London's Unusual District Camden Town

Camden Town

London ‘One of the most interesting regions in Camden Town. If you are planning to travel to this city and have been researching for a while, it has been stolen to your ear.

It is one of the 21st century’s most awkward settlements where you can’t get enough to eat, drink, shop, and turn your head out of that quirkiness into this oddity.

London sightseeing notes in Camden Town

Some people compare Camden Town to Istanbul’s Kadikoy and others to Karaköy . I think there are things in common, but Camden Town is a completely different place in the world.

Before you start writing more about this punk, gothic and rock mix, I would suggest that you first take a full day here from morning until midnight.

By the way, if you’re planning on not just Camden Town, you can find all the information you may need about your trip to London in our London Travel Guide .

Camden Town Information

Things to do in London Camden Town

Camden Town is a district, neighborhood, neighborhood bir famous for its cheap markets in the northwest of London, the smells of food that are all around the world, and the strange strange types of street wandering.

Since the end of the 1700s Londoners (in fact, more Irish in the first place) have become more and more popular with the expansion of the railways.

Today, Camden Town has become a major contributor to the London economy with its tourism, retail and service sectors. And when you get out of the subway at any part of London and get out of the subway, yes, even at that moment, it makes you feel like you’re out of the ordinary.

Information about London Camden Town

Camden Town is the ideal place to spend a pleasant day watching even those who do not have any of these activities, where you can buy the cheapest and most delicious food in the city, where you can sell the hidden or open weed and various drugs on the streets. Why say? It is not possible to find such a strange blend at the beginning of the article, in another part of the world.

In this article, I will only talk about Camden Town and the activities in this complex, worth seeing the markets and the places you will enjoy doing, but you can find the places to see all over the city in London .

On the weekends, because of the millions of Londoners and millions of tourists, I would recommend benthe more convenient ın weekdays for a more comfortable day. But if you don’t have other time, or if you especially like crowds, visit Camden Town on a Saturday.

Camden Town Markets

Shopping in Camden Town, London

The first thing that comes to mind when you say Camden Town is cheap shopping. There are 6 street markets in the region and each has its own character. I’ll briefly mention all of them, and if you want a visit to those who are most interested in you.

Regent’s Kanal’ın kuzeyinde yer alan Camden Lock Market başta ucuz ama lezzetli fast food yiyecekler (Türk, İtalyan, Hint, Çin aklınıza gelebilecek her yerin mutfağından), sonrasında el işi eşyalar, kitaplar, giysiler ve kostümlerle ilgileniyorsanız mutlaka uğramanız gereken bir pazar. Camden Lock Market: Camden Lock Market, located north of Regent’s Canal, is a must-see for cheap but tasty fast food (Turkish, Italian, Indian, Chinese cuisine), then handcrafted items, books, clothes and costumes. a market.

Regent’s Kanal kıyısında, Kuzeydoğu’da yer alan Camden Lock Village ise buradaki pazarlar arasında en ünlüsü diyebilirim. Camden Lock Village: Camden Lock Village , located in the Northeast of the Regent’s Canal, is the most famous market here. Ready-to-wear, accessories and an unusual range of products can be found here.

Shopping in Camden Town, London Camden Market

Camden Lock Market’in kuzeyinde, Chalk Farm Yolu üzerinde yer alan Stables Market 700’den fazla dükkan ve tezgahta sıradışı giysiler bulabileceğiniz bir yer. Stables Market: Located on the north of Camden Lock Market, on the Chalk Farm Road, the Stables Market is a place where you can find unusual clothes on over 700 shops and stalls. I can say that the clothing products here are more vintage, even more bizarre than the other markets in Camden Town.

Diğer adı da Buck Street Market olan pazar Camden High Caddesi’nde yer alıyor. Camden Market: The other name, Buck Street Market, is located on Camden High Street. The special feature is that you can find ready-to-wear garments for all tastes at very reasonable prices. In this street market with more than 200 shops and benches, you can find various accessories.

