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Thanks to the intense interest in the natural and historical beauties Hosted Kemer , Turkey ‘s is known as one of the well-known resort worldwide. Top-level accommodation facilities as well as the nature cope with hosting the area can remain the head of Antalya ‘s trip plans on this beautiful county, you can create by browsing the list of places to visit in Kemer I gave detailed information about popular areas easily.

List of Places to Visit in Kemer

5 stars, themed and luxury hotels as well as affordable Belt is located in the accommodation options from After spending the day with you to the beach or in the historic area to the stress of the evening all year moving night bars in the life of the central location, you can go to the leisure club. You can use taxi or minibuses in transportation to enjoy the beauties Kemer has to offer, and you can evaluate the car rental option for freedom of movement. In the meantime, where to stay in Kemer with general information about accommodation with our hotel recommendations in Kemer? You can read our article.

1. Phaselis Ancient City and Bay

Kemer - Places to visit in Phaselis

Phaselis Antique City and Bay , which you can get to the top of your list of places to visit in Kemer, has become popular due to its natural beauty as well as its historical value. The ancient city, about 12 kilometers from Kemer, was discovered by the Lycians . After the establishment of the 7th century, many civilizations, even a period of pirates, remained under the sovereignty. Thanks to the excavation works, you can enjoy the sea in the picnic area and enjoy the sea on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. In this ancient city there are 3 coves and beaches. Especially the middle cove , one of the nicest places I have seen in Antalya and the surrounding areas. There are no beach facilities in the area, but if you take your picnic basket and mat, you will have a perfect holiday all day long. At the entrance to the ancient city is the Museum Card .

2. Beydağları Olympos Coast National Park

arch Beydağları Olympos Coast National Park

Beydağları Olympos Coast National Park , which was taken under protection from 1972 , is located within walking distance of Çıralı town , which is 28 kilometers west of the district . The most important part of the national park where Yanartaş , which is famous since the Lycians , is the ancient city of Olympos, which was established on both sides of Akçay . You can visit the rock tombs and the acropolis as a priority in the ancient city section of the conservation area, where you can swim and sunbath all day. You can pause for a while on the acropolis in a hilly area and enjoy the magnificent view.

3. Beldibi Cave

Arch of Beldibi
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Beldibi Cave , located near the exit of the Çamdağ tunnel on the 40th kilometer of the Antalya-Kemer coastal road, contains information on the prehistoric ages of the region. The shelter, located on a rock that is 25 meters high, was discovered in 1956 . The cave was discovered to have 6 layers in the excavations initiated in 1959 and this includes the items belonging to the Upper Paleolithic and Mesolotic periods. While visiting the cave that was destroyed due to natural reasons, you can examine the paintings of animals and people on their walls.

4. Tahtalı Beach

Kemer Attractions Tahtali Beach

Tahtalı Beach , which is the indispensable place of adrenalin enthusiasts, is located on the part of the mountain where it takes the name of the sea and has become a favorite of holidaymakers with its long coastline covered with sand. After spending time on the beach, which is the starting point of the Kemer Hard Enduro race that started to be organized in 2009 with the motto siniz From the Sea to the Sky ec, you can go on the Tahtalı Mountain with the Olympos Cable Car to enjoy the view or enjoy the exciting moments with paragliding.

5. Göynük Canyon

Things to do in kemer Goynuk Canyon

Göynük Canyon, where a significant part of the Lycian Way , which is called as one of the 10 best hiking trails in the world, passes through the breathtaking natural beauties, has a place in the list of places to visit in Kemer. In the canyon where the necessary security equipment is presented to the visitors at the entrance, you can enjoy the nature as you walk or you can play paintball or you can walk on the cables built on the canyon if you are looking for excitement. When you go towards the end of the canyon, you can see the waterfalls and the ponds where you can swim.

6. Yanartaş

Kemer Attractions

The ındaki Infinite Fire i of the Lycians is called as Yanartaş , located near the ancient city of Olympos near Çıralı. Surrounded by pine forests, you have to walk down a slightly inclined path to see the source of natural gas at a point dominating the unique view of the Mediterranean. According to Greek mythology, based on the legend of the fire source, appointed by the King of Lycia, Bellerophon ‘wounded with a spear in the earth, under the 7th floor sent by Chimera’ s flame that creates hair.

7. Üçoluk Highland

Kemer Attractions Üçoluk Yaylası
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The natural beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, revealing the 1,500-meter-high Üçoluk Plateau is 37 kilometers away from the district center. In the area where there is no infrastructure services, you can prefer simple highland houses for accommodation or camp. It is ideal for nature photographers with its highland, rich fauna and flora. If you have enough experience and you have the necessary materials, you can also use mountain bikes on the hiking trails on the plateau.

