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Vialand Eğlence Parkı gezilecek yerler

geliyor. When you think of entertainment in Istanbul , Vialand Theme Park or Isfanbul , the new name, comes to mind . Although it has been only a few years since its opening, the award-winning theme park has been recognized as one of the most important factors in the world and in our country. Vialand has transformed the shopping center and the playground under the same roof with the amusement park and transformed into a place where both families with children and adrenaline enthusiasts cannot give up.

Information on Vialand Amusement Park (İsfanbul)

Before you go to Vialand, let me share a general video I took in the park and

Opening its doors on May 26, 2013, Vialand was established by Gürsoy Group with an investment of 650 million dollars. The complex, which covers a huge area of ​​600,000 square meters, is the most important feature of a complex that combines a theme park with a shopping mall and a show center. In this way, the world’s first in the title of the facility, with wide entertainment and shopping opportunities as one of Europe’s leading theme parks is shown.

Designed for all ages and tastes, the theme park in Vialand is designed for you to enjoy the fun of the park. Moreover, all of these units are designed in such a way that people with disabilities can comfortably use them.

Things to Do in Vialand Amusement Park
Entrance of Vialand Amusement Park V

Outside of the entertainment areas, the facility has a shopping area of ​​approximately 110,000 square meters. This section consists of covered and open streets and has 200 stores belonging to famous brands. The shopping streets where you can take a tram ride also include eating and drinking areas and activities such as a cinema, bowling alley and a wellness center.

The building complex, which is reserved for concerts and cultural organizations, has a capacity of 10,000 people. This area hosts many local and foreign organizations during the year.

And how to get to Vialand Tema Park.

And how to get to Vialand Theme Park
Vialand Amusement Park can be reached via TEM or E5. When I went to the park, I had to use the map application of my phone in abundance because the area of ​​the park was a bit confused Ben

Vialand is located in the Yesilpinar District of Eyup District of Istanbul. You can go to the amusement park which is open from 10.30 to 21.30 in the morning or you can go with your own car or you can take advantage of the free shuttle buses or public transportation for transportation. 8,000 cars have been installed in the facility for those coming to Vialand with their own vehicles.

In the meantime, I used the map application on my mobile phone while I was finding Vialand and I did not have any problems, but when I arrived at the park I had a short surprise about the park.

Namely; There is a private parking area belonging to the theme park. You put your car in the park, which is shared by theme park and avm. So you can enter the park directly to the covered park where you reach the shopping mall, in the upper left section of the entrance area of ​​the theme park. So if you put your car on the top floor, close to the left section when you enter the covered park, you can go directly to the theme park with the escalators in that section.

The capacity of the theme park is limited to the quota and only the guests with tickets can benefit from the free shuttle service. Transportation services from 16 different locations in Istanbul, the first time of the morning at 10.00 starts. The service provided through a private company continues until the closing of the evening theme park.

If you prefer public transport to Vialand, you can use the buses to Yeşilpınar from central points such as Şişli , Taksim and Eminönü . You can find more detailed information about accessing the theme park by clicking on the options at the bottom of the page at .

Sections in Vialand Theme Park

Vialand landmarks
Vialand Amusement Park Map mek Click on image to enlarge…

The theme park has 29 different units for fearless children, children and families. A specific age and height limit has been set for all units. In this way, guests are expected to spend pleasant hours in confidence.

You can use the smart search feature at to find out which units are best suited for you and your loved ones before arriving at the park.

Units for Children in Vialand

Vialand Theme Park Palace Swing
Palace Swing, Vialand

Vialand Amusement Park is actually a beautiful park for the traveler of all ages. But at a young age like us, children can visit the park with question marks. Mı Is there something appropriate for my child? ?, Değ Is it worth going? Sor I wanted to partition the units in the park, assuming you have questions.

Before you go to the details about the units, you can have a lot of fun in the park with your child.

In the meantime, I listed the following units in this section, but some of them will be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Especially Fatih’s Dream and Tiny Explorers can also have fun for adults üy

Tiny Explorers

The Small Explorers section, which can be used with the attendants of 80-120 centimeters of paint, helps children to learn the cultures of various countries around the world as they pass through the 160 meter long canals.

In this section, which is located close to the entrance of the park, the children take a short tour of the world with the families waiting for them. Throughout the tour, children from all corners of the world sing songs. I think this is one of the most enjoyable points for small visitors. (This section usually does not have many rows.) The video of the tour;

Vialand Fatih’s Dream

Fatih’s Dream takes visitors to the day-trip and takes them back to the day of Istanbul’s conquest. Secrets of Istanbul sheds light on the city’s 400 thousand-year history with video mapping and hologram techniques.

