Paris Travel Guide

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France ‘s capital Paris , one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations. Shopping opportunities, entertainment places appealing to all ages, rich cuisine and cultural accumulation are shown to be the biggest reasons for the city to become popular. All I need to know about the city from the large cultural venues bar, which cannot be seen in a day, is compiled for you under the title of Paris Travel Guide .

Paris Travel Guide

Paris , one of the leading centers in the fields of art, science, fashion, trade and finance in Europe, was built on the area around the River Seine used for settlement purposes by people for about 40 thousand years. Although the exact information on pre-historic and Gaul-Roman periods could not be obtained, it is believed that Parisiiler , one of the Gallic peoples, was the first deep-rooted civilization in the city. The city, which had been used for a long time and was named after the people, was used by the people. In the year 52, it was ruled by the Roman Empire . Following this period, the Romans called Paris the inşa Civitas Parisiorum hamam (City of the Parisiorum ) and transformed the existing city into a typical Roman settlement by building structures such as forums, baths, theaters, the arena and the necropolis.

Paris became the capital in the 5th century after the Francs had triumphed over the Roman Empire. The development of the city, where many churches and defensive walls were built during this period, stopped for a while with the Viking raids that started in the late 9th century. VII. Louis’s throne is 12. In the 19th century, the city began to rise again. It was acquired by Georges-Eugene Haussmann , who Napoleon appointed as a city planner.

france paris tour, the best time for a trip to paris
Triumphal Arch, Paris

In Paris, in the northern part of France, the local people are passionate about their native French language. For this reason, although a significant part of it is English, it can insist on using their own language in certain situations. In addition to French and English, you can also come across ethnic groups speaking languages ​​such as Turkish and Persian in the suburbs. These groups, which add ethnic diversity to the city, constitute the Muslim, Protestant and Jewish part of the population. The majority of the people living in the city are Catholics, but the number of individuals who have not adopted any belief system is quite high.

A large number of flights from all over the country and various cities of Europe are carried out to all airports in Paris. If you plan to travel from another European city to the French capital, you can take advantage of the means of transport, such as buses, trains and boats, as well as flights. To learn about the methods you can use to reach the city ğ Where and How to get there? Abilir You can read the article.

If you don’t have to travel to Paris, you need to get a Schengen visa first. You can find answers to all the questions you may have about the visa application in ecek How to get a France Visa Viz.

When to Go to Paris?

paris travel guide, the best time to travel

In Paris, as in the majority of Western Europe, the effects of the oceanic climate are observed. Thanks to these conditions, the city can exhibit different beauties to its guests for 4 seasons. In the summer months, temperatures ranging from 15 to 25 ° C rarely fall to minus degrees in winter. Although snowfall is common in winter, there is no accumulation on the ground. This situation makes it easy for those who want to explore the beauty of the city in winter.

From the end of April until the beginning of November, the city is quite suitable for wandering in terms of both air temperatures and the low number of rainy days. Especially if you travel to Paris in July , you can participate in cultural events such as Paris Music Festival , Rock en Seine , Paris Jazz Festival and watch Bastille Day celebrations on the spot. In addition, tennis, road biking for travelers interested in May and July has another importance. Because during the month of May, which is one of the 4 largest organization in the French Open tennis calendar while adding air to a separate city, held on July 29 Tour de France ‘s the final stage in Paris turns into a carnival instead.

Where to Stay in Paris

paris travel guide, where to stay

Paris travel guide in the top of the most options in accommodation is coming at the beginning. Because there are many regions in Europe, which may be the answer to the question of where to stay in Paris, one of the most developed cities in Europe. However, before mentioning these regions, I would like to tell you about the unique star system of the city. According to the facilities in our country, you can accept 1 star low in Paris. In other words, 3-star Paris hotels will be in the setting of 2-star facilities in our country. The more economical options you get, the lower your stellar level, which often means your comfort has been waived. Because the size of the room in most of these facilities is barely 10-15 square meters.

If you want to stay in the city center of Paris, Le Marais and Louvre will be the first choice for those who want to stay in the city center. The two-star Hotel de Roubaix , which is considered to be one of the most colorful regions of the city, has economic accommodation facilities like the 3-star Hotel Choiseul Opera . If you want your place to be in a central spot, you can also check hotels near the Champs-Elysées . Although the facilities in the region are high in price, you can follow the discounts and get the right deals. Paris’s two major train stations, Gare du Nord, and the 3-star Hotel Terminus Lyon and Gare du Nord Suede , around the Gare du Lyon , offer facilities with proximity to transport facilities, but if you are interested in cultural activities and colorful nightlife, you can choose the hotels within the Bastille . The area around the Eiffel Tower is perfect for those looking for calm. The Latin Quarter and Saint Germain des Pres have many facilities that will allow you to get to know the local culture as well as the shopping opportunities.

