Revolutionary Car

İlk yerli otomobil, Devrim Otomobili

Cars of the Revolution, is Turkey’s first and only domestic car experience. This tool, which was made available to President Cemal Gürsel during the 1961 Republic Day ceremonies, was completed in a short period of four and a half months. pointing to a major revolution in the history of Turkey in terms of technology, this car unfortunately did not go into series production.

The history of the Revolutionary Car dates back to the 1960 coup. The President of the National Unity Committee and President Cemal Gürsel gives the order to build a car on condition that he will reach the ceremonies of the Republic Day of 1961.

Engin Bozoglu is the head of the project. A group consisting of engineers and technical teams working in Bozoğlu State Railways Factories and Cer Apartments is gathered in Ankara. Here Eskişehir railway facilities are determined as the place of production of the car.

Eskişehir has always taken an important place in the historical adventure of the Revolutionary Car. The first engine of the car was built in Sivas and Ankara, and this engine was later named the type A engine. Due to the faults experienced during the assembly and testing, a derivative of this motor is produced and this is called the B type motor. B type motor is completely manufactured in Eskişehir plants and assembled here.

Revolution Car Eskisehir
The only sample left from the Revolutionary Car is on display in the TÜLOMSAŞ factory.

The production of the Revolutionary Car is the result of a dream. Although it was designed for military requirements, it was a reflection of this dream, although it was not a result of a sustainable economy and industry. The production of this vehicle at that time led to a jump in the country’s horizon. Today, the exhibition of this car is an important cultural and recent history service in order to reflect the horizon of the past.

One of the most important values ​​of Eskişehir, Devrim Cari is exhibited in a special area in the garden of TÜLOMSAŞ factory. You can take a look at the TÜLOMSAŞ factory located in the immediate vicinity of the Porsuk Stream , Adalar and Eskişehir Train Station.

Revolution Car Visit Information

  • Address: Tülomsaş Hoşnudiye Mh. 26130 Eskisehir Turkey
  • Transportation: 19 and 23 minibuses pass in front of Tülomsaş Factory. You can also reach here by a short walk from Kizilcikli Avenue and the Adalar Region.
  • Visiting Information: Car is located in Tülomsaş Factory. The entrance to the car is free of charge and is open to visitors during office hours.

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