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London is not only Europe, but also the most developed city in the world. Transport for London (TfL) managed by the comprehensive structure of the transportation network thanks to the city is very convenient, but very few people prefer to walk.

London Guide: Where and How to Get to London

London occupies an area of ​​8,382 square kilometers in the southeastern part of the United Kingdom, where the elevation is low. ” isimli kent merkezinin büyüklüğü ise 1.572 kilometrekare. The city center, called yakın Büyük Londra ın, which houses almost all of the places to visit in London , is 1,572 square kilometers.

geliyor. Bloomsbury , the home of the British Museum , is one of the most popular places for travelers in the city center. ‘ya, tarihi ve kültürel birikimine dair fikir sahibi olmak için Westminister ‘a ağırlık verebilirsiniz. To recognize the city’s marginal aspect, you can give weight to Westminster to have an idea of Soho , its historical and cultural heritage. You can find content similar to that in East End and Westminster in Greenwich. , günümüzde modern yapısıyla dikkat çekiyor. The City , where London was founded, stands out with its modern structure. South Kensington-Chelsea has many attractions for shopping enthusiasts.

Where is London Transport in London

The most ideal way to travel to London is a holiday destination that can be visited all year long due to moderate weather conditions. Turkish Airlines , Atlasglobal , Pegasus and British Airways offer travelers attractive options. ‘a seferler düzenliyor. THY and British Airways flights to Heathrow , the city’s main airport. ‘i kullanıyor. Pegasus and Atlasglobal use Stansted as the destination.

In addition to air transportation, you can choose to travel from Europe mainland to the city under the heading altında London Transport Guide Krallık.

Where is London? How to get to London? In our article, you can find more detailed information about the city’s location, the most ideal periods for travel and transportation options.

London Airport City Center Transportation

Transport to London city center airport

bulunuyor. There are 5 airports in London for civil air transportation. Located at different points in the city, these facilities offer different options for those who want to go to the city center.

, Gatwick veya Stansted havalimanlarından kent merkezine gitmek isterseniz, ekspres trenlere binebilirsiniz. If you want to go to the city center from Heathrow , Gatwick or Stansted airports, you can take the express trains. The Heathrow Express takes passengers from Paddington Station starting at £ 15 every 15 minutes between 05.00 and 00.00. The ticket prices start at £ 17.75 and the Gatwick Express also offers flights to Victoria and South Terminal stations. The Stansted Express offers an early booking with attractive rates of £ 7 at an attractive price and provides links between Liverpool Street and Tottenham Hale in the heart of the city.

To go to the city center, you can take the metro at Heathrow Airport and the DLR in London City. Your destination is Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and you can reach the heart of the city at affordable rates with Easybus or National Express buses.

Apart from the economical and fast public transport, comfortable options are also offered to travelers to London’s airports. If this kind of option makes sense, you can evaluate the offers of Golden Tours or Diamond Air and take one of the taxis waiting for passengers. Of course you can also deal with your hotel directly for your transfer needs.

If you would like to learn more about transfer options, please read our mek London Airport Transport Guide mek.

Train to London

High-speed train to London transport guide

One of Europe’s most popular destinations, such as Paris and Brussels, is one of the most comfortable routes to the UK. ve Eurostars firmaları her iki şehirden Londra’ya gün içerisinde çok sayıda direkt sefer düzenliyor. Thalys and Eurostars companies offer direct flights to London from both cities during the day. In addition, these companies from the Netherlands, Germany and Italy are also available to the city. The transfer usually takes place in Brussels. However, Paris is also used for several times. From Paris to London, tickets can be found at prices starting from 50 Euros. On the trains departing from Brussels, the price starts from 44 Euros.

If you decide to go by train from Scotland to London, I recommend you to choose bed trains. If you want to travel from Ireland to city, you can find the best rates on SailRail.

London City Transportation Options

City Guide London Transport Guide

London is proving to be the most advanced settlement in the world in terms of transportation, proves its rich diversity in the city. “ Where to Stay in London Yürüyerek If you stay in the city center facilities, such as the hotels we recommend, you can also visit the city’s important parts on foot. However, by using the following options, you can save time and capture different landscapes.


With 11 lines and 270 stops, the metro is the most advanced public transportation system in the city. Each of these lines has a different name and color code. On Friday and Saturday, 6 lines carry uninterrupted passengers all day long. I recommend that you do not use the metro, where the fee changes according to the region to be used, unless you are obliged to go to work and because of the intensity during the work hours.


Another important part of the network of transportation in London is the bus. Vehicles carry 700 different people in the city center. Among these lines, 9, 14, 15 and 22 are passed in front of many buildings which are the symbol of the city. In addition to the metro, some of the bus lines also serve at night. Trafalgar Square is used as the starting point of many of the night lines.

