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Paris ulaşım hakkında bilgiler ve rehberi

Paris is an advanced city with many options for travelers. When the options are high, combined with inexperience, it can be confusing to answer questions about how to get to Paris from different cities of Europe and which means of transportation can be solved more easily. You can learn the characteristics of the city’s transportation network in detail with the guide that I am asked about, so that you can make time and budget control more comfortable during your vacation.

Where is Paris and how to get to Paris?

Paris is one of the most visited holiday destinations in Europe in the cultural sense and is located in the northern part of France . As well as being the capital of the country, the city is also the center of the Ile-de-France region. Paris is under the influence of the oceanic climate which is the source of the North Atlantic Stream.

Paris is also an important center of transportation, thanks to the fact that it is located in a flat area in the middle of the basin formed by the River Seine . Many aircrafts, trains and bus services are organized to Paris from important cities in various European countries, including Amsterdam , London and Brussels . You can easily reach the city by your own or rented car, or if you are going to depart from the UK, you can also reach a pleasant boat ride that follows the canals along the English Channel.

If you want to find out more about the location and climate of the city, ask Paris: Gid Where & How to Get to Paris? Abilir You can read the article.

Paris Airport City Center Transportation

From Paris airport to the city center

Almost all of the airline companies operating flights from Paris and various cities of Europe prefer either Charles de Gaulle Airport or Orly as their destination. There are many options at both airports that will allow you to find the right solution for transportation to the city center.

Charles de Gaulle Airport , which hosts more than 65 million passengers during the year, is located about 25 kilometers northeast of the city center. Travelers who want to go to the center of Paris from the airport with 3 terminals prefer the first choice rights to the RER B train. If you look for a slightly more comfortable option in every 7-8 minutes, except for the trains moving to the city center, you can book your place from the companies that offer shuttle service. If you need to go to the hotel by pickup or by taxi, you can reach the point where you can easily reach the municipal buses from the airport. An alternative to these bus lines is RoissyBus and Le Bus Direct .

Orlybus , the city’s largest and busiest airport from Orly to the city center on the way to the most preferred means of transportation. As in Charles de Gaulle, there are also Le Bus Direct buses. You can also transfer to RER B with the ORLYVAL train or you can quickly travel to the city center by using the taxi option that suits your budget.

From Charles de Gaulle and Orly, you can find all the curiosities on how to get to the central areas of Paris in the article titled böl Paris Airport City Center Transportation Charles.

Paris Train Transportation

Paris transportation guide Brussels and Amsterdam train transportation

Thanks to the high-speed train lines, a large number of trips are organized between Paris and various cities of Europe in short periods of time. These trips, which allow travelers to travel to different points daily, are attracted by both their short time and comfort.

Paris High Speed ​​Train Flights from Paris:   Amsterdam is one of the destinations that travelers want to spend their day with. Thalys , which is a joint venture between France and Belgium, completes an average of 3 hours and 18 minutes . Starting from Gare du Nord and stopping at the Centraal in Amsterdam , you will also visit Brussels, Antwerp and Rotterdam. You can get information about ticket prices, seat options and tips to be considered by reading the article titled ibi Paris Amsterdam High Speed ​​Train Flights “.

Brussels Brussels High-Speed ​​Train Flights:   From Brussels to Brussels , the second capital city, where trains were carried out. In addition to Thalys, this company also operates Izy . If you do not have time constraints and are looking for an economic option, you can choose Izy or Thalys if you don’t want to compromise on comfort. Moreover, the expeditions organized by Thalys between the two capitals are completed in an extremely short time such as 1 hour and 22 minutes . Izy trains travel time is about 2 hours and 10 minutes. If you’re curious about the details of the flights between the two capitals, check out the guide called ors Paris Brussels High-Speed ​​Train Flights İki.

Paris City Transportation Options

Paris transportation guide, Paris metro map

Paris offers many alternatives for transportation. You can make your choice more accurately if you consider the locations of your Paris list of places to visit while determining which city transportation method to use.

: Paris düz bir arazi üzerine kurulu olduğu için, özellikle kent merkezindeki tarihi mekânlara yürüyerek ulaşmayı tercih edebilirsiniz. Walking : Since Paris is built on a flat terrain, you may prefer to walk to the historical sites in the city center. With its wide walkways, you can feel safe and comfortable in the city, especially starting from the Victory Jewelry in the Latin Quarter and ending in the 1-2-hour track to live and enjoy the hours of the city will allow you to know the content closely.

