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Australia ‘s second largest city and one of the world’s most important metropolises in Melbourne gold rush era in the mid-1850 “Marvelous MelbourneMelbourne Great” as he was known. Today is a city that has lost nothing. Museums, parks, historical buildings and a wide selection of travelers in the city that offers a wide selection of places to see in the list of places to visit in Melbourne . I also hope that everyone will enjoy the city while reading.

Melbourne Attractions

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1. Tram Tour

Tram Tour Melbourne

Trams, which are also an important part of Melbourne’s public transport, and even the free “ Circle Tram ın promise visitors a very interesting city tour.

In the center of the city, the tram number 35 draws a circular route and you can see the architectural masterpieces such as the Parliament Building, the Old Treasury Building, the Princess Theater and the Windsor Hotel by passing through Flinders Street, Harbor, Docklands Drive, La Trish Street, Victoria Street, Nicholsan Street and Spring Street. also allows. You can get off at the stop you want, you can re-ride the tram Sunday arası between Wednesday 10 to 6 in the morning between the other days, 10 to 9 in the morning between 9 every 9 minutes departs.

Nostalgic tram in green colors, which is a candidate for being a symbol of the city, is also connected with other tram lines at some stations. I recommend that you take at least half a day for the tram tour in this first item of the list of places to visit in Melbourne.

2. Parliament Building

Parliament Building Melbourne

The largest building from the 19th century in Australia, the Parliament Building is also the official seat of the state of Victoria . The building, designed by architect Charles Pasley, was inspired by the Leeds Town Hall in England, but later by the architect Peter Kerr , some changes were made. During the day, when the parliament is not convened, 8 free parliamentary tours can be organized. If you do not need to make an appointment for groups of less than 6 people, you can also participate as a spectator if you meet a session during the tour.

3. Old Treasury Building

Old Treasury Building Melbourne

Built in 1862 , the Old Treasury Building is considered one of the most impressive buildings in Australia , not just in the list of places to visit in Melbourne. The building that was used as the Melbourne City local government building since the 19th century was designed by architect John James Clark from 19 (yes 19!) Years old and is an extremely elegant example of Renaissance style.

Today there are three permanent exhibitions in the building, üman Built On Gold ata , sanat Victorian Archival Treasures ser and ser Growing Up “. taking. The museum, which is closed on Saturdays, is located on Mac Arthur Street and does not require an entrance fee if you do not buy a guided tour.

4. Princess Theater (Princess Theater)

Princess Theater Melbourne

The Princess Theater Melbourne, built in 1886 , is another example of a breathtaking historic building. The theater, where the most important plays, opera and musicals of the city are exhibited today, can accommodate up to 1500 spectators. Inside the Melba and Marriner restaurants, you can enjoy a little meal before the representation of the theater marble decorations, the dome-shaped roof with original chandeliers and all the splendor is waiting for visitors. If you want to see a representation at the Princess Theater on Spring Street , you can find the seasonal program at the link below .

5. Federation Square

Federation Square Melbourne

Federation Square, which hosts more than 2,000 events every year, is not really old. The square opened in 2002 is a touristic place and a meeting point for local people, where Victorian-style buildings and ultra-modern buildings are side-by-side. The square at the intersection of Swanston and Flinders Streets can be the starting point of your tour in this city.

6. Royal Botanic Gardens

Located in the south of the Yarra River , one of the most tourist attractions in the city is the Botanical Gardens . Opened in 1846, the garden is considered one of the best among the botanical gardens in the world. More than 50 thousand plants, some of which are rare, are located in the Botanic Gardens, which are spread over an area of ​​400 acres.

If you want to visit this lush stop of the Melbourne sightseeing list in the summer, you can watch a movie in the open-air cinema under the stars or see a theater play. The Botanical Gardens on Birdwood Street are open from 7:30 in the morning to the sunset and no entry fee is charged.

7. Cricket Stadium (Melbourne Circket Ground)

Melbourne Attractions Melbourne Circket Ground

One of the largest stadiums in the world with its capacity of 100 thousand people in 1853 , MCG was the main stadium of the 1956 Olympic Games. If you go during the summer (winter in our opinion), you can also visit a cricket or football match in the stadium for a period of 1-1.5 hours. This tour, which you can do in the museum inside the stadium, exhibits extremely important visuals, objects and documents from the history of sports. The museum, with an entrance fee of 24 USD, is located on Brunton Street in East Melbourne.

