Paris Hotel Recommendation: 3 ★ Hotel Terminus Lyon

We have explained the general information about accommodation in Paris and all our hotel recommendations in Paris as well as our Paris guide in detail. In this article, I would like to give 3 star Hotel Terminus Lyon hotel information for those who want direct hotel advice. 10 out of about 3,000 guests rating points as a result of having a beautiful 8.1 3 star Hotel Terminus Lyon, Gare de Lyon train station, the significant other is taking place right in front. This is my first trip to Paris , and I am happy with this hotel. It is ideal for those looking for a central, clean and medium-cost hotel.

If you are on a budget trip to Paris and you are looking for a cheap but clean, central hotel, you can take a look at the 3 ★ Libertel Gare de Nord Suede hotel, which I have described in detail. If you do not have budget problems and are looking for a quality facility in the most beautiful parts of Paris, where you stay in Paris, the title of my stay includes many hotel recommendations for every budget. Let’s go to the details about the Terminus Lyon hotel without extending Uz

1. Location of Hotel Terminus Lyon

paris cheap hotel advice location

The 3-star Hotel Terminus Lyon is located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. It is a 10-minute walk from Bastille Square , one of the most important squares of Paris, and is directly opposite Gare de Lyon , one of the city’s major railway stations.

We have said that one of the easiest ways to get to the city ​​from the Paris Airport city center is the RER train. RER trains go to Gare du Nord station in the city center. If you use the trains, you need to reach Gare de Lyon station with the RER transfer in Gare du Nord. Instead you have an easier transportation option. The Line 4 / Direct 4 bus runs directly between Charles de Gaulle Airport and Gare de Lyon. This even takes about 40-50 minutes.

The exact stop of the Gare de Lyon stop is: bis 20 bis Boulevard Diderot de, right in front of the station. (You can find all the detailed information about this bus in this link .)

So you can easily reach the airport by a single bus / shuttle from the airport. If you are going to the Disneyland park on your trip to Paris, the hotel’s location will be very useful, as RER A leaves this garage, providing direct access to the theme park. Apart from these, you can easily reach the important sightseeing points of our list of Paris attractions such as the Champs-Elysées and the Louvre Museum with the RER and metro stops in the station. Gare d’Austerlitz is a 5-10-minute walk from the hotel, and the RER stop is a direct connection to the Eiffel Tower . In short, this is one of the areas that will make you comfortable in transportation.

2. Overnight Room Price

hotel terminus lyon accommodation

I was paying 135 euros for a double room for the term per night of my stay in this hotel. When I checked the room rates in the hotel, I found similar figures. Of course, the accommodation fee may increase slightly in the busy season or vice versa may be cheaper with discount opportunities. I advise you to book your room if you get a figure between 120-150 Euros .

These figures include 10% VAT and do not include € 1.65 per person per night. If you make your reservation as daha can not be canceled ın from, you may be able to stay at 5-15 Euro less per night.

3. Hotel Rooms

images of hotel terminus lyon room

Twin Club Room (15 m²), Double Club Room (15 m²), Executive Double Room (17 m²), Quadruple Room (20 m²) and Single Room with Shower (10 m²) Room sizes are ideal by Paris standards.

All the modern equipment is standard in the rooms. As a matter of fact, I just pity the charges to be paid to the hotel to go to sleep. It makes more sense to use the money I spend on the hotel in the city.

4. Breakfast

hotel terminus lyon breakfast

Breakfast costs EUR 12 per person. Although a medium sugar breakfast is served according to the Paris terms, croissants, boiled eggs, fat-jams etc are adequate for me. But make sure to set your hotel reservation as ayar breakfast included Ama. However, if you don’t have a reasonable price this way you can be a much nicer breakfast than the hotel for 12 euros per person by me.

5. Opportunities

hotel terminus lyon paris

Although the hotel’s rating is high, this is an economical facility. So it would be unfair not to expect much. Having a free Wi-fi in the rooms is a nice plus. Rooms at the property have standard equipment, including a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and air conditioning. One of the most beautiful imaknas owned by the facility is the güzel airport shuttle Tesis. Once you have made your hotel reservation from, please contact the property through the erek My Reservations iş section to get information about the sonra airport shuttle Otel. I think it would make sense if I set the service if the price doesn’t come too high. As a result, you can spend time with the driver who will meet you at the airport without any effort to get to the hotel.

6. Alternative Hotels

As I mentioned in the article, this hotel; A nice option in the center of the city, looking for a clean and affordable facility. But there are many places and hotels to stay in Paris, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. If this hotel does not meet your expectations, stay in Paris and stay in Paris . In this content, you can see general information about accommodation as well as all our hotel recommendations.

7. Conclusion

In summary, I was very pleased with my stay at the Hotel Terminus Lyon hotel. Staying at this hotel, which is one of the city’s best-value facilities, you can reach many important points of the city with one way and you do not have to allocate too much budget for accommodation.

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