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With its museums, churches, palaces, lush green parks and nightlife, London welcomes all kinds of travelers’ expectations. Today used as the House of Parliament, the Victorian Gothic-style Westminster Palace and the clock tower Big Ben are one of them. Although Big Ben is not the clock tower, it is actually the name of the bell in the tower but let’s refer to it later.

Information about Big Ben in Westminster Palace in London

Westminster Palace is one of the most important steps of touristic trips, where the UK Government is represented and there is a heated debate on the policies of the country, and extremely rich in aesthetics.

In this article, let me give you some more detailed information about Big Ben, which is part of Westminster Palace and the palace. So if you want to stop by this stop on your London tour, if you want to stop by, let me help you with what is waiting for you here.

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Information about Westminster Palace and Big Ben

Westminster Palace Big Ben

The House of Lords pek House of Commons l These are the topics that we often hear in the news about the Government of England, where some of us know very well, although we are not familiar with the terms.

Here is the executive branch of England, the government and the parliament where the opposition is working, that is, the Parliament House is located in the historic Westminster Palace. In fact, it is also possible to watch the sessions of the parliament here. However I would like to talk about the palace and Big Ben in this article from a slightly more touristy perspective. And let’s start with a few sentences.

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Westminster Palace and Big Ben History

Big Ben Legend of Westminster Palace

The history of Westminster Palace begins with the construction of a church dedicated to Saint Peter in the same place to the 8th century. But St. If you’ve read the Paul Cathedral writing, as you might remember, there is already a St. Peter’s Church in London. This church was dedicated to Saint Peter as East Minster , and this new building was called West Minster and the word was returned to Westminster.

In the 10th century, a monastery and a palace were added. That monastery is also Westminister Abbey . In the 11th century, with the addition of the small palace we know as Westminister Hall , we can say that the outlines of the building have emerged.

The Palace of Westminster was originally the royal palace and the building of the parliament was based on the 13th century, and behind this change, VIII. There’s Henry. The big fire in 1834 was the last big event in the history of Westminster Palace. After this fire, the architect of Sir Charles Barry was commissioned for the restoration of the destroyed palace in the great part and he uncovered this wonderful historical artifact that we have seen today.

Westminster Palace Big Ben London Information

The Big Ben , in fact the tower’s name was added to the structure of Elizabeth Tower in 1859. The 106-meter-high clock tower is the world’s most famous clock tower. Big Ben at the top of the 14-ton bell is poured exclusively and plays every hour. The clock on the tower is the biggest clock in the country, and since 1859, it has been working without fail.

Westminster Palace and Big Ben Sections

I mentioned that the British Parliament was made up of the House of Commons and the House of Lords . The House of Commons , which is composed of deputies who are elected by the election, creates and directs the country’s policies from the House of Lords, the Palace of Lords, which are formed by the nobles (or later those who have taken such titles) as Lord, Duke and Baron. This, of course, also attaches a modern importance to the historical value of the palace. What you can see in Westminster Palace and Big Ben clock tower as a tourist olarak

Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben

Lodra's icon Elizabeth Tower Big Ben

Elizabeth Tower , built in 1859 , is located north of Westminster Palace and is normally open to tourist visits. The giant clock on the four faces of the tower, the giant clock with a diameter of 7.5 meters, the full sound of the 14-ton bells every hour, the historical importance of the building and the symbolic meaning it has since the first day make it one of the symbolic structures of England.

Elizabeth Tower – After going to the 334-step tower on the Big Ben tour, you can enter into the clockwork and see this magnificent historical clock more closely.

Victoria Tower

Westminster Palace

The 100-meter-high Victoria Tower is another tower that adorns the silhouette of the Wesminister Palace. The royal entrance to Westminster Palace at the time of the passage of the tower is large enough to pass the Queen’s car. This tradition still continues during the period of the opening of the Parliament, but the Victoria Tower now serves as a place for the archives of the Parliament.

House of Commons

Westminster Palace London House of Commons

The House of Commons is a smaller area than you could imagine in the gigantic palace. The House of Commons, where the members of the parliament are gathered and the sessions on various topics, also affect the visitors with its simplicity.

The House of Lords

The House of Lords , which has about 900 members today, is one of the protected areas as it was the first day. The House of Lords, which is the final approval body of the decisions taken by the House of Commons, is still an extremely simple section with wooden chairs on the one hand and magnificent on the other.

Westminister Hall

It is the only piece of Westminster Palace that survives despite the earthquakes and the fire. The most striking details here are the most beautiful antique wooden roof in Europe, a work of art. Richard statues and king desk.

Where is Westminster Palace and Big Ben?

Where and how to get to Westminster Palace Big Ben

Located in the heart of London, in the Westminster District, the Westminster Palace and Big Ben are easy to get to.

By Metro ; Distric, Jubilee and Circle lines can be reached at Wesminister Station.

You can also choose to go by bus , as the city is the most central location, almost all buses pass by. It’s enough to get down at Parliament Square on Victoria Street.

Speaking of Westminster Palace and Big Ben location, let me briefly inform you about accommodation. Where to Stay in London to learn about accommodation alternatives and features in various parts of London? we recommend that you read our article.

Westminster Palace and Big Ben Current Entry Fees

London Big Ben Westminster Palace entrance

Unfortunately, Big Ben is not open to visitors due to the restoration on the date I wrote this article, and it is unclear what the entrance fee will be when it is opened for tourist visits in 2021. However, I can mention the current entrance fees of the Palace of Westminster.

  • Online tickets for adults 25.50 Pounds, 28 Pounds if you get at the box office
  • Online tickets for students and visitors over the age of 60 pounds, 23 pounds if you buy from the box office
  • Online tickets for children aged 5 .15 years 11 Pounds, box office 12 Pounds.

You can buy online tickets at Wesminister Palace official website before your trip.

The London Pass is not valid for Wesminister Palace tours.

Westminster Palace and Big Ben Visiting Days and Hours

The days and times of visiting Big Ben Westminster Palace

The Palace of Westminster is open all year round for both tourist visits and those who wish to observe the Parliament negotiations. Guided tours take place on Saturdays and on weekdays when the Parliament does not meet.

The restoration works planned to be completed in Big Ben in 2021 are still ongoing and therefore no visitors until 2021.

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