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Demre , in other words the fortress , even in ancient times, Myra , Antalya is a cute town with a population of 25 thousand. In fact, Turkey’s southern coast where almost everyone heard the name made holidays, many of us also visited, a place where maybe you through. But how many have we seen that this town has a rich history, ruins, uninhabited coves and a clear sea?

Demre places to visit in this town and its immediate vicinity, especially the historical ruins, including all the places worth seeing in brief, the moment you find the opportunity to ” go, see ” I want to say. I made the order to start from Demre Center .

List of Places to Visit in Demre

1. Ancient City of Myra

Places to visit in Demre

The ancient city of Myra, which dates back to 5th century BC, had an important place in both the Lycian and Roman periods. Located in the central district of Demre, the ancient city is famous for its rock tombs and ancient theater.

Places to visit in Demre myra

Let me give you an overview of this part of the article. Lycian civilizations are not recognized in ancient times, and pioneered today’s democracy, and is known for the democratic governance model in which the member states have the right to vote with pluralist understanding. In other words, every state belonging to the Union has 1, 2 or 3 voting rights depending on the population and economic power. Myra is one of the six most important cities with 3 voting rights among the Lycian civilizations. Therefore, both in ancient times and today is a very important city.

2. St. Nicholas Church

Church of Santa Claus

In Demre center, located 5 minutes from the ancient city of Myra, St. Nicholas all adopted Christmas as a dad in the world ‘s also found in the tomb of St. St. Nicholas Church is also a pilgrimage destination for Orthodox Christians. The construction of the church, which started in the Byzantine period (5th century AD), lasted until the 11th century. Although there are nearly two thousand churches dedicated to St. Nicholas , who are believed to be the guardians of the orphans and the poor, the church in Demre, where he was born, is the most important and the first of them. However, it is also worth noting that most of the bones of St. Nicholas in the grave in this single church of the list of places to visit in Demre were kidnapped in Italy, and some of them were exhibited in the Antalya Museum.

3. Andriake Antique City and Museum of Lycian Civilizations

andriake church ruins demre

Andriake , one of the most important port cities of the Lycian Civilizations, could be considered together with the City of Myra. Most of the remains of Andriake, a coastal city 6 kilometers from Demre, are exhibited under the Museum of Lycian Civilizations . Of course you can also see the ruins of a tomb, sarcophagus or fortification where you can look in this area, because there are remnants that you can see outside the museum.

Also in the Andriake Ancient City is a natural visual feast in the sun set in all shades of orange and pink over the sea. You must watch the sunset here.

museum of lycia civilizations demre

There are 2 churches (6 in Andriake in total), 1 bath (2 in Andriake), agora, the oldest synagogue in Anatolia, granary and cistern.

Especially the synagogue and the granarium are both historical and very well preserved. The cistern is smaller than the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul, but at least as impressive.

The Granarium is still standing out of its roof and opened to visitors as the main museum building after an impressive restoration.

Another important thing I can say about the museum is; In addition to the ruins within the boundaries of the museum, the main museum building (Granarium) contains not only Andriake, but all the works of the Lycian Civilizations and informative materials.

4. Andriake Bird Paradise

demre andriake bird of paradise

One of the most interesting stops on the list of places to visit in Demre is Kuş Cenneti, which hosts 149 different species of birds in the wetland between Çayağzı Harbor Road and Lycian Civilizations Museum. Among the species you can see in Bird Sanctuary, which is only 4-5 kilometers from Demre, there are cormorants, meadows and wild ducks and they are visited by many local and foreign bird watchers every year.

5. Çayağzı Beach and Caretta Caretta Observation

Places to visit in Demre Caretta Caretta

When you say Caretta Caretta , you should not just come to the West Mediterranean coast. Çayağzı Beach with its rich Caretta Caretta population is filled with those who want to see these giant but cute turtles that leave eggs to the beach especially in June and July. If you are lucky, you may encounter Caretta Carettas while swimming in the sea in earlier weeks.

6. Soura (Sura) Ancient City

Places to visit in Demre Soura sura

The city of Soura , which has 2 voting rights among the Lycian civilizations, is located in Sura Village , 6 kilometers from Demre. You can see the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the acropolis, the sarcophagi and the rock tombs in the ancient city of Soura , which is also the mezar prophecy ah center of the federation in ancient times. In fact, the tomb, which is the upper sarcophagus found in Soura, is known as the largest sarcophagus in Lycia.

