Rome Hotel Recommendation: 4 ★ Augusta Lucilla Palace

If you recently Italy ‘s world-famous beautiful capital city of Rome a journey you are planning issues will need in the first place often Rome airport to the city center, transport , places to visit in Rome and accommodation in Rome will be the main issues such as the regions to do. We have already talked about all these issues in our Rome travel guide articles. In this article, rather than general information for me, I would like to stay directly on my last trip to Rome for readers who want to recommend Rome hotel, 4-star Augusta Lucilla Palace will share information about the facility.

On my last trip to Rome, I spent a little more time with the hotel research business because it was with me at my wife, my parents. As far as possible, I’ve looked for a hotel that is quality, clean but not too expensive, close to the transportation network, in the center of the city, and at the end 4 stars Augusta Lucilla Palace , which has received a high score of 8.6 out of 10 as a result of about 5000 visitor reviews on decided at the plant. I would recommend this hotel to my readers who want a direct Rome hotel recommendation for leaving the hotel satisfied. You can read detailed information about all the regions where you can stay in the city in my article about where to stay in Rome . Let’s go into details about the advice of the hotel without extending the Rome.

1. Augusta Lucilla Palace’s Location

Rome hotel recommendation location

When I search for hotels abroad, one of the most important issues that I pay attention to is the hotel’s location. If possible, I would like to choose the facilities close to the transportation network in the center of the city. In Rome, this is a little different. In other words, the heart of Rome’s transportation is Termini , the city’s main railway station. You can reach all the buses, metro, city bus, hop on hop off buses from the airport. The Centro Storico , the tourist attraction of the city, is within walking distance of many places in our list of places to visit in Rome, but a bit far from the train station, metro stop. After taking some thought I took care to choose the hotel near Termini to avoid getting around in the city of suitcases.

The hotel is a 5-minute walk from Termini station and the hotel will be very useful for your airport transportation. As we mentioned in the Roma airport city center transportation article, the majority of the vehicles that provide transportation from the airport to the center are coming to this train station. The most popular means of transport is Leonardo Express , ie the airport train. Buses called Terravision and Sitbus provide transportation to the station. We chose Terravision buses. Buses stop right next to the station. It is possible to reach the hotel in 5 minutes after landing.

Termini is the intersection of 2 metro stops in the city. Popular sights such as the Vatican , Spanish Steps and Colosseum can be easily reached by metro. For other places, you can use the municipal buses departing from the front of the garage. We used hop on hop off buses as well as tour of Rome. With these buses you can easily reach most places across the city. (You can read more about Hop on hop off buses in Rome Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours .) In short, if you stay in this hotel, you will have great advantage in transportation.

2. Overnight Room Price

Rome hotel recommendation Augusta Lucilla Palace

I had done my last trip to Rome in the spring and I had paid 130 euros for a double room per night including breakfast. While I was preparing the Rome hotel recommendation, I see that there is room for 62 euros per night with a big discount for the month of January when I look at the prices at the hotel. So if you catch the discount period, you may have a chance to stay at this facility much cheaper.

I usually make reservations as ” cancelable “ from But you can make a reservation as abilir can’t be canceled ”, so if you guarantee your reservation you can stay cheaper between unuz 5-15 Euro ilers per night.

The hotel rates are inclusive of 10% VAT on the hotel rates and 6 euros per night excluding the city tax. You pay in the hotel at check-in / out.

3. Hotel Rooms

Rome hotel recommendation rooms Augusta Lucilla Palace

Single Double Room (9 m²), Small Double Room (10 m²), Double or Twin Room (13 m²), Comfort Double or Twin Room (15 m²), Superior Double or Twin Room (18 m²) ), Triple Room (18 m²) and Quadruple Room (35 m²).

There is a slight difference between the standard room prices such as LCD TV, air conditioning, safety deposit box. If you are willing to pay the difference between 5-15 euros per night, you can choose a larger room. I usually go to the hotel on my travels only when I go to sleep, so don’t hang on to the room size and facilities. A comfortable recliner and a remiz bathroom is enough for me.

4. Breakfast

Rome hotel recommendation breakfast Augusta Lucilla Palace

Breakfast costs 10 euros per person and is fine for Roman conditions, we have a small buffet breakfast that satisfies the Turks. It is more economical if you take care to set your hotel reservation as sen breakfast included “. Otherwise the breakfast cost per 10 euros per person is high in my opinion. If you do not like to make your breakfast or breakfast in a different cafe plan outside your reservation “except the breakfast” you can.

5. Opportunities

Italy Rome hotels Augusta Lucilla Palace

First of all I would like to mention that although this hotel is a 4 star, it is a little more budget friendly facility. So in the ın Centro Storcio daha area, you may find many more facilities in boutique, 4-star hotels, but you will have to pay more for the hotel and you will be a bit further away from Termini , the transportation network.

One of the biggest amenities of the hotel is free smartphones . Each room comes with Handy smartphones, where you can connect to the free internet and make free international calls. The beds with massage function are the details of travelers. They have free wi-fi , bath amenities, stuff as well as things in every classic hotel. There is also an in airport shuttle serv for travelers wishing. If 3-4 people are traveling together, this service may be more economical and comfortable for you than other vehicles. Once you have made your hotel reservation, please click on the tıklayıp My Reservations tıklayıp tab on and send a message to the hotel about it and ask for a price. If the bid is in your head, send your flight details to the hotel again. In such services, transportation payment is made at the hotel reception, they will give you more detailed information about the subject.

6. Alternative Hotels

This establishment as mentioned throughout the spelling of Rome hotel recommendation; close to the transportation network in the center of the city, clean, with a high visitor rating by visitors, neither too expensive nor very cheap facility. I mean, I think I’m thinking about your family for a 2-3-day trip to Rome. If you can’t find a place in this hotel, or if you are looking for a cheaper / expensive, central facility, you can check out our article on Rome where you can stay and book the Rome accommodation . In addition to detailed information about all the regions where you can make your stay in the city, there are also 3, 4, 5 star hotel recommendations.

7. Conclusion

In summary I stayed at this hotel with my wife, my mother, my father for 3 nights and I was so pleased. This facility is one of the city’s highest price-benefit facilities. Now if I’m going to Rome again, this is one of the first facilities I’ll take a look at.

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