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London , the capital of England and the UK, needs to be considered in a separate position from all of Europe with accommodation, shopping and transportation facilities. The city, which has a rich history and cultural heritage, has different characteristics from most places as the culture of entertainment and entertainment life are shaped according to the island life. London travel guide with my own experience in the foreground of all the features of the city tried to tell you. I hope that the information I have provided will help you to have a pleasant holiday.

London Travel Guide

Let’s start by giving information about the history of the city. The first findings about London’s early state were found in 1999 as a result of excavations north of the Vauxhall Bridge. As a result of the tests carried out on the fragments taken from the bridge remains uncovered here . dolaylarında inşa edildiği anlaşılmış. It was understood that it was built around 1500 . The main ruins discovered in 2010 and belonged to a large wooden structure were the first settlement in the region where the city was located . ‘de kurulduğuna işaret etmiş. He pointed out that it was set up at 4500 .

Despite these findings, it is accepted that the ensemble of today’s London is the Romans . BC BC The first settlement of the empire, which ruled in 43 BC, was destroyed by the Britons under the leadership of Queen Boudica in 61 AD, but the Romans succeeded in rebuilding Londinium in 100 years.

başlarında imparatorluğun yıkılması ile birlikte bölgeye Anglo-Sakson topluluklar hâkim olmaya başlamış. With the collapse of the empire at the beginning of the 5th century , Anglo-Saxon communities began to dominate the region. During this period, Londinium gradually began to lose its importance, while Lundenwic began an upswing. Around 680, one of the most important ports of the region in the city 851, 886 and 994 years, the Vikings attacked. The first two attacks reached their goal and the third was repelled. After these attacks, the Vikings were reached as a result of the excavations carried out in the early 1990s of England, including London’s current territory. He founded Danelaw in the area that covers the north and north of the village. This movement of the Vikings brought London to the fore, and it led Lundenwic to be removed from history.

İngiltere’nin en büyük yerleşimi haline gelen Londra, Normandiya Dükü William’ın tahta geçmesinin ardından nüfusunu arttırmış, ticari ve mimari alanlarda da kayda değer oranda gelişmiş. London, which became the largest settlement of England in the 11th century , increased its population after the throne of the Duke of Normandy, and was significantly improved in commercial and architectural areas. ortalarında meydana gelen salgında nüfusunun üçte birini kaybeden şehir, sonraki yıllarda vergi adaletsizliği nedeniyle çıkan isyan hareketleri ile çalkalanmış. The city, which lost one third of its population in the outbreak in the middle of the 14th century , was shaken by rebellion movements due to tax injustice.

London Travel Notes

London trip notes blog
Tower of London, one of the most important buildings in London .

In the period when the Tudor Dynasty became the throne, reforms were carried out one after the other. One of the most important developments in this period, where the power of the church is trying to be reduced in all respects, is showing the transition of many buildings to private ownership. deniz ticaretinde atılım yapan kent, önce Avrupa sonrasında Yeni Dünya ile kârlı anlaşmalara imza atmış. The city, which made a breakthrough in sea trade in the 15th and 16th centuries , has signed profitable agreements with the New World after Europe first. During the civil war, the city took its place in the parliament, and in the 1600s, the city was severely damaged by plague epidemics and large fire . suçun ve çocuk ölümlerinin yaygın görüldüğü bir şehir haline gelen Londra, kahvehanelerin popüler olmasıyla liberalizmin, baskı makinelerinin artması ile İngiliz basınının merkezi konumuna yükselmiş. In the 18th century , London became a city where crime and child deaths were common, and with the increasing popularity of coffeehouses, liberalism became the center of the British press with the increase of printing presses. After Napoleon’s occupation of Amsterdam, the financial institutions that left the Netherlands began to carry out their activities in the British capital.

başında, göçmenlerin akın etmesiyle, Londra’nın nüfusu inanılmaz rakamlara tırmanmış. At the beginning of the 20th century , with the influx of immigrants, London’s population climbed to incredible numbers. This situation II. It continued until World War II and the population dramatically decreased after the war. The city, which was exposed to the Nazis’ airstrikes during the war years, became the center of youth movements in the mid-60s. The 2012 Summer Olympic Games had a positive impact on London’s image, celebrating the beginning of the 21st century by building prestigious structures from each other, and led to an increase in the number of tourists visiting the city.

