Places to Visit in Barcelona (Google Maps)

A map of Barcelona , or Barcelona map, is an interactive map I have created via Google Maps . On the map to visit Barcelona places all the important places of sightseeing in the city and you need to I described in my spell in Barcelona where to stay you can find the location of my hotel recommended I described in my writing.

You can find both the Google Maps view and the .jpeg image format across the page. You can make your travel plan using the Google map where the internet is located. You can use the .jpeg image format throughout the trip by taking output or saving it as an image file on your smartphone.

Map of Barcelona (Google Maps)

You can get information about the point by clicking on the icons on the map of Barcelona in Google maps. Red rounded in the numbers symbolized by the city to see the most important points to visit. The gray round dots symbolize the location of my hotel recommendations, which I mentioned in my article about where to stay in Barcelona, ​​where the blue bed icons are located . If you wish, you can click on the icons on the map to reach the pages and get the price information or bookings.

Barcelona Map (Image Format)

Places to visit in Barcelona can be difficult to review the Google map on mobile devices. It is also important to remember that internet access from abroad is also troublesome. That’s why you can use the top Google map to plan your trip to Barcelona. If you want to use this map during the trip you can find the picture format of the map at the bottom. Map of Barcelona in A3 size. If you save the image to your computer and print it to A4 , you can at least know the location of the important places. Besides, you can click on the image below and save the image opened in the new tab to your mobile phones and use the map during the trip.

map of barselona
Map of Barcelona

Click on the image to view the map in full size. Click on the image to save it to your mobile phone, hold it on the map in the newly opened tab, if you click ın Save Image harita on the screen, the map is registered in the gallery.

Barcelona City Center Hotels

You can review the locations of the hotels in the city center on the map below. Prices shown are per night accommodation fees. If you wish, you can review the prices by entering the destination and date information.

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