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Oslo is a safe holiday option with a high standard of living. The city, which has been re-established many times due to 14 fire disasters in the past, has original architectural features. Detailed information about popular venues of the city where you can visit many interesting museum is located in Oslo You can find the list of places to visit.

List of Attractions in Oslo

Oslo , whose social life is enriched with music-themed festivals and colorful nightlife, is one of the cities you will not suffer from in terms of transportation. In addition, the Gulf Stream stream softens the climate of Oslo in the summer, you can walk easily on foot or by bike. In the meantime, you can read about the places to stay in Oslo and where to stay in Oslo .

1. Akershus Castle

Things to do in Oslo Akershus Castle

Akershus Fortress (Akershus Fortress), due to its magnificent scenery and historical importance, is located on the lists of holidaymakers in Oslo. The castle, which used to be a prison where death sentences were imposed for a time, was built at the end of the 13th century by order of King Hakoon 5 . The building, which is still being used for military purposes, is located in the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum and the Resistance Museum of Norway .

2. Vigeland Sculpture Park

Oslo Vigeland Sculpture Park

The construction of the Vigeland Sculpture Park , which is the largest park in the world, is exhibited by a single sculptor and was completed in 1949 . The park, named after Gustav Vigeland , who lived between 1869 and 1943 , has 200 sculptures created by the sculptor using bronze, granite and cast iron throughout his life. The sculptures in the park, where you can have fun in the green, peaceful environment, are exhibited in 5 different sections named main gate, bridge with children’s playground, fountain, monolith plateau and life wheel.

3. Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House

The Oslo Opera House , home to the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet Society, was built as a result of a design contest applied by 350 candidates and opened to use in 2008. Among the most modern buildings in the Scandinavian countries, the building was designed to give visitors a feeling of rising from the sea. In addition to the cultural halls you can visit for free, there are various artistic works on display.

4. Royal Palace

Oslo Attractions Royal Palace

The Royal Palace, which was open to visitors throughout the summer, was built as the residence of the French-born King Charles III of France in the first half of the 19th century. The palace, which was completed in 1849 following the death of the King, is located in the green area called Slottparken . Today, you can see the important parts of the 173-room residence, which is in the service of the royal family, such as dining halls, ceremonial areas, meeting rooms, by participating in guided tours that take an average of 1 hour.

5. Karl Johans Street

Things to Do in Oslo Karl Johans Street

The city’s social life to see and things to do in Oslo who want to shop can add to their list of places to Karl Johans Street (Karl Johans Gate), formed by combining the old ways with gates connected together. Karl Johans Avenue , famous for its night clubs, bars, jazz clubs, cafes and shopping facilities, stretches from the central station to the Royal Palace . Apart from these facilities, there are venues you can visit on the street such as the National Theater , the Parliament House and the National Gallery .

6. The Viking Ship Museum

Viking Ship Museum in Oslo

The Viking Ship Museum (Vikingskipshuset), part of the Norwegian Folk Museum within the University of Oslo, is home to archaeological items from the Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune excavations. Providing visitors with detailed information about the Viking Age , the museum attracts the greatest attention from the Oseberg ship, which has been completely removed from under the earth. Other items exhibited outside the ship include clothing, clothing, carriages, tools and hand tools that shed light on the lifestyle of the Vikings.

7. Fram Museum

Things to Do in Oslo Fram Museum

Located in Kon-Tiki, the Norwegian Museum of Public and Viking Ship museums, the Fram Museum was opened in 1936 to honor the Norwegian polar explorers Fridjof Nansen , Otto Sverdrup and Roald Amundsen . The museum, where the explorers used their exploration trips to the poles, the films and photographs they took, took the name from the ship that was used in these trips. This ship, which you can see in the museum, was built by Colin Archer with the instructions of F ridjof Nansen .

8. Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower

Oslo Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower

There are more than a century on the site of the facility where the skiing competitions Holmenkollen Ski Museum was founded in 1923 (Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower), offers visitors to the 4,000-year history of ski use. In the museum, where you can see the rock carvings made of stone and skier depictions of the skies and skiers from the Viking Age, some of the devices that Fridjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen used in their polar discoveries are on display. If you go to the observation area at the top of the ski jumping tower, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Oslo.