When the number of accommodation and facilities you can prefer in the city is more than that, the details gain great importance. For yourself by choosing from a number of criteria when doing research you can easily reach the most appropriate hotel I provides many advantages in this regard. In my site that I frequently use for hotel booking, users’ comments about the facilities and the rating points they give make a great guide when choosing. Moreover, thanks to the opportunities offered by the site, you can get accommodation at prices much lower than normal, and you can use the right of cancellation until 24 hours before your stay.

The details of the accommodation options in Paris and my hotel recommendations are waiting for you below the topics listed below.

Things to Do in Paris

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Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

When it comes to Paris travel guide to tell the subject to spend the most time. I say that you will spend time because especially museums and palaces, especially the Louvre , are not in a structure to visit in 1-2 days. For this reason, it may be more useful for you to make a good planning and even to divide Paris travel into themes.

Speaking of ready-made museums and palaces, you can write the Louvre, which is one of the first places that comes to mind with the Eiffel Tower when Paris is mentioned in the first place of your list, and you can write Orsay , the most important collection of impressionist paintings. Among the palaces, Luxembourg and Versailles attract attention with their splendid architecture as well as gardens that extend along acres. The world-famous Avenue Street , which stretches between Victory Jewelry and Concorde Square , is one of the iconic places of the city with both shopping and social facilities.

For those who give importance to architecture, I can list the places to be seen outside the palaces as Notre Dame Cathedral , Sacre Coeur Basilica , Opera House and Pantheon . Les Invalides , where the tomb of Sainte Chapelle and Napoleon Bonaparte, home to the sacred relics, is among the buildings that enrich the city with their architecture.

When you want to be intertwined with art and cultural activities, you can turn your route into the Pompidou Center , named after the former president of France. When it comes to entertainment, the Moulin Rouge in the Montmartre borders, while the Paris Underground Tombs show its guests another side of the city. Pere Lachaise , which was opened in 1804, resembles an open-air museum rather than a cemetery.

You can find detailed information and photos about the places I mentioned above, Yer Places to Visit in Paris ler and the locations of these places in my articles titled Yer Map of Places to Visit in Paris Yukarıda.

What to do in Paris?

paris travel guide, what to do in paris

Paris is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. There are dozens of places to see and things to do in the city. As you can visit the world-famous museums and art galleries of the city, you can listen to the beautiful parks, head to the city with touristic boats and busses. Some of the most important things to do in our opinion for a nice trip to Paris are;

  1. Take a picture with the Eiffel Tower.
  2. Watch Paris from the Eiffel Tower.
  3. See Mona Lisa in place.
  4. Take a boat tour.
  5. Explore the city with tourist buses.
  6. Have fun with kids like Disneyland.
  7. Get lost in the streets of Montmartre.
  8. Take the towers of Notre Dame.
  9. Watch the windows in the Champs-Elysées.
  10. Enjoy your shopping.
  11. Have a picnic on Champ de Mars.
  12. See the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.
  13. Take the subway.
  14. You walk along the banks of the river.
  15. Discover French cuisine.

Detailed information about our list of things to do in Paris istem What to do in Paris? List of things to do ız you can read our article.

Transportation in Paris

paris travel guide, transportation information

Paris travel guide was the most comfortable topic when preparing transportation. Because there are many options to travel to cities in the city as well as in countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

There are train services during the first period of transportation options. High-speed train services, especially Amsterdam , Brussels , London , many cities, especially as it is possible to reach, especially from the airport to the city center or from the 1st and 4th regions to travel to the suburbs RER lines provide great convenience. Another alternative for those who will use the rail system in the city is the metro .

Buses are another important option you can prefer except for RER, which has a suburb mix with subway train. From city buses to hop on hop off tours, from RoissyBus to the airport or from Le Bus Direct to Orlybus . In particular, hop on hop off buses offer the opportunity to reach all the popular points of the city at attractive prices, and relax the holiday budget.

Transportation in the city is not provided by rail systems or buses only. If you wish, you can participate in hourly and daily boat tours organized on the River Sen, and you can witness the beauty of Paris from a different perspective. In addition to the standard content, dining events are offered to travelers in the tours where audio guide service is provided.

Due to its flat structure, you can also choose to take a taxi, bike and car rental in Paris. You can find out all the information you may need about the transportation options that you can use during your Paris vacation through the links below.

Shopping in Paris

paris travel guide, where to shop

In Paris, if you have a city as generous as Milan, New York and London. In the city where credit card usage is widespread, you can purchase beautiful products by taking advantage of VAT exemption.

Although the name of the city is identified with fashion, the products sold are not limited to clothing. In Paris’s shopping districts, especially personal care products and classic souvenirs, you’ll find a wide range of products from musical instruments to artworks, antiques and second-hand items.

