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Geneva , which is identified with the concept of global city, is popular with tourists every year thanks to its interesting history and natural beauty. The city, which is one of the 26 states of the Swiss Federal State , is home to many international institutions. By planning a trip to the global city, which is important for European history, you can get a chance to see the touristic routes in Geneva .

Geneva Attractions List

Surrounded by the Jura mountains and the Alps, Geneva stands out among the most populous cities of Switzerland. The architectural monuments that are the combination of history and art, the lush texture with its lush texture and the blue waters and the rivers that instill the peace of the people, have the cosmopolitan city and the postcard beauty. The museums and interesting galleries and the gastronomic temples, which have been designed in interesting concepts, reflect the cultural diversity of the region.

1. St Pierre Cathedral

St. Pierre Cathedral in Geneva

St Pierre’s Cathedral (Cathedral St. Pierre), which is the first place to visit in Geneva, is one of the most famous main works of the city, built from 1160-1252 . The interior structure of the architectural monument with its simple and lean stained glass decorations is characterized by bright candle-like chandeliers, beautiful temples and historical chapel ruins. The neoclassical-style cathedral, with its towers on the side, gives you an impressive opportunity to visit the Place du Bourg-de-Four .

2. Jet d’eau Fountain

Places to visit in Geneva Jet d'eau Fountain

The Jet d’eau Fountain , located at the confluence of Lake Geneva with the Rhone River, raises 500 liters of water at a speed of 200 meters per hour and a height of 240 meters. From a monolithic perspective, the fountain, which managed to surprise visitors, represents one of the longest fountains in the world. You can see this glorious symbol of the city at General-Guisan Quay, and you can immortalize your amazing moments with photos.

3. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva, located between Switzerland and France, covers a large area with 581 kilometers of face measurement. Around the lake called ıy Le Mans e (Leman), authentic ships, sails and marinas stand out. You can find a variety of fish restaurants in the area where you can take a boat tour with the ferry, and where you can eat a lake view.

4. Flower Time

Geneva Flower Time

Near Lac Leman “English Garden” you can see in Flower Hour (Flower Clock), designed in 1955 by a gardener working in Geneva. The 4-meter diameter clock, which is decorated with 650 flowers and working with solar energy, takes on different color tones in every season and gives the city a distinctive beauty of nature.

5. Rue de Rhone

Geneva attractions Rue de Rhone

The ıs Shopping Paradise ın, the Rue de Rhone , is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. Various entertainment activities are organized from time to time on the street where service and fashion chain stores such as Globus, EPA, Hennes & Mauritz are listed. Especially the small shop with watches covered with mink fur coats and jewelery, draws attention to the luxurious texture of the square in Geneva.

6th International Red Cross Museum

Geneva Attractions International Red Cross Museum

International Red Cross Museum you can see the Avenue de la Paix in the district (International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum), pictures in many areas to support the formation of the Red Cross in war and reflects the documents. Especially the pictures about the hunger and misery experienced in Africa are quite impressive. The museum, which is easily accessible by buses number 8, can be visited between 10.00-18.00 and you can witness different historical moments.

7. Reform Monument

Geneva Reform Monument

On the 400th day of John Calvin in 1909 , the Reform Monument , built on the walls of the Old City to commemorate a birthday, is located in the garden of the University of Geneva . The work that attracts attention with its decorative design in the first place contains important events and information that symbolize Protestant Reformation . The monumental bas-reliefs of the monument, supported by giant statues of the famous names such as William Farel, Théodore de Bèze and John Knox, John Calvin, create a magnificent view of Parc des Bastions .

8. Broken Chair Monument

Geneva Attractions Broken Chair Memorial

United Nations Building Square of Nations found that over 5.5 tons in weight conspicuous Broken Chair Monument (Broken Chair Sculpture), mean person who lost his leg due to a condition of the mine during the war. In 1997 , the ılan Victims of the Landmine u in memory of Daniel Berset built the enormous work of 12 meters in the size of the enormous size of those who see the astonishment again.

