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Scotland ‘s largest city, Kingdom of Great Britain in the most vibrant, lively, full of art history and one of the city Glasgow . One of the most important tourist stops in the country, the city’s attractions are mainly museums, parks and historical buildings such as chateaux and church. I recommend that you spend 2 days to see the city that fascinates travelers with the Art Nouveau buildings, which architect Mackintosh marked with his works. This is to facilitate the planning of your trip while you also write Things to Do in Glasgow in the city and I will talk about the most important places to visit in the immediate vicinity.

List of Attractions in Glasgow

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1. Glasgow Cathedral (St. Mungo)

Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow’s 12th -century Glasgow Cathedral , one of Scotland’s most impressive cities, is one of the must see places in the city. High Kirk of Glasgow or St The huge cathedral, also known as Mungo , stands out with its unique architecture. The hall, which also includes the Blacader Pass, the first bishop of Glasgow, and the grave of Saint Mungo , the founder of the bishop’s largest area, is one of the places worth seeing.

Walk from the Cathedral of St. The Mungo Museum of Religion and Art is full of objects and images of all important religions, rituals and teachings in the world. The collection includes many religions from Egyptian mummies to Hindu deities and even to Zen Buddhism. There is no entrance fee to the cathedral located on Castle Street.

2. George Square

St. George's Square in Glasgow

Perhaps the first item of the Glasgow list of places to visit is George Square , which is also the heart of the city. Queen Victoris, like Robbie Burns, is decorated with Victorian-style buildings decorated with statues of 12 celebrities who had significant influences in the city.

Founded in 1605 England for the Chamber of Commerce, place of management to Glasgow Merchants House and the historic 19th century extending store also square in Validate attribute that this occurred once an important trading center Italian Area cute restaurants, cafes and boutiques, antiques from food every week Barras Market , where thousands of interesting items are sold, attracts tourists with its moving texture. However, the most important building on the square is the town hall known as Glasgow City Chambers .

3. Glasgow City Chambers

Glasgow Attractions

The most impressive building in the city after the Cathedral, City Chambers is an indication of the wealth of the Empire. The building, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful civic buildings in all Great Britain, is flocked by locals and tourists.

The roof and dome of the building, which was opened in 1888 by Queen Victoria, were completely man-made with 1.5 million bricks. Stairs made with the Italian Carra marble are considered to be one of the largest and most impressive roads in Western Europe. The 3 breathtaking chandeliers in the Banqueting Hall have a completely different story. In 1885, when the electricity was not widespread yet, the rulers of the period who wanted to enlighten the building with electricity, were looking for a chandelier. You can visit this elegant structure of the Glasgow sightseeing list between 10:30 – 14:30 on weekdays. The tour time is 45 minutes and free.

4. Mackintosh Art Academy (Glasgow School of Art)

Mackintosh Art Academy Glasgow

The Mackintosh Art Academy , completed in 1909 , should not miss the attention of architecture and art lovers. Another architectural wonder of Glasgow’s attractions is the eye-catcher with its exterior and interior decoration.

Designed by 28-year-old architect Charles Mackintosh and even considered the masterpiece of the famous architect, one of the most interesting places of the building is the White Room , Library and Gallery where academy meetings are held. Guided tour for the academy where you can take a guided tour in the morning at 10 am and 11 am, and in the afternoons at 1, 3 and 5. 7 Pounds (5.75 pounds for students).

5. Mackintosh Glasgow Walking Tour

In fact, Glasgow is not a separate stop on the list of places to visit, but I wanted to mention this as an item of walking tour.

A 2.5-hour walking tour in Glasgow, under the guidance of the students of the Mackintosh Art Academy, will give you a better description of this Victorian city and bring the city of Charles Mackintosh to your eyes. Mackintosh’s not-so-famous works, Glasgow’s hidden architectural masterpieces and changes in the city’s social life are among the things you can see on this walking tour. The fee for the walking tour is 19 Pounds for students under 19 pounds and 9.75 pounds for those under 18 years of age. You can contact the Mackintosh Art Academy for a tour.

6. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Opened in 1901 , the museum has an extensive collection of British and European painting and Scottish archaeologists. The museum is located on Argyle Street where you can see weapons such as weapons, swords like weapons, swords, silver or glass objects from the 15th and 16th centuries and there is no entrance fee.

