Midas Monument

Midas Anıtı, Eskişehir

Midas Monument is one of the most important historical monuments around Eskisehir . The monument stands in a very important place in terms of illuminating the history of Firigya. If the Midas Monument is also an important place for history, the work has not received much attention until the 19th century. The first great information about the historical monument that attracted the attention of a British officer in this century was obtained about half a century later.

It was understood that it had a history dating back to 550 BC when the writings on Midas Monument were examined. Research shows that the first settlement in the region dates back to 3000 BC. The region is considered as a sacred place for a very long time starting from the first settlement period. The Phrygians, who dominated the region, reached the peak of their art during the most famous king, Midas, and produced works with a unique understanding of art.

The Midas Monument was built for the Cybele, which the Phrygians regarded as the main goddess in this period when they gave the most important works of art. This artwork is 17 meters high in an area of ​​400 m2. Reflecting the understanding of civilization’s own art, this monument was carved on the tuff. There are three inscriptions that cannot be solved yet. In the first of these inscriptions, the words “ Midai ”, which is known as the ” Fire ” of the gods and the protector of the kor King as Midas, can be read. In the third inscription, the word ğü father “could be solved. Apart from this information, the inscriptions still remain mysterious.

Midas Monument, also known as Yazılıkaya. 210 meters southwest of the artifact is another monument known as Küçük Yazılıkaya. These two monuments have many things in common. Both are decorated with geometric motifs. However, Küçük Yazılıkaya could not be completed. The Phrygians began to process this monument from above, but at the bottom of this monument there was no one. Nevertheless, based on the similarities, it is estimated that this work is intended to be used for religious ceremonies.

Visiting Midas Monument

  • Address: Midas Monument / Eskisehir Turkey
  • Transportation: Midas Monument is about 80 km away from the center of Eskisehir. Those who want to see the monument in the village of Yazlikaya in Han district can reach the region by using minibuses departing from the bus station.

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