In London, where nearly 9 million people live, one third of the population is ethnic groups. This is the official language in English and almost half of the population of the city with different belief systems in the city to protect the existence of languages.

Turkish Airlines , Atlasglobal and Pegasus direct flights from our country to the city covering 8,382 square kilometers in the southeast of the UK. In addition, high-speed trains from many countries to the west of Europe can travel to the city. In addition to these two options, you can also choose bus services.

Where is London? When to Go to London? Bilir You can find more details about the city’s location and transportation options in our guide.

When to Go to London?

London travel guide should go to London
London travel guide, Hyde Park.

After the important milestones in the history, population structure and transportation facilities, I would like to tell you about the most ideal times to travel to the city.

ve yağmuru ile ünlü Londra, ılıman okyanus ilklimi sayesinde 4 mevsim ziyaret edilebilecek bir tatil destinasyonuna dönüşüyor. London, famous for its indoor weather and rain , turns into a holiday destination that can be visited for 4 seasons thanks to its temperate ocean climate . This feature naturally makes it easier for travelers to plan the holiday they desire. No matter what period you go to the city, you can easily come to a cultural event that will color your holiday.

For example, if you decide to meet the new year in London, you can watch the celebration of the splendid fireworks around the London Eye and the surrounding area. Don’t worry if you miss this show; because you have the opportunity to experience New Year’s celebrations of a different culture by going to Chinatown . In January, there is also a fair where art lovers show great interest. If you like football, you may be interested in the Carling Cup Final in February. In March St. You can have fun at the festivities in the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day .

Although winter and spring months offer attractive opportunities, most travelers prefer to travel to the city during the summer months when the number of sunny days is high. The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament and the London City Festival have a lot to offer. September, Thames, October with London Film festivals in the city of the last event of the year in December, the London Pass is the name.

Where to Stay in London

London travel notes hotel recommendations
For our last London trip, our 3-star Premier Inn London County Hall is a very central and quality accommodation in the city. Click here to review the hotel and make a reservation.

Unlike most continental destinations in Europe, it is much easier to answer the question of where to stay in London. bölgesi içerisinde her bütçeye ve beğeniye hitap eden konaklama tesislerinin faaliyet gösterdiği çok sayıda yerleşim bulunuyor. Because in the Great London area, which is called as the city center, there are many settlements where accommodation facilities appealing to every budget and taste. In addition, I will share detailed information under a separate heading in the London travel guide, and the city has improved the public transport facilities, while it offers a great deal of comfort for travelers.

ve Bayswater . If you are a backpacker with a limited budget, I would recommend Bloomsbury and Bayswater . YHA London These two regions, which include affordable prices such as Pancras and Astor Queensway Hostel , have the potential to attract the attention of young people.

For those with an average budget, London has some more options. ‘da Gloucester Road çevresinde fiyatları orta seviyede olan oteller bulunuyor. There are mid-priced hotels around Gloucester Road in Kensington . It should be noted that this area is located far from Stansted Airport, which is used by Pegasus and Atlasglobal. ise Heathrow Havalimanı’na yakınlığı nedeniyle popüler bir konaklama bölgesi olarak anılıyor. Paddington is known as a popular accommodation area due to its proximity to Heathrow Airport. ve Westminter ‘a da araştırmanız sırasında odaklanabilirsiniz. In addition to Kensington and Paddington, you can also focus on Victoria and Westminter during your research. You can even prioritize the 3-star London Court Hotel and the 4-star Park Plaza Victoria London .

veya West End otelleri arasından seçim yapabilirsiniz. If you’re on a budget or on a business trip, you can choose from hotels in The City or West End, where luxury arises. The hotels in the area include The Piccadilly London West End and The Soho Hotel .

If you want to learn more about accommodation in London and hotels, you can read the following:

Things to Do in London

Things to see in London info and photos
London excursion notes: Buckingham Palace

One of the most important parts of our London travel guide writing is naturally places to visit in the city. London, which became the capital of an empire that became the most important political and economic power in the world from the Middle Ages, London today reflects its splendor with its historical buildings around the River Thames. Tower Bridge , with the imposing Big Ben , adjacent to the Palace of Westminster and its adjacent, comes at the beginning of such structures. Speaking of the splendor of St. Paul’s Cathedral , the Tower of London , Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace must also be added to this list.