7. Glasgow University, Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

Glasgow Attractions Glasgow

Glasgow University , the second oldest school in Scotland , dates back to 1451 . The historic school, which also hosts another museum on the Glasgow list, also exhibits works by artists and scientists like Adam Smith, James Watt and Joseph Lister.

The Hunterian Museum is home to thousands of archaeological finds as well as works by artists such as Rubens, Rembrandt, Reynolds and Mackintosh. You don’t need to pay the entrance fee for the university and both museums.

8. Riverside Museum

The last museum of Glasgow’s list of attractions, Riverside, exhibits works especially on shipping and transportation. Thousands of interesting works, from model boats to locomotives, engines, old cars and even carts, as well as a miniature of a 1938 Glasgow street that was recently added to the museum collection, is worth seeing. There is no entrance fee to the museum in Pointhouse.

9. Pollok House

Built on a land of 355 acres and built today in 1752 , the house belongs to the Maxwell family . Even the building itself is an impressive historic building, and it is one of the buildings you should see in this city with antiques and paintings by famous artists such as El Greco , Goya , Murillo and Velazques . The entrance fee on the Pollokshaws Road is £ 6.50.

10. Glasgow Botanical Gardens

Glasgow Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens may not attract the attention of every traveler, but travelers interested in ecosystems and biodiversity want to see the botanical gardens wherever they go. For this reason, the most interesting place in the Botanic Gardens , which I listed as Glasgow attractions, is Kibble Glass Palace . The glass palace built in 1873 hosts rare species of orchids, while it also contains unusual plants from Oceania and Africa. There is no entrance fee to the botanical garden on Great Wester Road and the Kibble Palace inside.

11. Glasgow Green and People’s Palace

Places to visit in Glasgow Glasgow Green People

Glasgow Green , which is the oldest park in the city with its history dating back to 1662 , is also a 5-10 minute walk from the city center. People’s Palace in the park is a kind of museum in the city where you can observe the entire development of the city’s social life: trade, industry, women’s rights movements, entertainment and sports. Here Winter Gardens is a kind of giant greenhouse where tropical and semi-tropical plants are grown. The Doultan Fountain , the world’s largest fountain of earth, is one of the interesting works you can see at Glasgow Green Park. I would also like to mention that there is no entrance fee to the park or the works in it.

12. Stirling Village and Castle

Stirling Town Glasgow

I have always mentioned things to see in the city, but there are so many things to see in distances of 1-1,5 hours. Stirling Town and Castle is one of them.

The town of Stirling, a 30-minute drive away, was the place where the famous Robert the Bruce of 1314 drove the British Bannockburn Challenge from Scotland and the famous William Wallace ‘s Stirling Bridge Challenge. So this cute town has played an important role in Scotland’s struggle for independence.

The statue of Wallace in town and the 12th-century Stirling Castle, which play an important role in these battles, are a must-see.

13. Newark Castle

Glasgow Attractions Newark Attractions

The 15th-century Newark Castle , located in Glasgow Harbor , 40 kilometers from Glasgow city center, was once owned by the Maxwell Family. The historical building where places outside the tower can be visited, fascinates travelers with its own architecture and interior decoration. If you don’t have a car, you can reach the Newark Castle in 1.5 hours by bus departing every 20 minutes from Fire Station.

14. Dumbarton Castle

Things to Do in Glasgow Dumbarton Castle

Located on the opposite bank of Glasgow Harbor, Dumbarton Castle is a historical monument built between two rocks. The history of the castle, which is fascinating and even dramatic, dates back to the 6th century. The oldest places in the castle where additions and changes were made from time to time until the 12th century were dungeon and gateway. The castle also has a breathtaking view. You can reach the castle in 1.5 hours by bus 23B , which departs every 15 minutes from Fire Station.

I tried to fit the most important places to visit in Glasgow, but on a trip to this city you will find the scenic Loch Ness Lake , the beautiful examples of Art Neavou style, The Hill House in Helensburgh, the Glasgow Tower and / or the Glasgow Lighthouse . I recommend you to see, shop at Sauchiehall or Argyle Streets and watch the street in its cafes and restaurants.

Where to stay in Glasgow

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