TCDD Eskisehir Museum

TCDD Eskişehir Müzesi

TCDD Eskişehir Museum is a museum opened in 1998 and exhibited various objects related to the railway. TCDD Eskişehir Museum idea emerged in Eskişehir in 1998, the same year the museum opened in the station. The visit of an old stove built in 1908 with the interest of the visitors has brought the idea of ​​opening the museum. One of the most important museums that has been telling about the history of Turkish railway which has been in operation for more than one hundred and fifty years has been revealed with this idea.

The museum is located in the area where Eskişehir Train Station is located. There are many railway vehicles in the museum. The most important ones are steam locomotives, belongings of historical figures, telegraph machines, stamps, various technical instruments. Considering the fact that many of the artifacts here have witnessed history, the value of this museum will be understood more.

TCDD Eskişehir Museum Visiting Information

  • Address: Hoşnudiye Mh. 26130 Eskisehir Turkey
  • Transportation: In order to reach the TCDD Museum, you can walk to the railway station in dur İsmet İnönü İn tram stop. On the other hand, a large number of public transportation vehicles work in this region, especially red minibuses 19 and 23. However, if you are in the city center you do not need to use any vehicle. Because the gar and museum area is very close to the city center.

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