Shopping in Camden Town London Camden Lock Village

Sadece Pazar günleri açık olan Electric Ballroom diğerleri gibi bir sokak pazarı değil. Electric Ballroom: Only open on Sundays, the Electric Ballroom is not like a street market. This is also a place where you can find various ready-to-wear products. However, since other markets are able to meet all kinds of tastes and meet their needs, you don’t have to go long.

Camden Town Metro İstasyonu’nun batısındaki Inverness Street Market ise turistlerden ziyade yerlilerin sıkça gittiği bir pazar. Inverness Street Market: Inverness Street Market in the west of Camden Town Metro Station is a market where locals go rather than tourists. In addition to restaurants and bars, there are fruit and vegetable stalls and some ready-made clothing and accessories.

What to do in Camden Town?

Things to do in London Camden Town

I’ve said that Camden Town is famous for its cheap shopping and markets, but that doesn’t mean that the only activity in this area is a market trip. I suggest you spend a whole day here, of course there are other things to do.

: Camden Town’un uygun fiyatlı ve lezzetli yemeklerinden yazının başında bahsettim. Food : I mentioned Camden Town’s affordable and tasty food at the beginning of the summer. You can dine here in a restaurant if you want, or grab a variety of snacks from a street counter. You won’t regret it. Which you must do.

If you want to have a lunch or dinner by enjoying a good quality restaurant, you can enjoy Gilgamesh , where you can taste the most delicious choices of Grill or Asian cuisine. If you say street stands do not have a special suggestion, you can try everything that looks nice to your eyes.

Amy Winehouse’un yaşadığı ve hatta amatörken sahne aldığı bir yerden bahsediyoruz. Live Music : We ‘re talking about a place where Amy Winehouse lived and even performed as an amateur. Camden Town is famous for its punk, jazz and rock bars. If you want to listen to music in a bar where amateur groups take the stage; If you like Koko or The Underground , jazz and blues, Jazz Cafe and Blues Kitchen are the ideal addresses.

Things to do in London Camden Town

Camden Town’u bir de Regent’s Canal üzerinden seyretmek isterseniz kanalda tekne turu da harika bir seçenek. Boat Trip: If you want to watch Camden Town through the Regent’s Canal, the boat trip on the canal is also a great option. And if you want, there are also dozens of different options for boat tours that focus on the historical sites of the area, or if you want to sit back and relax. You can find these options at Camden Lock or Little Venice starting points and start the tour immediately.

Although I said it was a boat trip, walking along the canal is one of the pleasant activities in the area.

Visiting the London Zoo near Regent’s Park and for those who enjoy cultural activities, the Jewesh Museum is a bonus for those who love these concepts.

And How to get to Camden Town?

Where is Camden Town London

There are two different metro stations in the area. If you want you can take a stroll at Camden Town Metro Station and explore Chalk Farm Station .

Accommodation in Camden Town

London Camden Town accommodation and hotel recommendations

If you want to enjoy nightlife while exploring this area and have fun until late, you can choose to stay in Camden Town. In this respect, the options are very rich. So I would suggest you two hotels that fit you in different budgets.

Camden Enterprise Hotel

Located next to Chalk Farm Underground Station, Camden Enterprise Hotel is housed in a historic building. The price per night is around 100 pounds and includes a pleasant breakfast.

The hotel is very close to all the markets and activities in Camden Town Region, 1 km away. As a clean, comfortable hotel, I would suggest that guest satisfaction on is a very high figure, like 9.2 points.

  • Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

4 ★ Holiday Inn London Camden Lock

A 2-minute walk from Camden Town Underground Station, Holiday Inn London is located on the canal of Camden Lock . The hotel has a restaurant with a rich menu, but its location is so central that you can reach every attraction in the area in a short time.

The rooms of the hotel are modernly decorated, the staff is friendly, friendly and helpful. It is a plant awarded with 8.7 points by nearly 2000 guests. Prices are around 150 pounds per night.

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If you need to arrange your stay in London yourself, you can find other areas of the city that are suitable for tourists, properties of these areas and some accommodation alternatives in London Where to Stay.

London City Center Hotels

You can review the locations of the hotels in the city center on the map below. Prices shown are per night accommodation fees. If you wish, you can review the prices by entering the destination and date information.

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