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Located in the heart of Persian culture for over 2000 years, to the fore, without a visa , this city is right next to us, ready to break your prejudices about Iran!

Medieval is one of the most important cities of the Islamic world, it is the capital of the country at the time of the Zend Dynasty and during this time many historical buildings are restored.

In Edward Browne’s book ‘ A Year Amongst the Persians ‘, the Shiraz are portrayed as one of the finest, most skilled, and most lively of all Persians.

This place, which is a city of poets and poems, is home to the important poets Hafiz-i Şirazi and Sadi ‘s tombs. The monumental tombs that were turned into museums will be one of your places. The majestic gardens and extraordinary old sophisticated mosques must also be visited.

Since the continental climate prevails, summers are very hot and dry, and winters are cold. This is why spring and autumn are the ideal times to visit this city.

List of Things to Do in Shiraz

1. Bagh-e Naranjestan (Naranjestan Palace)

Places to visit Shiraz Naranjestan Palace

This garden and garden, which welcomes you with orange trees in its garden, are among the most beautiful places in Shiraz . Like many buildings in Iran , it has a large courtyard and pool.

The entrance of the mansion, equipped with mirrors, opens into rooms covered with wood and covered with stained glass. The ceilings of the upper floor, which are painted with European-style motifs, provide a visual show to the eyes.

2. Nasır El Mülk Mosque (Pink Mosque)

Places to visit in şiraz Pembeli Mosque

This mosque, which is one of the most beautiful and most photographed places of Southern Iran, is built at the end of the 19th century. The colorful mosaics and the stained-glass windows make visitors very amazed.

The mosque is most visited in the morning (9.00-11.00). At these times, the Persian carpets in the hall and the mosque are illuminated with a patterned kaleidoscope. This visual feast allows visitors to take a unique photo with a unique experience.

In addition, thanks to the partially flexible wooden walls, many earthquakes are free from damage. Because of its pink-colored mosaics, it is known as the ler Pink Mosque Gül.

3. Aramgah-ı Shah-e Cheragh (Shah Çerağ Tomb)

Shiraz Attractions ceragTurbesi

One of the 17 brothers of Imam Reza , Seyyid Emir Ahmed was killed here in 835 AD. In the 12th century, a tomb and a mosque were built on the grave. The dome with blue mosaics and the dazzling golden-tipped minaret form a magnificent venue for the Shia ceremonies. Located right next to the mosque, the museum features a collection of precious old Quran, doors decorated with pure silver and gold, and other precious objects. The entrance is divided into two parts, separate from men and women. After a little security check, you can go to the courtyard. In this section, before entering the courtyard, women are dressed in bed sheets (not colored sheets, colored and patterned sheets). Because I did not know how to wear it, I could wear it with the help of the women who guided there. If they understand that you are tourists, they will gladly help you with their smiling faces. Unfortunately, tripods and professional cameras are not taken inside. You can leave your bag or photographic equipment at the entrance, turn off the flash, and use your phone to take pictures.

The mosque and the tomb are unfortunately unable to visit men and women together. The entrances of each are separated as in the main entrance. You can’t get together inside the buildings. Therefore, if you are visiting with your partner or girlfriend / boyfriend, be careful not to lose each other. When we were entering with my wife 15 minutes later, we could stay together as we meet in the exit. Don’t let all of these challenges bully you. You will never regret seeing the unique mirrored mosaics, the walls decorated with pure silver and gold. Also available for women as a free guide for women. With their fluent English, the guides give you detailed information about the Shiite culture. At the end of the visit you can fill in the memories book with a complimentary tea and biscuit in a lounge reserved for tourists.

4. Aramgah-ı Hafez (Hafız Tomb)

Shrine of Shiraz

The beloved Iranian folk hero and poet Hafiz, who lived in the 14th century, died in 1389. Then his tomb was built in 1773 by the then ruler Kerim Khan and Hafiz’s body was placed here. The marble tomb is carved with a poem of Hafız.

There is no better place to understand the philosophy of Hafız than the grave and the monumental garden. The Iranians say that each house must have two things; The collection of works of Hafiz before the Quran, later.

