Ulucanlar Prison Museum

Ulucanlar Cezaevi Müzesi Ankara

Ulucanlar Prison Museum , one of the most interesting sightseeing spots on our list of . The construction of the prison house, which is currently used as a museum, started in 1925 and has been host to political prisoners for 81 years. Since Turkey is perhaps the most beautiful era in which the organization is always in the prison ward of who pays for the turbulent political life, perhaps they consume a lifetime. The Ulucanlar Prison Museum was opened to visitors in 2011 for the purpose of not forgetting the memory of those living in these wards and not destroying them.

The Ulucanlar Prison Museum tells its visitors the most painful side in the history of the republic. The memories of dozens of names that have written their name in history have been exhibited here. Many famous names from Deniz Gezmis to Yılmaz Güney are being revealed today in the museum. Ulucanlar Prison Museum, dozens of torture witnesses witnessed in history; he is currently describing in prisoners’ letters, notebooks, empty cigarette packs, and many other items. In the museum, Deniz Gezmiş’s cardigan, a notebook of Hüseyin İnan, is exhibited. The door to the wards is also open to visitors. One of the most remarkable places within the museum is the dark corridor. From the rooms sorted in the hallway are the voices of the prisoners who are punching the walls, yelling at the pain.

Museum Visit Information

  • Address: Şükriye Mahallesi, Ulucanlar Caddesi No: 63 Altındağ Ankara

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