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Paris , the world famous museums, churches, fine crepes, famous brands in the fashion industry, the Champs-Elysées , the Eiffel Tower , Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris. If you want to get away from the overwhelming life of the city in Paris and dive in the parks and gardens, this article will be very useful.

Front Important Paris Parks

Here is France ‘s capital city of the most famous parks in Paris 5:

Bois de Boulogne

Bois de Boulogne paris

The Bois de Boulogne is the second largest park in Paris after Bois de Vincennes. Covering an area of ​​865 hectares, it is almost twice the size of the famous Central Park . III. It was the result of Napoleon ‘s request that Baron Hausmann compare this area with the parks he saw in London.

Located in the east of Paris, this park is seen as one of the city’s oxygen sources due to its size and richness of vegetation. The Bois de Boulogne , one of the favorite Parisian parks, is crowded especially on the days when the weather is nice. When you get here, you can go hiking, rowing, cycling, picnicking, enjoying nature. The Bois de Boulogne has two horse racing tracks, restaurants, a theater and an art museum called the Popularies at the Musee des Arts et Traditions . Although the park is busy during the day, it is not recommended to visit here during the night.

Visit Information

  • Address : 75016, Paris, France
  • Transportation : You can reach Metro from Porte Maillot, Porte Dauphine, Porte d’Auteuil or Les Sablons.

Jardin des Tulieries

Jardin des Tulieries Paris

Jardin des Tulieries Another famous park in Paris. This 25-hectare park between the Louvre Museum and the Concorde Square was built in 1564 for the Queen Catherine de Medicis.

Although the palace part was destroyed during the 1789 French Revolution, the garden has reached our day. Tulieries Garden opened to the public in 1667. One of the important parts will be seen when the point is located at the entrance to the Arc de Triomphe (Arch de Triomphe) d. Another important building in the park is the Orangerie Museum . Filled with hiking trails, sculptures, pools, flower gardens, this park is an ideal place for hiking or relaxing.

Visit Information

  • Address : 113 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France
  • Transportation : From the Tuileries or Concorde metro stations, you can come to Jardin des Tulieries.

Luxembourg Garden

Luxembourg Gardens

One of the most famous green areas of Paris, the Luxembourg Garden was built in the 17th century for Queen Marie de Medicis . Covering an area of ​​25 hectares, the garden is built according to the architecture of Florence. The queen asked that this be done as a copy of the house in her childhood. The French Senate is located in the garden of the Luxembourg Palace . There is an octagonal pool at the center of the Luxembourg Garden.

In the Garden of Luxembourg you can see the statues of the French queens, the statue of Saint Sainte Genevieve, a bronze statue of the Statue of Liberty, the famous Medici Fountain, a café, puppet theater, beekeeping school, tennis courts and a concert venue.

Apples, pear trees, elm and flowers can be seen in the Luxembourg Garden. The open-air chess corner in the park sometimes hosts tournaments organized by chess players. If you want to do sports when you come here, the other options are the basketball court and tennis courts opposite the chess corner. Even though it is more popular in summer and spring, it is a tranquil green area that is peaceful in every period of the year.

Visit Information

  • Address : 75006, Paris, France
  • Transportation : You can come from Odeon stop by Metro or RER.

Bois de Vincennes

Bois de Vincennes park

The Bois de Vincennes is the largest park in Paris. Between 1885 and 1886 III. The park, commissioned by Napoleon , is 995 hectares. This area is almost three times the world famous Central Park.

The landscape architect of Baron Haussman built lakes and waterfalls for decorative purposes in the park. Located in the southeast of Paris, this park has three beautiful lakes, Park Floral and Four Seasons Garden, a zoo and a summer recreation park. The Bois de Vincennes is home to the tallest palace in Europe before Versailles. This sign is from the 14th century. There is also a museum which is one of the most famous works of medieval military architecture.

France’s largest amusement park, which was organized from the market before Easter until the end of May, is set up at the Bois de Vincennes.

  • Address : Route de la Pyramide, 75012 Paris, France
  • Transport : From the Chateau de Vincennes metro station or from the RER to Vincennes, you can reach the park.

Parc La Vilette

Parc La Vilette Paris

Parc La Vilette is one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Paris. The park, built on an area of ​​55 hectares, was built by the Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi between 1984 and 1977. The building was built on the site of the site. The old slaughterhouse of the city and the area where the livestock market was established were transformed into this magnificent park.

Parc La Vilette has one of the city’s largest cultural centers. Cite des Sciences et de L’industrie is the largest science center in Europe. This museum was designed by architect Adrien Fainsilber . Opened in 1986, the museum is based on glass and iron. There is a submarine from the 1950s in the garden section.

Parc La Vilette has 10 theme parks, each depicting a separate concept. There are also many concert halls in the park. The Zenith Concert Hall is the best known of them. After a period used as an arena, it was turned into a culture and exhibition center. There are enormous abstract sculptures in the park where children are allowed to climb, and this part is very interesting. One of the symbols of Parc La Vilette is the giant Geode sphere consisting of 6433 mirrors. There is also a cinema with a 360-degree screen.

The park is a little far away from the city center, sometimes with few visitors. Actually this is an advantage if you want to listen to the head and be intertwined with nature. During your visit to Paris, if you have no time problems, you should definitely see Parc La Vilette, which was built beyond the age. There is a canal in the park. You can also get there by getting on a boat from the center of Paris.

Visit Information

  • Address : 211 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris, France
  • Transportation : You can take the metro to one of the Porte de la Villette or Pantin stops and come to Parc La Vilette.

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