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The most important church in London , also one of the most beautiful churches . St. Paul Cathedral is a must stop for tourists visiting the city.

Both the Baroque style and the British history, the rich history, there is definitely a direction that affects the visitors. That’s why the most beautiful church of British Protestantism. I would like to talk about the history of the cathedral in the Cathedral of St. Paul and tell you what you can see in it.

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St. St. Paul Cathedral Information

Information about St. Paul's Cathedral in London

For centuries, the most important events in England was hosted. St. Paul Cathedral – the most well-known of these events, the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana – is perhaps the most important cathedral in the city.

With a long history of 1400 years, the cathedral has undergone numerous demolition, fire and reconstruction from scratch and has come to this day. Isn’t it just normal for him to receive an average of 2 million visitors a year? So, briefly talk about the history of the cathedral and then get to know the details?

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Briefly St. St. Paul’s Cathedral History

Interior view of St Pauls Cathedral in London

St. The history of St. Paul’s Cathedral begins with the construction of a wooden church dedicated to St. Peter in the same place in the AD 600s. In the same time, a similar wooden church was built, but it was destroyed in 962 by the Vikings.

The third church here. A stone-walled, wooden-roofed church built in 1300 . However, the famous Church of Christopher Wren, who built all the Churches of London when the big fire was deformed in 1666 , was built on the fourth and the last church we visited today and it was completed in 1710 . That’s St. The Cathedral of St. Paul is said to be the most important work of Sir Christopher Wren.

The first Anglican Church in England. St. Paul’s Cathedral is not only a historical site worth visiting, but also famous for its concerts.

St. St. Paul’s Cathedral Sections

Western Front and Towers (Great West Door)

St. Paul's Cathedral West Front

The main facade of the Western Front, which is adorned by 2 giant towers, is the main facade of the cathedral. The staircase leading up to 9 meters, the towers forming the silhouette of the cathedral, the facade with double columns, and the pediment decorated with religious motifs (the triangular wall above the entrance) are some of the details of the Western Front.

Whispering Gallery

St. The first 257 steps to reach the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral is the place where you can reach the Whisper Gallery. The reason why this place took the name, the unusual acoustics of the gallery on one side of the wall by whispering words to people on the other side can be heard. However, I recommend that you not only pay attention to the whispers, but also watch a bird’s eye view of the cathedral.

Stone Gallery

St. The dome of St. Paul Cathedral is one of the highest domes in the world with a height of 111 meters . The stone gallery is ideal for a spectacular view and relaxing in the dome climb.

Gold Gallery

Places to visit in London's St. Paul's Cathedral

The smaller Golden Gallery at the top of the dome offers a magnificent view of London.

Chorus Division and Tijou Gates

The choir compartment is also designed by Grinling Gibbons. Another remarkable point of St. Paul’s Cathedral. A further detail is the metal doors in the corridor corridor of the North.

St. I told you about the sections that are worth seeing in St. Paul’s Cathedral, but I should also mention the details you should take a look at throughout the cathedral. The ceilings decorated with shining mosaics like gold, Queen II. The ceremonial cloak, designed in honor of Elizabeth’s 25th Anniversary, will definitely attract your attention with its altar, nave and semi-circular south porch with its candlesticks and marble work.

St. And How to go to St. Paul’s Cathedral?

How to get to Saint Paul's Cathedral from London

Located in the heart of London It is possible to reach Paul Cathedral by metro, bus, train and ferry, so I would suggest that you go anywhere in London with the metro. More detailed information for each means of transport:

Central Line hattını kullanarak St. Metro, using the Central Line line. At Paul’s Station, you can use the District or Circle lines at the Mansion House Station or at Blackfriars Station, at the Bank Station using the Northern, Waterloo and City lines.

City Thameslink, Blackfriars, Cannon Street ve Liverpool Street İstasyonları Train, City Thameslink, Blackfriars, Cannon Street and Liverpool Street Stations

4, 8, 11, 15, 17, 23, 26, 56, 100, 172 ve 521 no’lu otobüsler ile St. Bus, 4, 8, 11, 15, 17, 23, 26, 56, 100, 172 and 521 with buses no. You can get off at the stops near St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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St. Paul Cathedral Current Entrance Fees

How to get to St. Paul's Cathedral

Although churches and cathedrals are normally open for tourist visits, they are usually free. However; Paul Cathedral is not one of them. Luckily the cathedral deserves to be paid up to the end of the fee. Entrance fees;

  • 18 Pounds for adults ,
  • 16 Pounds for students and over 60 years of age.
  • For children aged 6 .17 years 8 Pounds.

You can book your ticket If you buy from Paul Cathedral’s official website , you will receive 2 Pounds in all categories. Moreover, when you buy online tickets you can take advantage of the Fast Track and do not have to wait in the queue.

If you have a London Pass card. St. Paul Cathedral entrance free . Likewise, you do not expect this card with the input queue.

The entrance fees are also included in the guide and the audio guide is also free (but not in Turkish).

St. Paul Cathedral Visiting Days and Hours

Visiting St. Paul's Cathedral in London

St. Paul Cathedral is open to touristic visits 6 days a week except Sunday. On Sundays only church can be entered to worship. Visiting hours are 08: 30 :16: 30 and the last entry is at 16:00.

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