5. Arg-e Karim Khan (Kerim Khan Fortress)

Shiraz khan castle

This castle, which dominates the city center, is built during the early Zend period. The high walls have ornamental bricks. Circular towers at a height of 14 meters in all four corners are worth seeing. There is nothing more to see inside the castle, except for a museum with mannequins dressed in local attire and the life-style models.

6. Bazar-ı Vakil (Proxy Market)

Shiraz Attractions

The ancient trade zone of the city is home to various markets of different periods. One of the most beautiful of these is the Bazar-e Vakil which was built by Kerim Han. It is built in the form of a bazaar crucifix, which is part of a plan to turn Shiraz into a large trading center.

Large arched brick roads are the masterpieces of Zend architecture. The interior of the bazaar is cool in summer and warm in winter. It hosts about 200 stores selling carpet, spices, clothing and handcrafted items.

7. Aramgah-e Sa’di (Tomb of Sadi)

Tomb of Shiraz Sadi

Built in open-air museum style during the Pahlavi period, this building is dedicated to Sheikh Mohammed Semsettin , who is known as Sa’di, who has works around the world such as Bostan and Gulistan. Sa’di is born in 1207, dies in 1292.

Located in the middle of orange and rose gardens, the building is one of the peaceful places in Şiraz where you can stay away from the noise of the city.

8. Bagh-e Eram (Irem Garden)

irir garden

In Iranian culture, gardens have a great importance. The buildings you will visit such as museums, tombs and mosques are usually found in large gardens that contain plants such as citrus trees and roses. Located on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its tall cypress trees, this garden combines the early Seljuk elements with its landscape.

Turquoise pool, right in front of the palace built in the 19th century, is one of the most romantic and peaceful places of Shiraz with its walkways, magnificent lavenders, unique roses and many different plants. ‘ Garden of Eden ‘, which is the garden of Eden, will be one of the gardens you will enjoy the most.

9. Persepolis (Taht-ı Cemşid)

Shiraz Attractions Persepolis

Let’s come to the place of Shiraz’s world-famous name as the most tourist. Persepolis , the capital of the Persian Empire , one of the wonders of the ancient world, embodies not only a great architectural order, but also a great idea and philosophy. It was founded by the Persian King Darius in the late sixteenth century BC and completed in 150 years. The city, which was conquered by Alexander the Great in 330 BC, was burned during the occupation. It is said that the treasures seized by Alexander the Great can only be carried with 10 thousand mule and 5 thousand camels. After the Islamic revolution, it is wanted to be destroyed by the mullahs because of the values ​​it represents, but with the help of Unesco and the people of the rebellion the history is prevented.

Since it is located 70 km northeast of the city, it will be difficult to reach the city center. I would advise you to go back and forth with taxi drivers as there is no direct bus and public transportation. There are majestic monuments, palaces, ceremonial sites and royal tombs, as well as a museum in which historical monuments are exhibited. The ‘ Apadama ‘ ceremonial hall, which is built with stones brought from the quarries in Egypt, is the only one in the world with a capacity of 10,000 people. There are also statues and reliefs on the large columns reflecting the beliefs of the Persians. The symbol of good is depicted as a half-human warrior and the triumph of a monster with a symbol of evil and a symbol of goodness. In addition, 8-10 km away from each other on the slopes of the mountain near Persepolis, the tombs of ‘ Taht-ı Cemşid ‘ and ‘ Nakş-i Rüstem ‘ are worth seeing. One of them is Darius’ tomb. The city, which was left to its own for a long time, is re-discovered by archaeological studies that began in 1930. You will have to spend 1 day to travel through the city by understanding the city.

Where to stay in Shiraz?

Shiraz, one of the most important historical and touristic places of Iran, can be found in every budget. There are very luxurious 5 star hotels in the city center close to the historical buildings. It is also possible to find clean and central hotels between 20-40 TL . We stayed at the Niayesh Hotel which is located in the city center. The hotel’s rooms were very spacious and clean. You will also enjoy a courtyard decorated in the style of orient corner and a small pool in the middle where you can evaluate your increasing time from traveling. Breakfast and meals are buffet style, so there is little chance you will be hungry. Another advantage is that they do the hookah service as well.

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