8. National Gallery of Victoria

Things to Do in Melbourne National Gallery of Victoria

The Victoria Gallery , the oldest public art gallery in Australia, actually displays over 68,000 artworks in two locations. Opened in 1968 and known as The Great Hall, St. In the gallery located on Kilda Street , international art works are exhibited while local Australian art works (Aborigines to the present day) are on display at Ian Potter Gallery on Federation Square . In galleries, which are not normally charged for entrance, fees may be charged for special exhibitions from time to time.

9. Eureka Tower

Melbourne Attractions Eureka Tower

One of the interesting stops of the list of places to visit in Melbourne is the 91-storey skyscraper, named after the Eureka Rebellion , which took place in 1854 , which went on to the clash of gold miners with the security guards of the state, and then took important lessons for the rightful demands of the people and people. The gold windows of the skyscraper and the hill are a reference to the gold rush.

88-floor Skydeck ‘as a den where you can watch the breathtaking views of Melbourne, The Edge can experience is the feeling when standing in the gap in a glass cube protrudes from up to 3 meters from the building. The ticket to the Skydeck skyscraper on Riverside Quay Street costs 20 USD but there are also group or family discounts.

10. Arcade and Passages (Arcades & Laneways)

Arcades and Laneways Melbourne

Visiting the stylish, local, quirky and crowded streets and passages on Flinders , Collins and Bourke Streets , perhaps a little shopping or just visiting interesting shops is a must-see list of places to visit in Melbourne. When you take a few hours with interesting mosaics, extraordinary historical shops and arcades and passages from the 19th century, it will give you an extremely enjoyable time.

The oldest shop in the market is the Hopetoun Tea House opened in 1892 and is a busy shop where you can wait in line. Royal Arcade is the oldest of all these bazaars. You can buy a guided tour if you don’t want to get lost in this arcade and arcades labyrinth.

11. Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building

Melbourne Attractions List

For Melbourne, we can also call it a city of museums. Another interesting museum in the list of Melbourne attractions is the city museum, located among lush parks and gardens. In addition to the Aboriginal Center , Bunjilaka , the children’s museum and The Blue Box , the museum also features a number of activities for children. The elegant Royal Exhibition Building (Royal Exhibition Center), built in 1880, is also part of the museum.

There is no entry fee to the museum on Nicholson Street, but different fees apply for different events or exhibitions. You can click on the following link for current events and prices.

12. Captain Cook’s House

Places to visit in Melbourne Captain Cook house

The famous sea man and explorer of England, Captain Cook ‘s hometown, moved from Yorkshire to Melbourne to visit tourists in Fitzroy Gardens . The house, built by the Captain’s parents, is extremely small, charming and engaging. It is one of the most interesting places on the list of places to visit in Melbourne, a kind of museum where many objects about Captain’s life on the seas, adventures and explorations are exhibited. The entrance fee to Captan Cook’s house in Fitzroy Gardens, Wellington Road is 6,50 USD.

13. Yarra River Tour with Boat

Things to do in Melbourne Boat trip

A boat tour on the Yarra River that separates the city into two is complemented by a list of places to visit in Melbourne. You can buy the boat from any boat tour company in the Southbank region and watch the city from the river once.

14. Shrine of Remembrance

Shrine of Remembrance Melbourne

The monument to commemorate the ANZAC soldiers who were killed in the war after World War I was an important visit. Especially if you visit the monument on 24th April ANZAC day and 11 November Memorial Day, you can see an impressive illumination at night.

15. Queen Victoria Market (Queen Victoria Market)

Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne

The Queen Victoria Market , the most popular destination for both tourists and people from Melbourne, is the only market in Melbourne’s list of places to visit. This market, which dates back to 1878 , is open 5 days a week, where you can shop in a wide range from fresh vegetables and fruits to clothing, handicrafts, jewelry and toys.

Not just shopping, the Queen Victoria Market also organizes concerts and similar activities. Located at the intersection of the Queen and Victoria Streets, the market is open every weekday.

The list of places to visit in Melbourne is not limited to this. Although I haven’t mentioned this for a long time, you can visit Docklands , Melbourne Zoo , Southbank Arts Center , St.Paul Cathedral , St.Patrick’s Cathedral , St.Kilda Beach and Dandenong .

Where to stay in Melbourbe?

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