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It has never been so easy and enjoyable to witness the wonderful nature events closely! If you are ready to make a memorable holiday getaway in Abant , which has different scenery in every season with its winter and spring, this list is a useful guide for you. So where are the places in Abant ?

Bolu ‘s Mudurnu Abant located in an area close to the district, among the people because of the lake has become a symbol is known as the Lake Abant. It is not only the lake in an area of 125 hectares, which is remarkable in this region, which can be described as a natural wonder. with interesting waterfalls, highlands, parks and travertines, Abant embraces a truly glamorous nature.

If you’re hoping to see historical museums, art galleries, or ancient archaeological remains, it’s important to note that Abant is not the ideal route for cultural excursions; This region, which resembles an oil painting on its own, appeals to travelers with interesting nature formations and untouched woodlands. In short, if you have a backpack and a compatible companion, Abant means you have no reason not to explore the sights!

List of Places to Visit in Abant

Turkey ‘s one of the fascinating area of Abant, believed to be mysterious natural phenomenon with visitors from around the world, offers a natural power. Before you go to Abant, you can make your travel planning by browsing through the major stops to see.

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1. Abant Nature Park

abant Attractions Nature Spot

The 1197- hectare wooded area, including Abant Lake , including vegetation and tree species, is now called the Nature Park, and the people use this huge space as a recreation and activity area.

Lake Abant Nature Park located between the Abant and Keremal the mountain, but also fir, pine, chestnut, oak, with no host trees such as poplar and birch, are among the git terms of forested areas to droughts places to draw attention succeeded in Turkey.

2. Örmeci Plateau

Örmeci Plateau , which is full of chirping with the arrival of spring, has a very convenient geography for activities such as camping and picnics. You can also take lots of photos in this area, which is also the scene of picturesque landscapes, you can go hiking, in short, you can spend some time in a beautiful nature. If you’re more than happy with nature, you can rent tents to stay in the campgrounds and have fun moments.

3. Sinekli Plateau

Sinekli plateau abant landmarks
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Sinekli Plateau , where you can easily reach from Abant and Samandere , is located in an area of ​​approximately 100 decares. Today, Sinekli Plateau, which hosts nature activities such as trekking, safari, scouting, camping and cycling trips, also provides visitors with pleasant moments with Sinekli Highland festivals held in July every year. You can add this natural wonder to your list of places to visit in Abant, you can participate in festivals and you can make a peaceful holiday.

4. Samandere Waterfall Natural Monument

abant samandere waterfall
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Samandere Waterfall , located in Samandere village, has been hosting a great number of visitors since 1988 , when the natural monument was selected. These 10 hectares of virgin vegetation and monumental trees are among the preferred stops for people to go camping and hiking around Abant.

Those who want to take a closer look at the waterfall meet a staircase that looks quite steep and dangerous. That is exactly what you listen to the fascinating voice of nature, you find yourself dreaming.

5. Abant Village Market

Even if you visit some of the most popular places of a place, if you have not been in the regions where the majority of the local people are, you have not yet fully seen the culture of your destination. Abant Village Bazaar , where you can meet the indigenous people of Bolu province, region-specific products, handmade materials, local foods and souvenirs you can find almost a whole field. You can buy organic village products from this local market where milk and dairy products are sold.

6. Güzeldere Waterfall

Places to Visit in abant
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Another natural wonder located near Abant is the Güzeldere Waterfall , located in a forested area. This area, which is preferred for activities such as picnics, hiking and camping, also fascinates people with the magnificent view of the flowing waterfalls.

When you step down from the picnic and tent area, Güzeldere Waterfall welcomes you and one side of you with hornbeam trees and the other side with beech trees. You should definitely spend time in the Güzeldere Waterfall, which is one of the places to visit Abant!

7. Akkaya Travertines

abant akkaya travertines
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Akkaya Travertines , located in Bolu Akkaya , make the list of places to visit in Abant with its unrivaled texture resembling Pamukkale .

On the top of the travertines is a large pool; Bolu people and foreign and domestic-foreign tourists in this mineral water is cooling. At the same time local people and travelers who want to be intertwined with nature also have a nice day by having a picnic in the wooded area around the pool.

The most beautiful part of Abant Travertines is that they reflect the sky colors that come with the sunset as a table; You must understand this beauty at least once you have to witness.

Don’t Return Without Making These in Abant

Abant Village Bazaar , located at the entrance of Lake Abant , is an organic place where you can meet the locals and the handicraft products prepared by them. Therefore, you should definitely add the peasant market to your travel route.

For the nature activities with its parks and highlands, Abant is waiting for you in a wide area; you must trekking or enjoying horseback riding to soak your oxygen away from the city life of this magnificent nature!

Traveling by boat on Abant Lake and strolling along with the phaeton on Abant’s roads can bring unforgettable memories to your trip!

Everywhere you know there is a famous dinner, Abant’de visitors are waiting for trout. You must try the red-spotted trout as you go to Abant, you must enjoy this magnificent taste!

Where to Stay in Abant

Abant Palace Hotel
Abant Palace Hotel is a nice option for your stay.

If you are looking for a comfortable accommodation and would like to choose your hotel, take a look at the 5-star Abant Palace Hotel .

Similarly, the 5-star Grand Abant Hotel is another luxury hotel option. Apart from these, Abant Bahçeli Mansion , Abant Aden Boutique Hotel & Spa and Abant Köşk Hotel are among the options you can choose for your stay.

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