9. Reform Museum

Geneva Reform Museum

The Museum of History, which dates back to the 16th century, is based on the beginning of the Reform movement, which has marked the Middle Ages and is most influential in Europe. The museum is set in the original monastery where the reform movement began, and many other historical features such as books, manuscripts, tombstones, personal objects and sculptures are on display. I recommend you to visit the museum when you arrive at Cloître Street .

10. Genoa City Garden

Things to Do in Geneva

Agustin-Pyrame also started to design Candolle in 1904 by Genoa City Garden (Garden of the City of Geneva), thanks to the on-site sample 6000,000 giving place to the world’s richest plant collection. Greenhouses, Rocky, Arboretum and Winter Garden; There are different collections such as Historical Rose Garden, Evolution Road and Animal Park. In the garden at Chemin de l’Impératrice , different facilities such as cafes, restaurants, libraries, potable water faucets, botanical shops and Enchanted Forests are designed for children.

11. Neuve Square

Things to do in Geneva

The Neuve Square (Place Neuve), which has a bohemian and aristocratic atmosphere, impresses its visitors with its historical texture. The decorative museum of horses of General Guillaume Henri Dufour, which lived between 1787 and 1875, is rising in the area, which is enlivened by buildings such as the Rath Museum , the Grand Theater , the Geneva Music Conservatory and the Victoria Concert Hall . By adding this famous square of the city to your tour of Geneva, you can add a cultural innovation to your holiday.

12. High Energy Physics Laboratory (CERN)

Geneva CERN

The High Energy Physics Laboratory (CERN) , also called the European Nuclear Research Center, continues its activities from 1954 to the present day with its staff of 3000 people and hundreds of buildings. Nowadays, with 21 full members and 2 full member candidates, detailed research is carried out in the field of applied sciences, engineering and computer science as well as in the field of nuclear physics. You can visit the Franco-Swiss border lab to visit you during your trip and learn about the basic structure of the universe from the CERN community.

13. English Garden

Geneva English Garden

Open to visitors every day of the week, the English Garden (Jardin Anglais) is an ideal stop for those who want to feel the tranquility of nature. In the park which lasted until the 19th century, there are distinguished plants from each other. If you are looking for a quiet and quiet place away from the bustling life in Geneva, you should definitely visit this lush green park on the edge of Lake Geneva. During the park, you can also explore the ‘ Flower Time ‘ which has fascinated people with its colorful design.

14. Ariana Museum

Things to do in Geneva Ariana Museum

The Ariana Museum , which is shaped by the synthesis of neoclassical and baroque styles, welcomes visitors in Ariana Park, which covers an area of ​​45 hectares. The museum’s collection, built by Gustave Revillioad in 1877 , has many artifacts from all over the world, such as glass, pottery and ceramics, which consist of 2000 pieces. This cultural building at La Paix Square , which can be visited on all other days of the week except Tuesday, is also named as ile Swiss Glass and Ceramics Museum isi because it hosts the International Glass and Ceramics Academy .

15- Mont Blanc Quay

Mont Blanc Quay in Geneva

The Mont Blanc pier (Quai du Mont Blanc), which connects both sides of the city, offers a spectacular panoramic view of the French Alps. Rousseau Island , which is symbolized by the statue of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the western part of the bridge, is waiting to be seen. From the pier at the Le Mans Lake exit, you can make the starting route of your tour to Geneva. You can easily reach the island by walking through the Bergues Bridge , or you can go to the other side of the river and buy clothes to your liking from the luxury shopping stores.

If you have time enough at this point you can add to your list of places to visit in Geneva: United Nations Palace (United Nations Office at Geneva)
Natural History Museum (Geneva), Bruswick Monument , Marche Croi Street , Barbier Mueller Museum and L’Lle L’Lle (Lookout Tower).

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Things to Do in Geneva
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Places to visit in Geneva briefly in this way. Happy holidays!

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