9. Norwegian Folk Museum

Things to Do in Oslo

With extensive collections gathered from around the country 1500 years from today, local people’s way of life and culture aimed at transferring to vacationers visiting the country Norwegian Folk Museum (Norwegian Museum of Cultural History), by the librarian and historian Hans Aall 1894 established TA. The open-air museum, which has 150 buildings moved from the towns and countryside, organizes exhibitions on Sami culture, folk arts, local costumes and toys.

10. Munch Museum

Oslo Munch Museum

In the list of places to visit in Oslo, there is the Munch Museum, which I think will attract the attention of art enthusiasts. The museum, in which the life of Edvard Munch , which is one of the most important artists of modernism, was told and his works were exhibited, was opened in 1963 , the artist’s 100th birthday, with the revenue collected from theaters of Oslo Municipality. The museum’s collection consists of 1,200 paintings, 18,000 prints, 6 sculptures and thousands of books.

11. Oslo Cathedral

Oslo Cathedral

The Oslo Cathedral , which was completed in 1697 , now hosts public events organized by the Norwegian Royal Family and Government. The building, which was built in Oslo as of the construction year, has been rebuilt several times due to various reasons. The glass mosaics on the ceiling of the cathedral, which restored the original interior architecture of Baroque style with the last renovation completed in 1950 , constitute the most striking detail of the religious structure.

12. The National Gallery

National Gallery of Oslo

Tables, hosting the largest collection of the National Gallery of Norway’s ring with clear drawings and sculptures (The National Gallery), founded in 1837 within the Royal Palace. The museum, which was built in 1882 by Heindrich Ernst and Adolf Schirmer , presents the works of world-famous painters such as Edvard Munch , Paul Cézanne and Edouard Manet . In the Museum’s The Fairy Tale Room , you can see the works of art depicting princesses, trolls and many other fairy-tale creatures, and test your drawing skills inspired by Gustav Vigeland ‘s work at The Drawing Room .

13. Vigeland Museum

Oslo Vigeland Museum

In 1919 , the Vigeland Museum was opened to visitors in 1919 with the proposal of the sculptor Gustav Vigeland to donate his work to the City of Oslo. The historical workshop of the Oslo City Council, which evaluated the proposal positively, has become an important art center where all the works of the sculptor can be seen together with the Vigeland Sculpture Park located in the north from the date of its opening.

14. Oslo City Hall

Things to Do in Oslo

The survey, conducted in 2005, 30% of the vote in Oslo, “” Building of the Century “selected Municipal Building (City Hall), stands out with its characteristic architecture. The construction of the building, which exceeds the classical town hall patterns with the works of art and the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, started in 1931 . Due to the economic challenges of World War II, the iconic administrative center of Oslo was completed in 1950 .

15. Kon-Tiki Museum

Oslo landmarks Kon-Tiki Museum

I have left the last place of the Oslo list of places to visit to a place that will be pleased by the nautical enthusiasts. The Kon-Tiki Museum , named after the wooden raft built by Thor Heyerdahl , one of the greatest explorers of human history in the history of the Pacific, is hosting 8,000 books. In the museum where you can see the originals of all the rafts made by the explorer, you can get detailed information about the Heyerdahl’s trips. You can also watch the Kon-Tiki documentary, which won Oscar at 12.00 every day.

If you don’t have time problems on your Oslo trip; If you want to go for a day out to the rest of the city, visit Astrak Fearnley’s Museum of Modern Art , the Botanical Garden, the Nobel Peace Center , the Aker Brygge, the Natural History Museum, the Eternal Peace Flame , the National Museum of Art, the Architecture and Design .

Where to stay in Oslo

Where to stay Thon Hotel Opera
The 4-star Thon Hotel Opera is a nice choice for your stay.

If you choose to stay in Oslo on your own, you can choose your hotel; 3 stars Citybox Oslo , Hotell Bondeheimen , Scandic Karl Johan Hotel , 4 star Radisson Blu Hotel Oslo , Scandic Victoria Hotel , Thon Hotel Opera   The 5-star Hotel Continental is a great place to stay. Apart from these, you can read about the general information about the accommodation in the city and the details about our hotel recommendations in Oslo .

yazısı boyunca şehirde gezip görmeniz gereken yerler hakkında bilgi ve fotoğraflar paylaşmaya çalıştım. During my visit to Oslo I tried to share information and photos about places to visit and see in the city. You can find general information about Oslo in our travel guide Oslo . I wish you a pleasant time in Norway.

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