I’ve listed this section for children in units, but frankly, this was one of my favorite places in Vialand . First, you will be given a 7-8 minute presentation with the hologram technique. Afterwards, the boat conquest and the conquest of Istanbul will be kept alive for about 8-9 minutes.

In the video below, you can watch the conquest of the city from the boats. By the way, this is one of the most favorite parts of the park, so you may have to wait a bit. The hologram section shows a certain number of people, so the following are taken in a certain number of groups. But I think it’s worth what you expect Ama

Vialand Safari Tunnel

Safari Tunnel at the corner of the park is another point where small visitors can have fun. Obviously because the name was an edip safari tunnel hedef , I waited for a section of the animals inside, but here you are getting on the vehicles waiting for you first and you gain points by shooting with laser guns to the targets shown along the way.

Especially young men can enjoy. I’ve waited a long line in this unit, if you say it’s worth a question mark, but if you don’t have a problem in the park, you can try this unit. Full video;

King Kong

One of the most popular points of the park is King Kong . Especially when my daughter saw the image of King Kong on the map, she wanted to go here as soon as possible. When he saw the adorable King Kong, he preferred to watch it rather than riding in a car uzaktan A section where children can have fun. When I left, there wasn’t too much order. Video;

Vialand Crazy River

There are 2 units of water in Vialand where you can have fun moments. One is Viking and the other is Crazy River . Small visitors have to choose Crazy River because of their size limitation. This is one of the popular sections of the park, so you need to wait a bit. At the end of the line you are waiting on the round the boat ride along the water path.

In the meantime, you need a little luck in the Crazy River because some of the visitors are not wet at all, but can get a lot of wet daki During the tour I was lucky, but the gentleman in front of me had to get a little wet kim Meanwhile, look at the unit’s name and don’t be afraid, it’s a bit of a soft ride. Your children can enjoy. Video;

Once Upon A Time In Istanbul

Vialand’e from the Children’s Group towards King Kong’e A Times Istanbul section will take you back to the past. While you are walking around the streets surrounded by old Istanbul’s bay windows and fountains, you will have the opportunity to taste unique tastes in the shops you will encounter. You can also shop from the souvenir shops located here. This is a small street, a crossing point, rather than an amusement unit. Video;

Hero Firefighters

In this section you are trying to hit the targets in the midpoint using the water guns in the small vehicles you will take. When the red flames appear in the window in the midpoint, you shoot at those points. One of the points that small visitors enjoy is Küçük

Vialand playpen units
Hero Firefighters, Vialand

Other Places for Children in Vialand

As I mentioned at the beginning, Vialand offers fun chapters for the traveler of all ages. There are plenty of choices for visitors, especially at a young age. Apart from the aforementioned places, it is a beautiful place for small visitors with its section such as Palace Swing , Carousel , Bumper Cars , Tiny Speed ​​Train , Fairy Tale Tree .

Apart from these, at the corner of the park, at the Cartoon Network Stage next to the Safari Tunnel, the little visitors have the opportunity to be together with the popular characters of Powerpuff Girls, Gumball and Adventure Time.

Elderly Units in Vialand

Come to the points that appeal to older visitors. There is also a place where adults can have fun as well as children. But I think the park is in the mood for some Paris Disneyland . In other words, there are options for adults while the basic mass is for small and middle-aged children, but a little more limited than for children.


Designed for adrenalin and fearless adventures in search of adventure, the first of the units is Breathbreaker, which exceeds 110 kilometers in 3 seconds with individuals of at least 140 centimeters in length . If you say a speed train is not enough for me, then you can try the adventurer who will raise you to 30 meters high at 80 kilometers per hour.

I like speed trains, and even during my last trip to Singapore, I had a lot of fun on the speed trains I boarded at Universal Studios , but because we organized our Vialand trip for our daughter, we spent more time on it. A beautiful Breath video on Youtube;


One of the 2 water units in the Vialand Theme Park was the Cilgn River, where small visitors could ride, and the other was Viking . This unit is a little more action-packed. Naturally, those who want to ride this unit can create long queues from time to time.

The first time I saw the Viking section was long queues, but as I passed by again towards the evening, I saw that the line was empty. I think if the order is too long, you’re going to take a look at this section.

