Things to Do in Portugal

Located on the Iberian Peninsula , Portugal is fascinated by its unique culture, historical monuments and beautiful beaches. Located in the westernmost part of Europe, there are 18 distinct sub-regions in the country. You can choose from places to visit in Portugal , allowing you to enjoy a joyful summer holiday.

List of Attractions in Portugal

Portugal , which has a strong sea kingdom for a certain period in history, has a temperate climate and hosts travelers of every year of the year. The country has an area of ​​92,100 square kilometers and is able to increase its popularity with its geographical beauty. The beaches along it, the bays and the vast hills with its deep blue waters create a tremendous natural landscape in the country. When you come to Portugal, which is full of rich recreation areas, you can be sure that you can have fun with your loved ones.

1. Lisbon

Things to do in Portugal Lisbon

Lisbon , stretching along the Atlantic Ocean, stands out among the largest cities in the country. Stone sidewalks, antique shops, impressive bridges and Gothic cathedrals, reminiscent of the work of art, shed light on the historical past of the capital city. Alfama is the oldest residential area of ​​the city. In the region, which dates back to the 12th century and built between the Tejo River , there are traces of the Moroccan architectural style. When you come to the city by taking the tram number 28, you can start to explore this historic district. You can visit historical monuments such as the Elevator Santo Justa , the Explorers Monument , Sao Jorge Castle and the Jeronimos Monastery . Then you can take a break at one of the city’s most beautiful restaurants and enjoy a delicious meal on the verge of traditional Fado music.

2. Porto

Places to visit in Portugal Porto

Located in the northern part of Portugal, Porto is the second largest city in the country. In the city where modern and classical textures are intertwined; The San Francisco Church , the Torre dos Clerigos , the Igreja dos Clérigos and the Se do Porto all stand out in their magnificent statues. Ribeira , which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996, is known as the most historic center of the city. Located on the banks of the Douro River , there are many venues, from souvenir shops to restaurants. You can have a nice day with your friends on the street where there is a lively atmosphere. You can taste the region’s famous wine by stopping at one of the modern cafes.

3. Aveiro

Places to visit in Portugal

Aveiro , which occupies the middle part of the country, is described as, Venice of Portugal dı thanks to its colorful boats and canal bridges. Until the 17th century, the port city is generally used for the livelihoods of porcelain construction, boat production and fishing. The Convento de Jesus , the Aveiro Museum , the Train Station and the Gonçalinho Chapel symbolize the spectacular tourist attractions of the city, which you can add to the sightseeing tour of Portugal.

4. Coimbra

Coimbra Portugal

Coimbra , which gained importance as the capital of the country during the 12th and 13th centuries, is a fascinating city located 200 kilometers from Lisbon. The city ​​was founded on the banks of the Mondego River ; With its eye-catching architecture, cobbled streets and historical monuments reflecting the Roman period, every period of the year maintains its tourist attraction. The most striking part of the region, which is dominated by the classical Mediterranean climate, is to be known as the university city. Rising to the top of the city center, Coimbra University is one of the oldest buildings in the world with approximately 727 years of history. A well-established university with its Baroque architecture style Joanina Library , you can visit during your holiday. Also, Santa Cruz Monastery , each with its own design, Se Velha (Old) Cathedral . You must also add historical artifacts such as the Sao Tiago Church and the Se Nova (New) Cathedral among your sightseeing plans.

5. Sintra

Things to Do in Sintra

Sintra , which provides easy access by train or bus from Lisbon; With its luxurious recreation facilities, magnificent villas and lush green hills, it offers a life intertwined with nature. Colorful houses, boutique shops and narrow streets surrounded by stones give the city a fairytale beauty. Built in the 19th century, the Palacio Pena is one of the historical artifacts in the city. The palace, enriched with fantastic details, reminds me of the beauty of postcards with exotic trees and forested areas. The National Palace , the Mahribi Castle , the Toy Museum and the Regaleira Palace are among the tourist attractions you can see in the city.

6. Braga

Places to visit in Portugal Braga

Indispensable route of the tour Places to visit Portugal in Braga, from the 12th century until today is considered the religious center of the country. Therefore, this city, which is thought to be founded by the Bracari Celts , has a large collection of religious meaning in every corner of the city. The religious monuments such as the Idolo Fountain , the Antigo Paço Episcopal , the Sacred Art Museum and the Cathedral of Se , are astonishing its visitors thanks to their eye-catching designs. The cathedral, chapel, museum and temple-type artifacts on the historic streets are also reflected in the traces of the Middle Ages.

7. Fatima

Portugal Attractions Fatima

The small town of Fatima , which is connected to the Qurem region, offers an unforgettable trip with its historical legends and spiritual atmosphere. According to one of the rumors, Mary first appeared to 3 children in this city and gave messages to the children during the meeting. These messages, now called Jean Paul , are called Günümüzde Miracles of Fatima eleri by Catholics. For those who want to make religious tourism, the ideal place of destination is the Catholic Church. The work, which dates back to 1917, represents the Vatican in architectural terms.

8. Algarve

Portugal attractions Algarve

Algarve , whose name means ı Western Andalusia İs ; Thanks to its colorful life, warm climate, beaches and historical areas, it points to one of Portugal’s most frequented areas. The green trees and the blue coastline of the hills meet the expectations of those who are looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday. Tavira , known as the capital of Faro and its bridges, represents the main points you can see in the coastal town. Silves , the sub-region of the city, is known for its fragrant orange gardens and red sandstone castle; Lagos , with more colorful and vibrant venues, emphasizes the dynamic life of the city.

9. Madeira

Madeira Portugal

The oasis between the Atlantic Ocean and North Africa is an autonomous region of Madeira , Portugal. The archipelago, which is 400 kilometers away from the Canary Islands , is known as the af Floating Garden takım due to its natural texture and unique beauty. Funchal Villages , ideal for nature walks; it offers spectacular ocean views along with its castles, resorts and historic restaurants. Camara de Lobos Town and Cabo Girao Cliff are also considered as tourist attractions. 2/3 of the area is operating as a natural park area. It is also possible to see the Laurissilva Forest , which has a history of 20 million years, in the area of ​​great care to protect its ecosystem and its natural beauties.

10. Evora

Evora in Portugal

Evora , the capital of the Alentejo region, is one of the most natural and attractive stops of your exploration. Lisbon, where you can reach every hour in a private car, in every corner of the city, endless olive trees and vineyards are lined up. When you come to the small nature town where you can observe a thousand shades of green, you can ride your bike and tour the village of Montemor o Novo . You can go to places such as the Evora Royal Palace , the Evora Cathedral , the Vasco de Gama Palace and the University of Evora , so you can take a closer look at the touristic texture of the region.

Places to visit Portugal for writing about the most popular places for sightseeing in Portugal’s top tourist countries of southern Europe, and I tried to share photos. I wish you a fun holiday in Portugal.

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