Light Rail System

If you are outside the metro, you can use the light rail system to meet your transportation needs. The system, which has been operating on 6 even since 2007, is shown in orange on the metro transportation map.


DLR, which operates in the east and southeast of the London transportation network, provides its guests with the opportunity to photograph the sights of the city in the docks area, which today has a modern appearance thanks to the skyscrapers built. The intersection of the metro network at 6 different points makes the Docklands Light Railway trains even more attractive.


You can prefer trams to breathe the unique atmosphere of South London. In 2000, passengers from Wimbledon to Beckenham and New Addington are transported. New Addington vehicles 7, Beckenham’a passengers who carry passengers in 10 minutes.

Commuter train

With suburban trains that can be used to get to the airports, you can go to popular places such as Wimbledon, Hampton Court, Kew Gardens, Windsor Castle and Greenwich just outside the city center. If you are traveling with these vehicles, you can use the subway up to a certain point to save time.

River Bus

You can take advantage of the sea bus operated by the MBNA to get to know the unique atmosphere of the River Thames and to see the icon structures from different angles. Boats carrying passengers on 4 different routes depart from the stops every 20 minutes.

Emirates Lift

The Emirates Lift, which runs between Greenwich and Royal Harbor, is another London transportation option that will allow you to get to know the city from different angles, just like river buses. If you want to make the journey lasting an average of 10 minutes more enjoyable, you can take advantage of the 360 ​​° tour content by paying the rental fee of £ 50.


If you do not want to set yourself up and take part in the crowds of public transport, you can either call a taxi or take a minicab to your destination. Pricing in London black taxis varies by day, distance and time. Minicabs can also travel at fixed prices.

To learn more about the options available during your holiday, please see our beri London City Transport Guide & Hop On Hop Off Tours Tatil.

London Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours

Public transport buses in London

If they didn’t plan a detailed planning in advance, many of the travelers who travel to the city for the first time can experience problems in accessing the London transportation system. In addition, if the holiday period is 1-2 days, it is difficult to make a visit list for most individuals. If you do not want to experience such situations, you can take part in the hop on hop off tours organized by Golden Tours and Big Bus .

The companies offer voice guidance services to their guests in 12 different languages ​​during the tours they have organized on 3 different routes. In addition to paused bus rides, the package offers free walking and boat tours to travelers. Buses of the Golden Tours company, which also provides airport transfer service, stops at 60 different locations at Big 50.

Big Bus offers tour packages at prices starting from £ 35. Golden Tours has set the starting price of £ 24.95. If you are a London Pass holder, you can join one of the 24-hour tours of both companies without paying a fee.

London City Transport Prices & Oyster Visitor Card

Transport ticket prices in London

In London transportation system, separate tariffs are applied for buses and trams, separate for rail and light rail systems. In addition, the price varies according to the area traveled during the journey. ‘de metro ve hafif raylı sistem ile seyahat için gerekli tek kullanımlık biletler için 4,90 Sterlin ‘lik fiyat belirlenmiş. Within this scope, Zone 1-2 , which is within the boundaries of the city center, has a price of £ 4.90 for the one-way tickets required for travel by metro and light rail system. arası ulaşım için aynı biletin fiyatı 5,70 Sterlin . The same ticket price for transportation from Zone 1-6 is £ 5.70 . For buses and trams you can travel by paying £ 1.50.

You can buy a Tabi Visitor Card for Tabi and let your travel budget relax by pulling down the prices listed above. You can get 50% less by card and metro and other rail systems. In other words, with the cost of Zone 1-2, which is normally £ 4.90, it is reduced to £ 2.40. There are also interesting opportunities for cardholders at many attractions across the city.

London transportation guide ticket prices

Oyster Visitor Card works with credit system. That is, a certain amount of credit is deducted from the balance on the card each time it is used. Once the balance is over, the card can be refilled. In addition, non-credit passengers are entitled to a one-time ride on buses. The price of the current card in London’s entire public transport network starts at £ 20.

With the Oyster Card, you can purchase the London Pass if you want to save on entry fees after reducing your transportation costs. You can take the hop on hop off rounds at no cost through the special discount card to London; You can visit the city’s landmarks such as the Tower of London, Westminister Abbey, Kensington Palace and the Royal Albert Hall.

If you are interested in the details of the features and prices of both cards, you will see: hakk What is London Pass & Oyster Card? Prices, Advantages You can read our article.

London City Center Hotels

You can review the locations of the hotels in the city center on the map below. Prices shown are per night accommodation fees. If you wish, you can review the prices by entering the destination and date information.

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