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Viyana Havaalanı ulaşım rehberi

The Vienna Airport is quite rich in terms of city ​​center transportation options. The formation of this wealth Austria ‘s capital with Vienna ‘s quite a lot of influence being in the center of the national railway network. If you wish, without further ado, immediately let us go to the details of the airport transfer services that you can use in the city that fascinates its guests with its magnificent architecture and cultural accumulation.

Vienna Airport (From Vienna International Airport) City Center Transportation Options

The main international airport, which is located about 16 kilometers east of Vienna , is given to rail vehicles to reach the city’s central points. Economic S-Bahn to the fast CAT and RailJet to meet all kinds of expectations, except for your time if you have a large bus or comfort if you care about options such as taxis can also choose.


Vienna Airport guide S Bahn

, havalimanından Viyana kent merkezine gitmek isteyenler için en ucuz ve pratik ulaşım seçeneği konumunda. S-Bahn ‘s S7 express train is the cheapest and practical transportation option for those who want to go to the city center of Vienna from the airport. The trains carrying passengers between the hours of 05: 18-00: 18 depart from the stations under the terminal building to Floridsdorf for half an hour. In contrast, flights started at 04.36, ending at 23.36. Detailed information about the working hours of rail vehicles is shared with the passengers on the official website of ÖBB.

It takes 37 minutes for trains to reach Floridsdorf, where they have completed their voyages. If you want to take advantage of the metro network, you can get to the Wien-Mitte Train Station in the 25th minute of your journey. On the lower floors of the station, there are stops where you can switch to both U3 and U4 lines of the subway.

If you want to get your Vienna city center transportation needs via S7 line express train, you can buy the tickets you need from , vending machines at the station or the tourist information office in the terminal building.

Since the airport is outside of Vienna, passengers need to buy both the 1.70 Euro suburban ticket and the 2.40 Euro ticket available in the city center. Of course, if you have one of the day tickets of Vienna Card or Wiener Linien , you can take the express train journey for only 1.70 Euros.


Vienna Airport transportation Railjet

seferleri. The Austrian National Railways (ÖBB) offer high speed trains to the city center from Vienna Airport since 2015.

Wels, Linz and St. It is also possible to go to the central train station with Wien Meidling by trains which provide direct access to St. Pölten. The Wien Meidling provides guests with the opportunity to switch to the U6 metro line, while the central train station, Hauptbahnhof, has a connection to the U1 line. The journey takes 15 minutes to Hauptbahnhof and 26 minutes to Wien Meidling. For this reason, RailJet trains are preferred by travelers who want to save time.

Trains to and from the airport depart from the airport every 30 minutes between 06: 33-23: 03. Excursion to Wien Meidling starts at 07.00 and ends at 22.00. From the main railway station, you can travel between the hours of 07: 12-22: 12.

For RailJet trains, ÖBB applies the same ticket rate as the S7 line. You can easily buy the tickets you need for the journey through the official website or mobile application of the institution. In addition to online sales channels, you can also use vending machines at the stations to buy tickets.

City Airport Train (CAT)

Vienna Airport city center transportation Vienna City Airport Train Cat

City Airport Train or CAT with short name, Vienna Airport city center is another railroad vehicle that I can offer you for your transportation needs. Guests Trains run to Mitte Station within 15 minutes walking distance of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and departs every 30 minutes from 06.09-23.39. From Mitte, CAT carries passengers from 05.36 to 23.06 with the same frequency.

With children under the age of 14 one-way fares for wheelchair users they can travel free CAT 11 individuals, identified as 19 euros round-trip. If you own a Vienna Card, you can buy your train ticket at a discounted price. You can use the tourism office or ticket vending machines at the airport to purchase tickets or make a transaction via the website .

For the CAT, I said it had a quickness advantage at the beginning; however, the only privilege that trains offer to their passengers is not limited to this. If you have tickets from a Star Alliance member airline and wish to spend time in the city until the flight time, you can leave your baggage at the office in Wien Mitte Station after check-in. In addition, if you are going to spend 4 hours or more in the city, you can take advantage of the three 39-euro trips under the CATchthecity program. You can find detailed information about the services I have mentioned at .


Vienna International Airport information bus

If you prefer the city road to the Vienna Airport, you can take advantage of the Airport Lines buses that run under Postbus supervision. Buses, the frequency of the voyage and the working hours carry 3 different passengers. There are 10 stops on these lines.

The Morzinplatz / Schwedenplatz route provides direct access to the city center, and the passengers carry passengers between 04: 45-01: 15 during the week. Buses take about 22 minutes to reach Schwedenplatz , the last stop.

I would strongly recommend that you include them in your Vienna list of places to visit . A few minutes away from Stephen’s Cathedral , the U1 and U4 lines of the subway can be transferred to all public transportation vehicles, especially in the city.

Buses departing from Vienna Main Station and Westbahnhof leave from the airport every 30 minutes between 06.00-00.00. If you have chosen the hotel in the eastern part of the city, you can take a bus to the Kaisermühlen VIC / Kagran line and find a solution to your transportation needs.

Airport Lines tickets are available from the Postbus office at the airport. One-way ticket for all lines of 8, round-trip is 11 euros or offered for sale. If you own a Vienna Card, you can have one-way tickets at 7 Euros. Individuals aged 6 and under are entitled to free travel and only 4 Euros are required for children aged 6-14. Tickets can be purchased online at or by paying cash from the driver of the vehicle you are boarding . You can also use the ticket vending machines at the airport stops for the same procedure.


Taxi at Vienna International Airport

If you want to conveniently meet your Vienna city center transportation needs, you can take a taxi from the reservation offices in the arrivals section. There is no predetermined floor or ceiling price application for taxis in the city. However, taxi companies with branches at the airport have fixed prices between 25 and 30 euros . Companies like Airport Service Wien, Vienna Transfers and Vienna Airport Cab are able to offer more comprehensive transfer options instead of standard transport services.

Hotel Pickup

In case of demand, hotels in Vienna can offer their guests airport transfers at cheaper prices than taxis. When I want to take advantage of this option which is popular among travelers because it provides direct access to the hotel without reservation, I make my accommodation facility research via . Because the site is prepared in detail through the Vienna pages of the hotel through which this service can be easily understood.

After making my decision about the facility and making my reservation, I am looking for the hotel and getting information about the details of the transfer service. (You can book this hotel after booking your hotel booking by contacting the hotel from the ım My Booking ım area.)

If you do not have time to do this kind of research I have prepared m Where to stay in Vienna? ”You can browse the options in the guide.

If you want to learn more about the options you can use for transportation between Vienna Airport and the city center, you can check the details in the fikir Vienna Travel Guide Viyana .

City Center Vienna Hotels

You can review the locations of the hotels in the city center on the map below. Prices shown are per night accommodation fees. If you wish, you can review the prices by entering the destination and date information.

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