If you want to learn more about the history of London, you can give priority to the Museum of Natural History and Science with the British Museum . Tate Modern on Artistic accumulation, Shakespeare’s Globe and the National Gallery offer significant deals. Piccadily Circus and Trafalgar Square are the ideal spots to observe everyday life.

London is home to peaceful places such as Hyde Park . The Millennium Dome , the London Eye and the Millennium Bridge , part of the celebrations that took place during the new millennium, are the modern face of urban architecture. With the London Eye, you can take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of the city.

You can find details and photos of the places that I have mentioned in the London travel guide, ecek Places to visit in London bu, and the location information of these places in our articles titled ecek Map of Places to Visit in London (under construction) Londra.

What to do in London?

Things to do in London
One of the most beautiful things to do in London is to embark on the London Eye, the famous ferris wheel, which is part of the city’s landmarks.

London is one of the most touristy cities in the world, owing to the dozens of activities it offers its visitors. No matter what your purpose of travel, you can further color your holiday by attending the following activities in the city and by visiting:

  1. You can take the London Eye to watch the scenery.
  2. The Shakespeare Globe shows a performance that you cannot survive for a long time.
  3. You can join the carnival at Notting Hill to have fun moments.
  4. Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.
  5. You can increase your cultural accumulation through the rich collection of the British Museum.
  6. A traditional English breakfast is served at Fish & Chips.
  7. You can join the boat tours on the River Thames.
  8. If you are fond of chocolate, you can go to M & M World to catch the charm.
  9. You can evaluate shopping opportunities at Oxford Street.
  10. You can visit Camden Town which is the center of attention with different atmosphere.
  11. Watch the shift in Buckingham Palace.

If you are curious about the details of the activities I offer you in this section of London travel guide bölüm What to do in London? List of Things to Do yazım

Transportation in London

Transport in London, airport, inner city, train, London excursion notes
Two-storey red buses and taxis from the UK and London’s most famous landmarks.

Perhaps the subject of transportation is the most important issue in the city. 5 different airports are used for civil air transportation in the city. No matter which of these airports you can take advantage of many different options for getting to the city center. For example; Turkey, located in the destination location of origin of the airline from Gatwick to Heathrow and Stansted ‘skin can be accessed from the living heart of the express train to London with traffic stress.

bulunuyor. Heathrow also has a metro line to London City. In addition to Gatwick and Stansted, Luton also offers guests an option to take a bus. In London City, DLR provides the most affordable transfer service. In addition, each airport has Golden Tours and Diamond Air branches. In addition to the hotel pickup option, you can also evaluate the offers of these companies.

In the city center, you can easily reach the desired point by walking due to the geographical structure of the city. Of course, because it is valuable for you, you can give priority to using the world’s largest metro line. After the metro, the bus in the city’s most comprehensive network allows guests to travel comfortably. In addition, there are many light rail systems and tram lines that support these two transportation options.

For those who do not want to deal with public transportation, Golden Tours and Big Bus organize bus stops on three different routes. turları sırasında güzergâh üzerindeki turistik alanlar hakkındaki bilgilendirme her iki firmada da 12 farklı dilde yapılıyor. Information on touristic areas on the route during the London hop-on hop-off tours takes place in both companies in 12 different languages. During the journey, Golden Tours vehicles and 60 Bus Bus stop for 50 stops. If you have a London Pass discount card, you can use these 24-hour packages free of charge.

The details of all the transportation options mentioned in the London travel guide article are waiting for you in our content.

Shopping in London

Information about shopping in London and photos

London travel guide content, especially one of the most curious topics of female travelers shopping naturally. If you go to the British capital with a shopping budget just above the average, you can have a lot of quality products. Gastronomy enthusiasts in London shopping for tea , whiskey , biscuits , marmalade and chocolate varieties immediately comes to mind. You can find the latest creations and fabric types of world famous brands in the city where the fan products of various categories from cinema to football are widespread. For the wolves who are curious about literature, London resembles a temple.