When it comes to shopping in Paris, the first place that comes to mind is the Avenue Avenue . The closest content to the iconic street, where prices are quite high, is Le Marais and Canal St.. He owns stores in Martin . Small gifts such as hearts, key rings, t-shirts and magnets can be found in the 1st and 4th regions, as well as in Montmartre . If you are interested in shopping, you can easily find what you’re looking for in the streets with Rivoli , Commerce and Boulevard Haussman .

If you are looking for antique and second-hand goods, you can visit the street markets for fresh farm products in Paris, where you will find different style shops such as Galeries Lafayette , Forum Des Halles and Bercy Village . If you want to find out which areas of the city you can shop for and what kind of products are sold in these areas, you can check the following topics in the Paris guidebook.

Food and Drink in Paris

paris travel guide eating and drinking

In Paris, one of the most famous in the world, one of the most outstanding examples of French cuisine, featuring high level restaurants, the role of foreign communities in the formation of local table culture is quite high. In the city where breakfast culture is a little weaker than ours, the effects of the Turks and the Chinese as well as the Moroccans can be easily understood. Thanks to the entrepreneurs that come out of the ethnic communities, falafel and doner like flavors have become popular street snacks.

Of course, while talking about the rich cuisine of Paris, the subject should not be restricted to street tastes and it is necessary to open a little more. A croissant and a coffee with coffee, French fries, onion soup, grilled steak and duck meat. Ratatouille is a savior especially for those who do not like meat. If you are fond of sweets and confectionery, you can stop by the bakeries that colorful macaroons adorn their looms; you can pamper yourself with a serving of Iles Flottantes or Clafoutis .

You can choose places like Menekşe , Istanbul Restaurant where halal food is served. In standard spaces where no reservation is required in the city, breakfast is 7 Euros , lunch is between 5-15 Euros and dinner is around 20 Euros . In high-end areas, prices can easily rise above 100 Euros per person.

If you want to learn more about the cuisine of Paris and the options of the restaurant, you can check our articles through the links below.

Paris Local Discount Cards

paris guide, transportation guide, public transport tickets

In Paris, where there are plenty of places to visit, various discount cards are offered to help travelers relax their budgets. Navigo is the most preferred card for visitors to the city with different content such as Paris Pass Lib is the Paris Pass and its subcategories Museum Pass and Visite Pass .

With more than 50 museums operating throughout the city, the Museum Pass features 2, 4 and 6 days. Another feature of the museum discount card, which only includes the Eiffel Tower , is to eliminate the need to wait in line. Visite Pass offers free access to all metro, RER, commuter trains, buses, OrlyBus, RoissyBus, funicular and tram lines. . Offering all the privileges of the two cards, the Paris Pass is offered to travelers in comprehensive packages with validity of 2 to 6 days.

All the information about the discount cards that I mentioned briefly in the Paris travel guide, including their prices, is included in the article titled da Paris City Discount Cards: Paris Pass and others Paris .

Paris Nightlife

paris nightlife
Moulin Rouge, Paris

Paris, just like accommodation, is also a city where guests can have different experiences in different regions. For example, Bastille Barrio Latina, the Buddha Bar and Duplex, is the first region to come to mind when it comes to nightlife. The Quartier Latin and Saint Germain de Pres are the leading entertainment opportunities for individuals with a similar style, as well as for intellectual individuals. If the budget you spend on entertainment is great, you can opt for luxury places such as Quenn Club, Le Club 79, Black Calavagos in the Champs-Elysees . The only thing you have to pay attention to before you go to the venues on the Champs-Elysées is your style of clothing. Because, because of the strict dress code applied in the places in this part of the city, it is not possible to get in.

Another highlight of the city with its entertainment facilities, the main theme of Pigalle is based on sexuality. The area, including the Paris Erotism Museum, is also home to Moulin Rouge , Paris’s world-famous pouf. Established in 1889 by Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler, Moulin Rouge performs in a building that the viewer will never forget. Some days, lunch matinees are arranged in the cabaret only in different programs in the style of show and dinner show. For a more exclusive Red Mill experience, you can take advantage of VIP privileges. Le Lido , which is located in the Champs-Elysées, starts with no-show dance shows.

Paris Disneyland

paris travel guide, disneyland amusement park information

Under the title of Paris travel guide, I will finally tell you about Disneyland , 32 kilometers away from the city center. If you have enough time you can enjoy 1 full day to enjoy the theme park, the second facility opened outside the United States. The facility consists of two different sections: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park . In addition, 7 accommodation facilities within the area of ​​2 thousand hectares. The 1-day ticket costs start from 49 Euros and you can either go to the city by yourself or use the RER trains.

I tried to share all the information you might need in Paris during the Paris travel guide article. If you have any suggestions in Paris travel guide, please share with all readers.

Paris City Center Hotels

You can review the locations of the hotels in the city center on the map below. Prices shown are per night accommodation fees. If you wish, you can review the prices by entering the destination and date information.

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