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The Kocatepe Mosque is one of the largest mosques in Ankara . The mosque is not old enough to be a historical work. Although it is new, it is a remarkable structure. At the same time, there are no deficiencies in the history of craftsmanship and the architects which have taken place in history from the artistic point of view.

The mosque was built by the Turkish Religious Foundation. When the Kocatepe Mosque was decided to be held in Ankara, the foundation organized a project competition. Architect Vedat Dalokay was chosen as the person who designed the most original and most beautiful project. The mosque was laid out for this mosque, but the mosque was not built according to this project. Because the project is quite outside the traditional architectural style. This situation was not welcomed by the public and the construction was not continued with this project. The project, designed for the Kocatepe Mosque and won the first place, has been used in Pakistan today. The buildings known as Faysal Mosque are considered one of the most modern Islamic works in the world and the Faysal Mosque is designed by Vedat Dalokay.

Kocatepe Mosque
Kocatepe Mosque, Ankara

For the Kocatepe Mosque, a more traditional style was considered appropriate. Hüsrev Tayla and Fatin Uluengin have been the designers of the mosque. However, at the beginning of this design has received quite a reaction. It was said that this project lacked creativity, it was an imitation of the style of Mimar Sinan. The Kocatepe Mosque was built with this project and the most exemplary architecture in its construction was the Sultan Ahmet Mosque built by Sedefkar Mehmet Ağa.

The Kocatepe Mosque was built on an area of ​​4500 m2 and its construction lasted for twenty years. The mosque, which was put into service of the public in 1987, managed to adapt the traditional methods to the present day and a magnificent architecture emerged. The mosque has four minarets. These four minarets are all 88 m. and it is also possible to go by elevator. In the lower part of the Kocatepe Mosque there is a library, a business, administrative sciences, a conference hall and a car park.

The interior of the mosque was inspired by Ottoman architecture. Handsets, marbles, doors, tiles… They are all hand-made and hand-crafted. Written in the mosque and in the conference hall were written by the masters. Kocatepe Mosque is not only the traditional representative of the new era but also has been one of the most important architectures of the era with its fine workmanship. You can add this most famous mosque of the city to your list of .

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