Republic History Museum, Eskisehir

Cumhuriyet Tarihi Müzesi Eskişehir

The History of the Museum of History , the history of the Republic and the important works of this history to be exhibited on April 23, 1994 by Anadolu University in the Region and the construction of the building was opened in 1916 as a result of the restoration of the Numune School building was opened here.

The Museum of the History of the Republic begins with the War of Independence. Various works about the epic of the War of Independence with Mustafa Kemal’s life are exhibited in the museum. Among the works exhibited in the museum are some works describing the Republican revolutions, books about the sociological and political expression of recent history, and various visual works.

In the museum, there are 131 original photographs describing the period of the War of Drying. These include photographs of the Battle of Çanakkale, squares from congresses, photographs of the Great Offensive period.

Among the most noteworthy artifacts within the Republic History Museum are various model models. Various ship models such as Nusret Mine Ship, Yavuz and Bandırma Boat illustrate in detail all the ships that have stamped on the history of the republic. On the other hand, Mustafa Kemal’s personal belongings are among the interesting works. Atatürk’s sword, pistol and cane are some of his belongings which are always on display in this museum.

Among the most important cultural works of the museum, the books are invaluable. Numerous books, some of which are not on the market, tell visitors the details of the history of the republic. The books found here are of great importance not only because they are few, but also because they have the title of unique works.

The newspaper archives inside the museum are quite valuable. Starting from 1926 until 1980, the daily newspapers of 54 years are exhibited here. It is possible to watch various visual works in the hall inside the museum.

The museum is located in Odunpazarı, the historical and touristic area of ​​the city, and is very close to other sightseeing spots. Leading sightseeing spots such as Kursunlu Mosque and Complex , Eskisehir Wax Museum , Contemporary Glass Arts Museum and Aladdin Mosque are a short walk from the museum.

Republican History Museum Visiting Information

  • Address: Paşa Mh. 26030 Eskisehir Turkey
  • Transportation: You can reach the museum by descending the tram stop at ulaş Atatürk High School Ulaşım . Most of the city buses that run in the city go to Odunpazari.

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