Seyit Battal Gazi Complex

Seyit Battal Gazi Külliyesi Eskişehir

Seyit Battal Gazi Külliyes , located in Seyitgazi district of Eskişehir , is one of the most important sightseeing points of the city. The town was named after Battal Gazi, who died in a war. Battal Gazi was a commander of the Umayyad campaign for Byzantium. The most important of these battles, and the commander of the epic nature of the Gazi, the last battle today in the boundaries of this district is given in front of the Nakolea Castle. The date of death is 740.

The area where the tomb was located was actually built as a complex. The building is among the most important Seljuk artifacts that have survived to the present day. Together with Battal Gazi, the mother of 1st Alaaddin Keykubat, Ummuhan Hatun, the name of Battal Gazi, has been the tomb of Elenora, which has become a history.

Seyit Battal Gazi Tomb was built by Ummuhan Hatun who had his own tomb here. The date of construction is specified as 1208. There are tombs, sultans, mosques and classrooms. It is the 5-meter sandbag of Battal Gazi which is remarkable in the Turbeler.

One of the most remarkable structures within the tomb is the straw. Those who entered areas that were not even a square meter would be retired by being alone with their own realities and their own questions. Until the last period of the Ottoman Empire and the first years of this Republic, it was used. On the other hand, the madrasa (dershane) section of the building is a valuable work because it gives clues about the education concept of the period.

The tomb of Seyit Battal Gazi later became a complex. Ummuhan Hatun built the mosque and mausoleum first. Later on, the addition of other structures made it possible to reach a comprehensive complex. Today, an extensive Seljuk work continues with its porticoes, domes, fountains and minarets.

The tomb of Seyit Battal Gazi was abandoned from the last period of the Ottoman Empire until 1954. This year, a large restoration work began. After this work, the structure was opened for visiting and worship. Today, the complex is an important historical tourism center which hosts many tourists, especially domestic tourists.

Visit Seyit Battal Gazi Complex

  • Address: 26950 Seyitgazi / Eskisehir Turkey
  • Transportation: Seyyit Battal Gazi Tomb is located in Seyitgazi district of Eskişehir. There are frequent vehicles from Eskişehir center. It is possible to walk to any place within Seyitgazi, a small town. Almost everywhere is free to visit.

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