Toplu taşıma araçlarında hız faktörü sizin için önemliyse Paris tatiliniz sırasında tercih hakkınızı metrodan yana kullanabilirsiniz. Metro: If the speed factor is important to you in public transport, you can opt for the subway during your Paris vacation. Vehicles transporting from 16 different destinations provide transportation from 05.00 to 00.30. In the night, which connects Saturday to the market where social life is more lively, the metro continues until 01.30. In most of the day, the frequency of voyages varies between 5-10 minutes and decreases by 2-3 minutes during the increase in intensity.

1977’de faaliyete alınan RER, 587 kilometre uzunluğundaki ağı üzerinde bulunan 257 istasyonu sayesinde Paris şehir içi ulaşım sisteminin bel kemiğini oluşturuyor. RER: The RER, commissioned in 1977, is the backbone of the Paris city transport system, thanks to its 257 stations on a network of 587 kilometers. 33 stations are scattered throughout the city center and the RER trains are the preferred choice for those traveling to the suburbs.

Kentte faaliyet gösteren belediye otobüsleri, trafikte geçerli tek yön uygulaması nedeniyle gezginlere adeta ekonomik fiyatlı tur imkânı yaratıyor. Municipality Bus: The city buses operating in the city, the traffic-only one-way application due to the application creates an affordable price tour to travelers. You can easily recognize night buses from the yarat N yap letter in front of the line numbers, especially the line 42, which allows travelers to see many landmarks of the city and take exquisite photographs.

Konfor ve hızı bir arada sunan taksiler, şehir içi ulaşımda tercih edebileceğiniz bir diğer seçenek. Taxi: Taxis, which offer comfort and speed, are another option you can prefer for city transportation. In the city where the opening fee for the taximeter is 6,50 Euros, the vehicles are usually in the reservation procedure. If you prefer this method, you can find the tool that suits your needs without wasting time. Moreover, you will know the price you will pay in advance and you will not be surprised by the end of the journey.

Details on the options listed above are listed under the heading ” Paris City Transport Guide Yukarıda.

Paris City Transportation Prices & Paris Visite Pass / Paris Pass

Public transport tickets, discount cards in Paris

The Paris transport network, which is divided into 5 different areas, offers Ticket t + for those who wish to travel in Zone 1 and 2 , for 1.5 hours in public transport. Whether this ticket from 1.90 Euro or 10 Carnet with the amount you can pay further down.

If you are staying in Paris for a period of 2-3 days to a week, you can choose the Paris Pass , which allows you to visit the city’s attractions by taking advantage of attractive discounts and to use public transportation for free. You can purchase two subcategories, Paris Visite Pass , which allow you to take advantage of the Museum Pass or public transport for free.

Paris Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours

Information about open-top buses in Paris

As in every big city in Europe, the hop-on hop-off tours in Paris provide travelers with the opportunity to explore the city in detail, as well as the economic need for transportation. 3 companies operating in Paris stand out in this regard. These companies, the last time I prefer my L’Open Tour , 3 continents in 19 different destinations organizing organizations in the Big Bus Paris and the world leader in the field of City Sightseeing . Tours are offered to travelers in 1 and 2 day options. It also offers its guests the opportunity to participate in boat tours or to visit landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower at discounted prices thanks to the combined ticket applications.

I have compiled all the information you need about paused cruises in the article titled bil Information & Prices about Paris Hop On Hop Off Tours Dur.

Paris Boat Tour

Paris transport guide, boat tours

For tourists wishing to see Paris from a different point of view, the tours of the isenea on the Sen River are of another importance. An alternative to the Paris transport network, boat trips are organized in both hourly and daily hop on hop off tour formats. When the 1-hour boat ride is mentioned, Bateaux Mouches, the oldest in the city, and Bateaux Parisiens , whose specialty are dinner tours, come to mind. Daily indi-bindi The name of Batobus comes to the fore for Paris boat tours.

All the details about the prices, routes and departure points of the hour and day boat tours are given under the title nok Information & Prices about Paris Boat Trip Saat.

If you need any clues about how you can spend time in the city after learning all the details about the Paris transportation system, you can take a look at the detailed Paris Travel Guide . Our accommodation suggestions are waiting for you in our article titled ” Where to Stay in Paris Konaklama.

Paris City Center Hotels

You can review the locations of the hotels in the city center on the map below. Prices shown are per night accommodation fees. If you wish, you can review the prices by entering the destination and date information.

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