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Salzburg offers many historical and natural beauties to visitors. Known as the city of Mozart , the settlement stands out with its castles, cathedrals, museums and nature. Baroque style architecture where you can see important examples of the city you will spend your holiday in Salzburg with a list of places to visit can be made even more enjoyable.

List of Restaurants in Salzburg

Salzburg , which takes its name from the salt mines that lie under its name, provides a wonderful holiday experience for individuals who like to visit with their historical and magnificent works of art. Thanks to successful city planning, you can take advantage of our recommendations below in your visit plans to use your time in the city where you can reach easily with ease. You can save by taking a Salzburg Card before visiting the touristic areas to avoid both time and money loss. In the meantime, if you are going to set up your own hotel in Salzburg, where to stay in Salzburg? You can read in our article.

1. Salzburg Castle

Salzburg Castle

Salzburg is at the top of our list of sights and the Salzburg Castle, which overlooks the Salzach River. It impresses its visitors with its castle view, which you can reach by walking or using the cable car. Thanks to the guide service, you can easily learn the history of the building. Two different ticket options are offered to visitors wishing to enter the Salzburg Castle, which attracts attention with its baroque towers.

2. Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg Cathedral

Because of the paintings and decorations inside, Salzburg attracts attention with its magnificence of the cathedral, which finds its place in the list of places to visit. Built in 1611, the building is home to one of the best examples of baroque architecture. The 71-meter high bell tower of the Salzburg Cathedral and the 1700s can be visited throughout the year.

3. Mirabell Palace

Mirabell Palace

The famous Mirabell Palace with its garden helps you relax and find peace, especially in spring and summer with its wonderful atmosphere. Built in 1606 by the archbishop and converted into a summer palace in 1690, you can see the unique examples of sculpture and ornament art in the garden of the building. The palace, which is located in the garden that has an international reputation for marriage ceremonies, is now used as a town hall.

4. Hangar-7


One of our recommendations for our Salzburg attractions is for travelers who love speed and airplanes. Hangar-7, which has a rare content, hosts airplanes, private and demonstration planes, helicopters, motorcycles and Formula 1 vehicles from World War II. Felix Baumgartner’s 2012 capsule and costume are among the items on display.

5. Mozart Monument

Mozart Monument

The square and the monument in the middle of the old city attracts the attention of holidaymakers who like to take photographs. You can buy souvenirs from the shops overlooking the statue and have a memory to remind you of your wonderful Salzburg holiday. The restaurant, cafes and bars, which are located on the square and in the streets that live 24 hours a day, provide quality service to their customers. The Mozart Monument is the ideal place for a break while visiting the city, making you feel the energy of the city.

6. St. Peter’s Abbey

St. Peter Abbeys Abbey

St. Peter’s Monastery is located in the center of the city. The structure has a very modest entrance and it is caused by the intricate interior structure and decorations that Salzburg hosts in the lists of places to visit in Salzburg. The main structure of the monastery, which is open to visitors throughout the year, consists of a library, monastery and cemetery. If you visit the right structure for Christmas, you can see it decorated for Christmas.

7. Mönchsberg


Transportation to Mönchsberg, which is 507 meters above sea level, is provided by lift. If you have a Salzburg card, you can use the elevator for free. Mönchsberg, one of the five mountains surrounding the city, draws people who love to take photos thanks to its unique view.

8. Gaisberg


Gaisberg, located in the east of Salzburg, attracts the attention of individuals who love road and mountain biking, mountaineering and parachute jumping activities. The 1.288 meter high mountain is transported by buses departing from Mirabell Square. In Gaisberg, which is used as a rock center in winter, the signs in the trails that you will use for nature activities prevent you from having problems. You can visit the area where restaurants and hotels are located, whether they are a day or a boarder.

9. Residenzgalerie


With the help of the voice guidance service, Residenzgalerie Rembrant hosts the works of artists such as Carel Fabritius and Carlo Saraceni. The art gallery, which is an important source for learning the history of Salzburg, can be visited between 10.00-17.00 every day except Tuesday.

10. Hellbrunn Palace

Hellbrunn Palace

You can reach Hellbrunn Castle, which is 5 kilometers away from Salzburg, by buses departing from Mirabell Square. Built as a summer palace in the 17th century, the building is located in the list of places to visit in Salzburg because of the beauty of the garden and fountains. You can see the beauty of the palace garden by visiting the guided tours. In the garden of the palace there is a stone stage that hosts the first open air opera in Europe.

11. Old Town

Salzburg Dom Quartier

The old buildings reflect the history of the Old Town Salzburg with its cobbled narrow streets. Add to the list of places to visit in Salzburg for every tourist visiting the city, the stylish shops, cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes allows you to enjoy your time. Organic agricultural products are sold in the market place in the Old City, which is one of the frequencies of photographers.

12. Mozart Gerburtshaus

Mozart Gerburtshaus

The house where Mozart was born in 1756 and made his first composition when he was 5 years old, has been hosting its visitors as a museum since 1880. The Salzburg Card offers free photos of tourists, as well as various paintings, photos and belongings from Mozart and his family. Thanks to the works that are constantly playing, the museum takes a peaceful and calm atmosphere for its visitors.

13. Eisriesenwelt


Eisriesenwelt, home to the world’s largest ice caves, is located 40 kilometers south of Salzburg . The cave at Hochkogel Mountain is known as the longest ice cave in the world thanks to its 42-kilometer length. Each year 200 thousand people visited the cave in the hottest days of the summer, even with the maximum temperature of 0 degrees to help you cool down.

14. Haus Der Natur

Haus Der Natur

Especially with the families with children to add to the list of places to visit, the Haus Der Natur can be visited 7 days a week between 09.00-17.00. The natural life museum, founded in 1924, makes it easy for you to learn about the natural life in and around Salzburg. The museum consists of science center, aquarium and reptile house. Haus Der Natur also organizes activities such as animals, habitats, people and nature.

15. Untersberg


At the end of our list of sights in Salzburg you will find Untersberg, where you can watch the city and its surroundings at an altitude of 1853 meters. You can reach the high end of the mountain at the end of a short walk to the top of the mountain. Hotels at the foot of the mountain on the border with Germany create long-term accommodation in the region.

Other Places to Visit in Salzburg

The above-mentioned places are the most important points you should visit and see in Salzburz. Apart from these, they can also see the following points in the town: Mozart Residence (Mozart Rezidens), Getreidegasse Street, Residenplatz, Kapitelplatz, Toy Museum, Salzburg Museum, Natural History and Technology Museum, Arenburg Palace, Salzburg Zoo, Museum of Modern Art.

Where to Stay in Salzburg

Salzburg, where the history meets with the natural beauties, provides unforgettable times for its visitors as well as for its hotels. Accommodation areas within walking distance of the tourist areas in the city center and outside are preventing you from wasting time. Salzburg hotels are equipped with air-conditioned rooms, free internet connection, fitness center, sauna, indoor swimming pool. There are also boutique hotels for those who enjoy a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

3-star accommodation in the city for Hotel Krone in 1512 and the Star Inn Hotel Premium Salzburg Gablerbräu , 4-star Hotel am Mirabellplatz and Ramada Hotel Salzburg City Center , you can choose from one of the plant. If you want to stay in a nice 5-star hotel on your trip to Salburg, the Sheraton Grand Salzburg can be a nice option.

Where to stay Ramada Hotel Salzburg City Center
The 4-star Ramada Hotel Salzburg City Center is located in the center of Salzburg .

Where to stay in Salzburg Where to stay in Salzburg You can read our article. Click on the link to see all the hotels in the city.

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