Vialand viking water


In 360 , you can prove that you are a true adrenaline enthusiast, standing up and down 28 feet. This is one of Vialand’s most adrenaline-filled units after Nefeskesen.

360 Vialand Theme Park

The justice tower

Fatih’s Dream and the Tower of Justice in front of the Palace of Justice , I dreamed more different in my dream, but this is an action-packed unit. The vertical line within the Tower of Justice increases you to a height of 50 meters and displays a little sight.

Actually it looks like the units in the amusement parks but if you have time or want to watch Vialand from the top you can try it.

Vialand Attractions

Other Sections in Vialand

The theme park has areas that cater for all ages and tastes, as well as the shopping center. Adventure Land on the shore of Lake Vialand offers its guests a variety of outdoor sports.

Jungle Istanbul , which was established on the ground floor of the shopping center during my time, hosts hundreds of exotic animals within an area of ​​2,500 square meters. Joy Park has gathered countless entertainment from bowling to 7D cinema, from video games to banging boats.

Food and Drink in Vialand Theme Park

Vialand amusement park viking
Viking, Vialand

In Vialand, eating and drinking is just another thing as rich as entertainment and shopping opportunities. When you’re hungry, you can choose restaurants and booths in the theme park or in the shopping center.

You can find many street tastes and snacks, including doner, cigkofte and ice cream in the stands operating within the theme park area. Apart from the booths where you can get the opportunity to satiate without having to get away from the entertainment facilities, there are a few restaurants with authentic look and a cafe theme park where baklava and Turkish delight are sold.

Vialand Breathable Speed ​​Train
Nefeskesen is one of the most adrenaline-filled units of Vialand Amusement Park Nef

The shopping center is the place where there are more options for eating and drinking. You can find menus for all meals in the dining areas, all of which are on the streets, including breakfast. The world famous coffee and fastfood chains of the branches of the shopping center, if you wish, such as pita, pancake, returns you can consume our own culture. ,

If you need extra energy while wandering in the entertainment complex that covers a large area, I recommend you to visit the shops of WaffleStop , Haribo , Algida .

Vialand Theme Park Entrance Fee

Vialand Park Istanbul Entertainment

To enter Vialand, guests are offered two different options: day ticket and annual card. You can buy daily tickets online at if you are free of charge for 0-3 year olds and 3-14 year old children can enter the theme park in the theme park.

Online ticket prices are more attractive than toll booths. In other words, while the ticket price per person is 129 Turkish Liras , you can buy the tickets online for $ 76.99 . For the tickets purchased over the Internet, you can read the barcode from the e-mail address you have specified or print at the box office.

When I checked the ticket prices, I saw that the prices were more appropriate in the off-season months such as October and November. If you come across a sunny day in Istanbul, you may prefer these months when the visit is more convenient.

Vialand Amusement Park once upon a time in istanbul street
Once Upon a Time in Istanbul’s Street, Vialand Bir

If you do not want to be in the limits of the theme park entrance and the units in use, you can prefer the Vialand Card, which is specially prepared instead of the daily ticket.

For this card, which you can have by submitting your TC ID number, I was demanding $ 159 when I purchased it. The only thing I like about the card is that it does not allow unlimited access and use of the unit. In addition to these rights, cardholders can shop at shopping centers at discounted prices.

You can find out all the current campaigns available in Vialand Theme Park and Shopping Mall by clicking on / campaigns.

Vialand in summary Özet

Vialand Amusement Park Sami

I’ve been a little prejudiced since Vialand opened. But when we looked for a place to visit for our daughter we decided to experience the park at that time. The park exceeded our expectations, our daughter had a really good time, but the entrance fee of the park was quite high.

£ 77 per person is very expensive for me. Already in the park more than the Arab tourists were traveling. We can be together in Dubai or   We felt like we were walking around a park in Abu Dhabi . Maybe the prices are suitable for them but it is a bit high for Turkish family. You can visit the park if you don’t have to worry about the park entrance fee.

Other places you can have fun with your children in Istanbul except Vialand; Panorama 1453 History Museum , Miniaturk , Rahmi M. Koç Museum , Istanbul Toy Museum , Istanbul Aquarium (Florya), Madame Tussauds Istanbul , LEGOLAND Discovery Center Istanbul and Istanbul Sea Life Aquarium .

If you want to spend a pleasant day with your children, I suggest you add Vialand to your list of places to visit in Istanbul . If you are planning a trip from a different city in Istanbul, where do I stay in Istanbul ? You can read my article.

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