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Seeing, discovering new places is our indispensable passion. We organized a lottery with the sponsorship of to infect our follow-up of this travel virus that we have in our days. After the raffle we organized on our Facebook page, we gave 1 person a huge tour of Europe, consisting of 23 cities and a full 18 days. Moreover, Schengen visa application was not paid! This is more than we expected a lottery draw. (Click here to review all the details about the competition process: Crushed One to 1 Free European Tour Gift )

We asked the participants to share with us a mini-commentary on the most beautiful place they have seen so far. A total of 1250+ interpretation of the competition, which is held in Istanbul traveler’s favorite cities, while Venice was the most acclaimed foreign cities. We gathered all the details about the competition in the following infographic:

Traveling Infographic

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Travel writer, blogger. The indispensable passion of seeing new places. Although there are nearly 40 countries on 4 continents, the traveler is not tired of going back to the cities he likes to score.

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