7. Hoyran (Sorouda) Necropolis


Hoyran Village is located in a mountainous area 15 minutes away from Demre. There is no public transportation so you can go with your own vehicle. I’ve listed this place as a list of places to visit in Demre, not only because of the ancient ruins and graves, but also after a very short climb to the necropolis as you can reach the looking terrace. Of course there is no place called ver cruise terrace ”, I gave it that name. You can see the entire Kekova region from the top of the slope (which you can rest for a few hours at the same time) and it is too beautiful to be described by these words.

hoyran antalya

Hoyran is one of the smallest but most impressive cities among Lycian Cities.

8. Trysa Antique City and Heroon Monument

Things to Do in Demre Trysa

Trysa is another 15 -minute drive from Demre on Kaş-Demre Road and another ancient city on a hill. The city remains less than other ancient cities with a terrace, which can be reached by a 15-minute climb after traveling by your own car or by bus. Here you can see the city walls, walls of Heroon Monument , temple ruins and sarcophagi. Unfortunately, Heroon is currently on display at the Vienna Museum of Art .

9. The Ancient City of Simena (Kaleköy)

demre holiday Simena Ancient City Kaleköy

Known today as a charming tourist town called Kaleköy , Simena is a small Lycian city dating back to the 4th century BC. There is no transportation by road to Simena. Continuing from the Kaleüçağız Village Road, Simena can be reached with a 10 minute walk to the sea in the Kaleköy locality, or by boat, and is known for its castle and sarcophagus tombs. A very small theater on the way to the castle and the church is one of the remains that can be seen here. It is worth noting that a large part of the city is flooded.

Simena is an important item in the list of places to visit in Demre and is now a very important stop of Kekova Boat Tours. Here, tourists and travelers who come down from the boats that take about 1 hour breaks fill the streets of the city, buy souvenirs from the looms and have a magnificent view with a cup of tea and coffee.

On the other hand, I think it is an ideal place to escape from the city for a few days and spend time in the pool.

10. Üçağız Ancient City (Theimussa)

The ancient city of Üçagiz Theimussa demre

Üçağız is a very important port city during the Lycian Period and it is 30-40 minutes by car from Demre. Today there is a necropolis, bath and church ruins in the ancient city of Ucagiz Village . As an important stop of the list of places to visit in Demre, Üçağız is located between the cities of Simena , Dolichiste (Kekova) and Aperlai and you can visit all three ancient cities in a short time. (The city of Kekova / Dolichiste can be reached only by boat, but it is forbidden to stop the boats and not swim in this area).

11. Kyaenai Ancient City

kyaenai demre

Kyaenai Ancient City , located in Yavu Village , 22 kilometers from Demre, is one of the most important mountain cities of Central Lycia. In the ancient city of Kyaenai, which means adır Cinging Rocks tiyatro, a ruined theater, necropolis and acropolis are among the ruins worth seeing. Kyaenai is also the city where the most sarcophagus is located.

12. Ancient City of Arykanda

arykanda demre

Arykanda, a small settlement in Lycia, is located in Arif Village of Finike . Arykanda is an important city due to its location on the road connecting Central and Eastern Lycia.

Acropolis , observation tower, agora, Helios Temple, Parliament Building (Odeon), monumental tombs and some of the remains you can see in the ancient city of Arykanda .

13. Kekova Boat Tours

Things to Do in kekova

Kekova Boat Tours in Kas . One of these tours and the reach of Kekova in a much shorter time is done with boats moving from Demre – Çayağzı Port.

kekova batik town

You can watch the ruins of the Sunken City as well as refreshing in the clear waters such as Tersane Bay , Burç Koyu and Gökkaya Bay.

14. Kekova with canoe

Places to visit in Demre

In fact, this is not a place to visit. However, while I was staying in Demre, I was inspired by my friends who took a 4-day Kekova canoe tour. For some more adventurous holiday lovers, I can offer you canoe tour from Demre and depending on your rowing performance, you can reach Kaş in 2 or 3 days. All you have to do is pick up your basic needs and your sleeping bag. Those who want to enjoy the canoeing can spend some time longer and paddle at different deserted bays each day.

In the meantime, if you go to Antalya on your way to Demre Antalya information about Antalya to visit places and where to stay in Antalya? You can find our articles.

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