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If you ask us what the other end of the world is, I’m sure there will be different answers. Who is based in China , according to some American by whom Australia or completely different places. In this article I wanted to give information about Sydney, the capital of Australia, the other end of the world. Places to visit in Sydney can be one of the most interesting experiences for your route. Because if the minimum flight time is more than 20 hours and long-term transfers, you will only travel more than a day.

Before you travel to Sydney , you can learn about the hotel you want to stay. I ‘ve researched in Sydney where you can stay safely in Sydney and where you can stay in Sydney . I suggest you take a look at this article.

Australia’s Sydney is a city favorite from the world-famous architectural structures, long and pristine beaches, is visited by millions of tourists every year and many more features of modern city life. Without further ado, I would like to provide information on places to visit in Sydney . If you have a friend who has gone to Sydney before, you can give advice to those who want to go with their comments.

Things to Do in Sydney

1. Bondi Beach

sidney Attractions bondi sandy

We start with a tour of the Sydney attractions, Bondi Beach , one of the city’s most popular beaches. The beach, which has white sandy beaches, is a popular destination for surf lovers. Located a few km from the center of Sydney, Bondi Beach is quiet and quiet, away from the bustle of life around the city.

There are cafes, boutiques, pubs and hotels around Bondi Beach where you can surf, surf, swim, and sunbathe on the white beach. Bondi Beach, which is waiting for its visitors with its length of more than one kilometer and its bow-shaped appearance, is a beach that hosted volleyball competitions in the Summer Olympics held in 2000.

2. Sydney Opera House

sidney opera house

Australia mentioned, I’m sure you can think of what we do comes with a mini-survey the most common questions we hear two answers kangaroo and the Opera House ‘is. Maybe we may have difficulty in remembering the name of the building, but it is certain that it will associate in a corner of our mind. Sydney Opera House , one of the most famous buildings in the world, was designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon . The building began in 1957 and was completed in 1973 .

Sydney Opera House, which is accepted as one of the most attractive architectural works of the world today, is the subject of our main news bulletins every year at New Year’s Eve celebrations. You’ve arrived.

Sydney Opera House , one of the places to visit, hosts the Vivid Sydney Festival , which is celebrated in June every year. The Opera House, which is visited by an average of 4.5 million people annually, has taken its place in the UNESCO World Heritage List. I can recommend you to listen to a live performance at the Opera House, if you can find a ticket or if it fits your budget.

3. Sydney Harbor Bridge

sydney harbor bridge

One of the most important structures associated with Sydney is the Harbor Bridge . Harbor Bridge, which is one of the places where you can catch the most beautiful views of the city, is 134 meters high and it is also the widest steel bridge in the world. Set a time close to the sun set for the Harbor Bridge trip. The most beautiful pictures then you can shoot. Let us remind you that you have to pay a fee to join the tours on the bridge. Detailed information can be found at .

4. Darling Harbor (Darling Harbor)

Places to visit in sidney darling harbor

Another route for sightseeing in Sydney is Darling Harbor . To be one of the most fun stops on your trip to Sydney, Darling Harbor hosts many restaurants, shopping centers and cafes. Located in the west of the city, Darling Harbor has many fun places to visit including Sydney Aquarium, National Maritime Museum, Wild Life Sydney Zoo, Madam Tussauds Museum, Tumbalong Park, Chinese Gardens. You can easily find the food that suits your taste buds in the restaurants where the tastes of different countries are served.

5. Taronga Zoo

taronga zoo sidney

One of the places you should see in Sydney, Taronga Zoo is built on an area of ​​28 hectares and hosts more than 2200 animals. You will have the chance to see the region-specific animals at Taronga Zoo from the symbols of Australia, from kangaroo to koalaya, to the Cartoon Devil.

6. The Rocks Location

sidney the rocks region

We’re going to visit the city of Sydney, The Rocks District . This place, considered to be the birthplace of Australia, has many historical and cultural beauties. The bars, restaurants and especially the shops selling souvenirs reflecting Aboriginal culture are one of the places frequented by local and foreign tourists.

The modern history of Australia, which is the homeland of the Aborigines who migrated to the island 30,000 years ago, begins in 1788 with the prison colony established by the British on the island. Thus, for the first time in 1788, Western natives came to the island. The remains of the ancient ruins of The Rocks District, which are opposite to the Opera House, have survived to the present day.

7. Blue Mountains

sidney Attractions blue mountains

Australia’s largest canyon, the Blue Mountains , is about 103 km from Sydney. The Blue Mountains are a meeting point for endangered animals. Such a beautiful region, the Blue Mountains, has taken its place in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

8. Royal Botanic Gardens

sidney Attractions royal botanical garden

We’re going to visit Sydney in Sydney Botanic Garden , one of the city’s most important green areas. The Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney, also known as the city of parks and gardens, is within walking distance from the Opera House. Seven days a week, you can see the families who play sports in these parks and gardens.

The Royal Botanic Garden, which is one of the places where every year the Sydney Festival is celebrated in January, has dozens of plant species from the Pacific region. After an exhausting Sydney trip, you can reach under the shade of a tree and listen to the head and plan for your next route.

9. Sydney Art and Museum Galleries

australian museum sidney

The easiest way to learn about Australia’s architectural and urban beauties, as well as its cultural and historical richness, is undoubtedly your trips to museums and art galleries. More than 30 museums and art galleries in Sydney are an opportunity for sightseeing enthusiasts.

One of the places to see, The Art Gallery of New South Wales has opened its doors to visitors since 1909. The art museum, which has 29,000 collections, exhibits collections from Asia, Australia, Aboriginal and European arts.

The Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art , another notable place, is one of the most important museums of contemporary art from all over the world.

The Australian Museum, the first museum in Australia , is one of the most important places where you can learn about Aborigines. The Australian Museum was founded in 1827 and is now open to visitors.

10. Free Walking Tours

sidney attractions free walking tours

If you ask me if I can do something in common with people I don’t know in Sydney, my answer is yes. Take part in the ‘ I am free ‘ event, which is organized at specific times seven days a week, and you can explore and explore Sydney with small communities (including free). Each ‘ am am free ‘ tour lasts around 3-4 hours.

11. Sydney Tower

sidney tower sidney

We continue with the Sydney Tower which is the highest point of the city. If you are not afraid of height, I would recommend you to see Sydney from the top. Building a higher building than the Sydney Tower, which has a height of 260 meters, is banned in the city. Let us remind you that you will still have to pay a certain fee for the exit to the tower.

12. Chinatown

sidney Attractions china neighborhood

In the big cities of different countries, it is possible to come across the Chinese neighborhoods from time to time. You can also find Chinese-style restaurants, street food, shopping centers and Chinese-made technological tools in the Chinatown in Sydney. Before you go on your return trip from Sydney, you can buy souvenirs and you can come to Chinatown more cheaply than you expect. Do not neglect to bargain even though the prices are cheap.

13. Hyde Park

Places to visit in sidney sidney hyde park

Hyde Park is another popular park in Sydney. Hyde Park, also known as Sydney’s greenery center, is also the oldest park in Australia. There are many sculptures and monuments in the park. If you walk to Hyde Park again, you can see St. Marry Cathedral .

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