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London is a city with many alternatives in terms of transportation options from the airport and airport to the city center. If you’re planning your own trip to London, like most travelers, it’s a good idea to have some information about London airports.

During the London Airport Transport Guide, you will find general information about the airports in London and information on how to get to the city center from these airports. Although there are slight changes in the ticket prices of the vehicles used to reach the city center, transportation options will give you an idea of ​​how to make your travel plan. By the way I reached the city via Heathrow Airport on my London trip. London Airport and London city center between the transportation I solved using the subway. Normally you have many transportation options but the most convenient way for me was to use the subway. Both I would not do too much transfer to the city to reach the city faster than the taxi was the reason I preferred. You can find more details on the topic below.

Airports in London and London

There are a total of 6 airports in London, one of the busiest cities in the world. Heathrow (LHR) and Gatwick (LGW) are known as the main airports. Heathrow (LHR) is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. Apart from these two airports, there are 4 other airports named Luton , Stansted , London City and Southend . All these airports have a train and bus connection to the center. In the meantime, the airports are located at a distance from each other, pay attention to this issue if you are going to make a connection.

THY , Pegasus , Atlas Jet and British Airways have direct flights from Istanbul to London. At the time of writing this article (March 2016), the expedition details of the companies were as follows:

THY : There are 8-9 flights between Istanbul and London daily. 1 of them is from Sabiha Gökçen, others from Atatürk Airport. Half of the planes go to Heathrow (LHR), the largest airport in the city, and Gatwick (LGW) to the other half. In my research before my trip, the cheapest THY ticket was around 649 TL. Of course, it can be cheaper even before the campaign time or journey.

Pegasus : There are three daily trips to London. Some of the flights take place to Gatwick (LGW) Airport and some to Stansted Airport. Ticket prices are more convenient than THY. Especially if you can only travel with a backpack, you can fly very economically by buying this type of ticket.

Atlas Jet : There are 1 daily flights between Istanbul Ataturk Airport and London Luton Airport.

British Airways : There are 3 daily trips and flights take place between Ataturk Airport and London Heathrow (LHR) Airport.

The flights between Istanbul and London Airports are as follows:

London Airport
In the image on the left you can see the city-wide layout of the London airports and the transportation lines of the airports on the right. Click to enlarge.

Access to London Airport Heathrow (LHR) and City Center

Located 24 km west of London, Heathrow is the city’s main airport. Approximately 70 million passengers a year, the airport is known as one of the busiest airports in the world. Heathrow Airport has a total of 5 terminals. British Airways is using Terminal 5. THY and other Star Alliance member airlines use Terminal 2. Free buses between terminals work. There are many alternatives to get to the city center from Heathrow Airport. (Click for details about the airport: )

Heathrow Express: The fastest and most convenient way to reach London Heathrow Airport between the city center and this fast train. Every day between 05.00-23.30 hours are organized. High-speed trains run every 15 minutes to get you to Paddington Station. The journey takes 15-20 minutes. If you wish, you can reach the area where the hotel is by passing through the metro etc. Ticket prices are a bit expensive. One pound on the internet is 22 Pounds, while the roundabout is around 36 Pounds. The price can be slightly higher. Similarly, you can learn detailed information about the train service from the internet; . (These trains are fast and popular to get to the center, but if you need to transfer a few times to your hotel, I think you can take a look at the other alternatives. you can even rent :))

Heathrow Connect: Heathrow Connect, another alternative to reach the city center from London Airport, is the train that runs on the same train line. The difference from Express is that it stops at many stops. The journey which ends in Paddington again takes about 30 minutes. The number of voyages is slightly less than the express. The train ticket price is about 10 pounds. You may need to transfer metro after Paddington. In the meantime, trains, although usually ve Heathrow Express anol writes the express or connect to the train information panels and announcements you can understand. I

London Airport transfers
The Heathrow Express and HeathrowConnect trains run to Padddington Station in the city center. If your hotel is not around this station, you will have to go to the area where your hotel is by using the metro.