Harrods , Selfridges and Oxford and Regent streets are in the center of luxury shopping in London. Carnaby Street is another popular shopping street while they are so popular. If you call a shopping center where you can find affordable products, you can change your route to Primark .

While shopping streets and shopping malls in London are based on a certain concept, street markets offer their guests more original options at affordable prices. Camden Town , one of the most popular districts of the city, is at the top of the list. Portobello Road and Covent Garden also have a chance to find attractive options. Do not forget to negotiate to reduce the price in such places.

You can find answers to any questions you may have about shopping, which is one of the most enjoyable topics of the London travel guide:

Food and Drink in London

What to eat in London, local British food
Traditional English Breakfast

Frankly, London is not a prominent city with its food culture. However, this does not mean that you will not find any original flavor in the city. In addition, the variety of food in the city is not bad enough due to minorities.

geliyor. Traditional English breakfasts are served in the city. Breakfast including scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and beans is a very nutritious yet very different experience. If you want to finish this ambitious plate at the first meal of the day, you can choose the options offered in the hotels.

ile karnınızı doyurabilirsiniz. For lunch, fish and chips can be filled with the indispensable taste of the island cuisine. Fish & Chips, along with the sauce that comes with this meal is becoming quite delicious. In the evening, Wellington, more familiar recipes such as roast. If you enter into a sweet crisis in London, I would recommend you try eton mess or sticky toffee in a grocery store and get junk food.

The biggest benefit of the Turkish minority in the drinking and drinking sector is the individuals who take care to consume halal food. Mangal Ocakbasi, Iznik, Antepliler, Ephesus, such as many places you can satisfy your hunger with peace of mind.

You can find many tips and advice on the city’s food culture through the links below.

London Urban Discount Card: London Pass & Oyster Visitor Card

London Excursion Notes, London Discount Card Oyster Card
Oyster Card

Excessive activities in London can make the control of the holiday budget very difficult. ve Oyster Visitor Card isimli 2 ürün sunuluyor. For those who want to draw the expenses, which are a very serious issue for those who set out on a limited budget, to reasonable levels, 2 products are offered, namely London Pass and Oyster Visitor Card .

The London Pass is basically used as a city discount card. In this context, free access to up to 80 attractions can be provided by the card. Even at some points, the card holders can start visiting the place without waiting in line. In addition, travelers who buy a card can hop on hop off bus tours if they wish.

The validity period of the London Pass discount card ranges from 1 to 10 days. The price of the card starts from £ 69 for adults.

The Oyster Visitor Card gives travelers the privilege to travel on London’s public transport network at advantageous prices. Thanks to this card, you can benefit from discount opportunities at some points.

The visitor card works with the credit system and can be recharged when the balance ends. In this application, the 15-credit Oyster Card is sold for 20 pounds. You can purchase the card either alone or with the London Pass.

All the information you need to know more about the advantages of both cards daha What is London Pass & Oyster Card? Prices, Advantages siz ları is waiting for you in our article.

London Nightlife

London nightlife

The last part of our London travel guide was for travelers who like to have fun. The number of places focused on night entertainment in the city attracts travelers with a sweet rush to make a choice. If you go to Soho , Camden , Bloomsbury , Mayfair or Holborn-Clerkenwell , you can come to one of the nightclubs that are arranged one after the other, with different budgets and tastes.

If you want to listen to world-famous singers and dance with DJ performances, Studio 338, KOKO, Egg, XOYO will surely meet your expectations. Corsica Studios is at the head of the venues in London where university youth are interested.

If you like to taste products with different flavors in the rich wine menu, you can easily find what you are looking for at Vinoteca and Gordon’s Wine Bar. The Young’s and The Founder’s Army are known as the oldest pubs in the city, but the whiskey variety in the inventory at the Boisdale Canary Wharf is remarkable.

During my London travel guide, I tried to share detailed information about the UK’s most important city, London’s capital, London. If you want to add this information to the London travel guide, please add it as absolute comment.

London City Center Hotels

You can review the locations of the hotels in the city center on the map below. Prices shown are per night accommodation fees. If you wish, you can review the prices by entering the destination and date information.

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