8. Paris 2 Wreck

belt attractions Paris 2 Shipwreck

Paris 2 Wreck , which is one of the points that provide the dive lovers with beautiful opportunities in Kemer ; It lies 33 meters deep below the marina. The battleship that was sunk by the battery under the command of Artillery Captain Mustafa Ertuğrul during World War I was 50 meters long and 8 meters wide. The shipwreck, after its discovery in 1995, became popular among divers and underwater photographers. Moreover, it has been named as one of the best diving regions in the world by many international magazines.

9. Folkloric Yoruk Park

Arch Folkloric Yoruk Park
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Folklorik Yoruk Park , located just behind the marina, was opened to visitors in 1986 as a result of the work of Holy Iyicil, who was the director of Termessos National Park. The area where the park was founded in order to live the nomadic culture and tell the holidaymakers who came to Kemer was the place where the communities that had descended from the mountain in the winter were spent in the winter. You can visit the tents in the form of a small-scale ethnography museum and learn more about the daily life of the Yoruks.

10. Sırtlanini Cave

Another place you can add to your list of places to visit in Kemer is to witness the natural beauties of Sırtlanini Cave . The cave, which you can reach from both Çamarası and Narlıgedik villages, has a length of 348 meters in the horizontal direction. When you proceed through a narrow mouth through which you can enter through a narrow mouth, you can first examine the rooms divided by the main hall and then side by side with wall-shaped columns.

11. Dolphinarium Arch

Kemer Attractions Dolphinarium Kemer
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There are dolphins and sea dolphins raised by experts at the center of the performances organized in Dolphinarium Kemer where families with children can have fun. In the theme park, as well as the shows you can participate as an audience, there are also events that you can feed and swim with these cute creatures.

12. Tekirova Ecological Natural Park

Kemer Tekirova Ecological Natural Park

Tekirova Ecological Natural Park , which was opened to visitors in 2005, hosts the world’s first flora-herpetofauna tissue miniature study in its 40,000 m² area. In other words, reptiles and amphibian creatures are shown to the visitors in their living spaces adorned with plants found in their natural habitat. Devoted to Selami Tomruk ‘s life dedicated to research in this area, you can also visit the thematic park where you can also see exotic bird species.

13. Seljuk Hunting Lodge

The Seljuk Hunting Pavilion , which was built between 1230-1248 , is located in the forest area of ​​the Antalya-Kumluca motorway. It is possible to see the successful examples of the Turkish-Islamic art tradition in the historical mansion in the region as the only Seljuk structure in the region despite the damage caused by time and unconscious practices. One of the few sections that can be considered good condition during your visit to the structure is the Hz. You can check the seal of Solomon and the stone ladder with a hexagonal star.

14. Idyros Ancient City

The ancient city of Idyros , which is close to Ayışığı Bay which is one of the most beautiful spots in the sea, was unearthed by the Antalya Museum in 1976 and 1977. The excavations found the remains of the Byzantine church, city walls and smaller religious buildings, many of which stretched parallel to the shoreline.

15. Olympos Teleferik

I will tell you about the list of places to visit in Kemer Olympos Teleferik , the natural beauty of the district allows holidaymakers to live together. In half an hour, the service provided to the facilities in Tahtalı Mountain in 10 minutes with cabins of 80 people. Indoor and outdoor restaurants with views of the naked eye of the resort if you wish, you can watch with binoculars on the terraces. From the mountain, which offers beautiful routes for hikers and mountain bikers, you can go paragliding through the world’s longest course.

Other Places to Visit in Kemer

We gave information about the most important places in the region during the article. If you are interested, you can also add these points to your list of places to visit in Kemer; Peynirdeliği Cave , Dinopark, Adrasan , Molla Deligi Cave, Olympos Teleferik , Moonlight Park, Sunnah Lake and Beldibi Yeni Merkez Mosque.

Where to stay in Kemer?

Kemer is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Turkey. There are hundreds of options for accommodation in the area. You can stay in a perfect holiday village, which is a small family-run pension or all-inclusive system near the sea. 4 stars Camyuva Beach Hotel , 5 star Crystal De Luxe Resort & Spa , Limak Limra Hotel and Maxx Royal Kemer Resort

Kemer hotel recommendation Maxx Royal Kemer Resort
5 stars Maxx Royal Kemer Resort

General information about accommodation in Kemer and detailed information about our hotel recommendations Where to stay in Kemer? You can read our article. I tried to share information and photos about the most important sightseeing spots of the region during the trip to Kemer. I hope this article will be a useful resource for you before your Kemer holiday. Finally, detailed information and photographs about the most important sightseeing spots located in and around Antalya Attractions Antalya read our article. I wish you a good time in Kemer.

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