Metro : London Airport is the most economical and easy way to reach the city center from Heathrow metro. You can take the metro from the station in Terminal 1 and 2 or from the station in Terminal 4. The journey to the city center by subway takes 40-60 minutes. If you need to learn the nearest metro station to your hotel before the trip and if you know the stops ahead, you will not have any trouble. The only ticket in the subway is about 6 pounds, but if you take a transport card called Oyster Card, which will be of great use for your transportation to London, you can travel more economically. Metros are usually operating between 05.00-23.45 hours. You can check the current information from the internet. (We went to the nearest subway station after landing with THY at Terminal 2. You can follow the ster Underground. Arrows at the airport. You can also install at least 20 pounds per 25 pounds.You can install at least 20 pounds.It was not used in the automatic machine we used to install the credit card, so we have a credit card found. It took about 1 hour to include the hotel transfer from the airport.

National Express Buses : Buses take place every half-hour and the Victoria stop takes about 50 minutes. From this stop you can take the metro to the area where your hotel is. You can find information about the departure points of the buses etc. from the website. details; I

Taxi: from the airport to the center with a taxi between 40-70 pounds. In addition to the number of people taking the taxi fare, suitcases can be added as an additional fee. The journey can take from 40 minutes to 2 hours depending on where you are going. Public transport is more preferred due to traffic.

Private Transfer : If you wish to have someone to meet you at the moment of your arrival at London Airport, you may want to have a private car transfer. The price is close to the taxi but you can experience the stress of meeting with the taxi driver. Generally, payments are made by credit card in advance and it may be annoying to meet or not meet with the taxi driver for possible long-term flight delays. You can get ideas from .

Hotel Service : Some hotels can provide airport transportation for you if you wish. You can get the most accurate information about this by contacting your hotel. The total number of people and the number of suitcases will prevent future price differences.

Access to London Airport Gatwick (LGW) and City Center

Another major airport in London is Gatwick, 50 km south of the center. THY and some of Pegasus’s voyages are made here. The airport, which has two terminals called North and South, is also one of Europe’s most destinations. There are free flights between the terminals at the airport. There are many alternatives to this center from the airport.

Gatwick Express : every 15 minutes to take you to the central Victoria stop. Here you can reach your wish by using the subway. The flights take place between 05.00-24.00 and take about 30 minutes. The round trip is around 33 pounds while the one-way tickets are about 20 pounds. Details of the expedition can be found at .

EasyBus: You can reach the center in about 70 minutes with these buses, which are constantly organized. Details: at .

Taxi: Taxi from Gatwick Airport to the center starts at 60 Pounds. You can get an estimated price by saying where you want to go before taking a taxi.

Southern Railway: An hourly train takes you to Victoria station. The journey takes about 45 minutes and tickets are around 12 pounds. You can search for current information. I

First Capital Connect : This train usually goes to the outskirts of London.

Transportation to London Luton Airport and City Center

Lutetian Airport, 50 km northwest of London, is usually organized by Easy Jet etc. charter flights. Atlas Jet also organizes flights to this airport. (March 2016)

Access to London Stansted Airport (STN) and City Center

Stansted Airport, 50 km northeast of London, is preferred by cheap airlines. Some flights of Pegasus are used here. Ryanair, one of Europe’s most famous charter companies, is accepted as the base.

Stansted Express: You can reach Liverpool Street by trains departing every 15 minutes. The journey usually takes between 45-60 minutes. One-way 24 Pounds, rounds around 34 Pounds. So you can find cheap tickets for your trip to Istanbul from wherever you fly. Or you may need to buy a train ticket for 100 TL per person. I

National Express : Victoria Station takes about 90 min with trains departing every 15-30 min. One way 10 pounds, round trip around 16 pounds.

EasyBus : Baker St. (metro stop with the same name). One way around 8 pounds.

Transportation to London City (LCY) Airport and City Center

London City, the east of The City, known as the financial center of London, is the closest airport to the center. There is no direct flight from our country, if you find a company that makes flights to this airport from Europe, you can use the airport.

By Docklands Light Railway (DLR): This station takes 27 minutes with the Bank station.

Taxi: The journey takes 20-30 minutes depending on where you are and the price is around 20-35 pounds.

General information about the London airport in this way, I hope you prepared this London Airport Transportation Guide to your London trip is very useful for you.

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