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Buckingham Palace , the official residence of the Kingdom of England as well as a working office, is also one of the most important tourist attractions of London . Of course, in addition to the fascinating beauty of the gigantic historical building and gardens, the popularity of the members of the British Royal Family, which has an important place in modern culture, has a great impact.

With their marriage, betrayals, scandals, and adherence to the traditions of hundreds of years ago, let us accept the British Royal , which is more or less known to those who have nothing to do with them. As such, this popularity is also effective in the number of visitors to Buckingham Palace.

Information and photos about Buckingham Palace London

In this article, I would like to briefly bring together those who want to visit the palace as tourists before they go. To learn more about London , you can read the London Travel Guide on our site, if you are planning a trip to this city, you can plan every detail until you stay without eating.

Buckingham Palace Information

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, which owes its appearance today to the architect John Nash , has about 500 people , both as queen and office workers and as housekeepers, as the official residence of the British Royal. In addition to official meetings and meetings, there are also invitations and ballrooms in the palace.

Because it is still an active palace, Buckingham Palace’s only State Rooms are open to touristic visits. It is also only in August and September . In short, if your London trip coincides with these months, you are lucky. You can visit the most important and beautiful parts of this magnificent palace.

Not only this palace, but also other places to visit in London, you can read more about our Places to Visit in London .

History of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace London

In fact Buckingham Palace was not originally made as a royal palace. It was built in 1705 to be the residence of the Duke of Buckingham. In 1824, King IV. The architect John Nash was given the job of restoration and expansion of the house by George. But the life of the king was not enough to live in the palace.

Thus, in the palace, the royal family was first occupied by Queen Victoria , and since then the palace has served as the official residence of the British King and Queen.

Buckingham Palace Departments

Buckingham Palace London excursion notes

Buckingham Palace is a giant building with 775 rooms . As I said at the beginning of the article, however, not all of the buildings are open to tourists, only the State Chambers and official interviews, and the parts used for meetings are open in the summer months, ie during the months when the Queen is not in the palace. Of course, the garden of the palace can be visited any time of the year. If you need to mention briefly what you can see here …

Ceremony of the Guard of the Palace Guards

London Buckingham Palace Guard Change

From the Wellington Barracks to Buckingham Palace on foot, the guard exchange ceremony that took over the guard took place from the class of the Buckingham Palace tour.

I advise you not to miss this small ceremony (earlier in winter) that your traditional red uniformed guards perform every morning at 11:00.

Queen’s Gallery

The hall which was collected by the queens for 400 years and belonged to the royal collection, where art works, including the works of masters such as Da Vinci and Varmeer, were presented to the visitors with temporary exhibitions.

Image Gallery

London Buckingham Palace picture gallery

Again a glass-roofed hall with works of art belonging to the royal collection, as well as being decorated as a work of art.

Green, White and Blue Reception Halls

Information about Buckingham Palace

Acceptance halls where the visitors come to Buckingham Palace respectively. The first one is the Green Hall , followed by the White Hall , where the royal family meets before the official meetings, and the Blue Hall is the most beautiful work of Architect John Nash.

Throne Room

London Buckingham Palace Throne Room

In the Throne Room , the thrones of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, depicted by John Nash, with its ornamented ceiling, 7 magnificent chandeliers and unique candlesticks, are exhibited in the throne.


London Buckingham Palace Ballroom

Decorated in Victorian style, the Ballroom is a splendid hall with important official invitations and ballrooms.

Royal Stables (Royal Mews)

Buckingham Palace Royal Stables London

Used in the coronations and other important events, dating from 1760. Golden State Coach (Golden Horse Car) and other equines where the car, Royal Mews as seen in England for the best horses in one of the places to be seen at Buckingham Palace.

In fact, I briefly mentioned the most important places to visit. However, the Music Room , where the guests were hosted and the baptism ceremonies of the royal family members, the Queen’s official meeting room , the balcony where the Royal Family greeted the people, is one of the places you may want to see in the palace.

And How to get to Buckingham Palace?

How to get to London Buckingham Palace

First of all, if you are not within walking distance, you can go anywhere in London by metro , and I should say that this is the fastest and most comfortable way. So to Buckingham Palace.

The nearest subway stations are in the center of London; Victoria, Green Park, Hyde Park Corner and St James’s Park.

Victoria Railway Station is a 10-minute walk away.

If you are planning a trip to London soon and have not yet decided on accommodation, where to stay in London to learn about accommodation alternatives in Buckingham Palace or in any part of London, and the features of these areas ? we recommend that you read our article.

Buckingham Palace Current Entrance Fees

Buckingham Palace trip ticket prices

Buckingham Palace entrance fees vary according to where you want to see the palace.

If you only want to see the State Rooms;

Entrance fee for adults is 24 pounds . 22 pounds for students and over 60 years of age, and 13 pounds for those under 17 years.

If you want to see the State Rooms , the Royal Stables and the Queen’s Gallery , the ticket you need to buy is the içe Royal Day Out Devlet and the fee is;

Admission fee for adults is 42.30 Pounds . 38.50 Pounds for students and over 60 years of age, 23.30 pounds for children under 17 years.

If you use the London Pass it is not the whole palace but the Royal Stables entrance is free.

If you want to buy your tickets online before you go, you can also use the official website of the palace.

Buckingham Palace Visiting Days and Hours

London Buckingham Palace visit days and times

I mentioned briefly at the beginning of the summer when Buckingham Palace was open to visit. But let me make it clearer here.

The garden of the palace is open every day of the year and every day.

The State Chambers, Royal Stables and the Queen’s Gallery;

  • 09: 30lar19: 00 between the end of July and August
  • It’s open from 09:30 to 18:00 in September.

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