Reşadiye Mosque

Reşadiye Camii Eskişehir

Reşadiye Mosque is one of the largest and most important mosques in Eskişehir . The mosque is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city center. The mosque reflects the Ottoman architecture with its porticoes, domes and minarets. As a matter of fact, the building constructed with this name in 1916 coincides with the period of Sultan Reşad. The name of the mosque comes from the old mosque built here, but the construction date of the building dates back to 1979.

Reşadiye Mosque was designed by taking some works in the Ottoman period. Especially in Eminönü district, can be said to inspire the structure. The mosque has two minarets. There are two cheers in every minaret.

There is a huge dome in the middle, and small domes all around this dome. The domes in the Ottoman architecture represent the prophets. As a matter of fact, the interior of the dome includes the art of ornamentation and the names of the Prophet Muhammad and the four caliphs.

The area where Reşadiye Mosque is located is one of the most vibrant spots in the city. In the continuation of the mosque, Taşbaşı Bazaar and İki Eylül Streets are located. Köprübaşı, which is located in the continuation of this region, is the most dynamic point where Porsuk River passes through the city center. You can go on the Porsuk Stream by joining the gondola and boat tours organized in the area known as the Islands Region.

Visit Information

  • Address: Arifiye Mh., 26010 Eskisehir Turkey
  • Transportation: The mosque is located in Eskisehir city center. Mek Municipality ”, durak Stadium” and arş Çarşı ”tram stops can be reached here.

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