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In recent years, winter tourism and the expansion of eco tourism, in addition to the written novels and films under the influence of the hope for the city of Kars there are tourism booms. The city ​​of Kars , which is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia , but I still don’t see the attention it deserves, is a city where I would like to be at the forefront among the places that should be known for its history, nature, food, culture and people. In Kars Travel Guide , you will find small but enjoyable tips on the city of Kars and its surroundings, and will blink you to go beyond the popular destinations.

Kars Travel Guide

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Turkey’s one of the highest urban centers of Kars ‘s history before Christ 4000′ is based on s. First, the Urartians , the Scythians , entered the administration of the Persians , Kars , and later became the land of the Seljuk and Ottoman states. Kars, which has been subjected to Russian occupation 3 times, has been a cradle to many civilizations and it is a city that has added the traces of these civilizations to its culture. Two sources for the name of the city of Kars are available, the first one from Dagestan and settled in this region from the ” Karsak Oymagi ” received from. The other one is the city of the border town, so the Georgian language in the meaning of the city of the door ” Karis Kalaki ” from the direction of the direction.

In Kars , where the continental climate prevails, the winters are quite difficult. Even in the city center, there are periods when the abdomen does not rise for a long time and the temperature does not exceed 0 degrees. Of course, the summer is also cool. My personal advice to those who read the Kars Travel Guide , if they find the opportunity to visit separately in both summer and winter seasons. Of course, I’m not going to write the dresses are well equipped.

Kars Travel Guide Transportation

Kars travel guide train transportation

You have three options for transportation to Kars : bus , train or plane . The bus journey takes about 22 hours between Istanbul and Kars, and about 15 hours between Ankara and Kars. If you prefer Eastern Express, it is around 23-24 hours to reach Kars by train departing from Ankara Irmak. There is a direct flight from Istanbul and Ankara to Kars Harekani Airport , and there are flights of Turkish Airlines, Anadolu Jet and Pegasus Airlines.

Kars Travel Guide to talk about my personal experience, I would like those who read the writing, I did the conversion flown train me go. I went from Ankara to Pendik by high speed train. High-speed train Economy ticket is 70 TL , Bussines is 101.50 TL . As the railways are in maintenance, the Eastern Express departs from Irmak station, but don’t worry TCDD carries you to Irmak station with services. You get on the train around 19:30 in the river. You have three options in East Express, Pulman (48 TL), Kuşetli (58 TL), Bed (98 TL).

We’re accustomed to the Pulman , two-seater, side by side. In a compartment, there are 4 seats in a compartment and a system where the seats are folded together. The bed is a relatively isolated system with two seats, a refrigerator and a sink. My advice is to consider the length of the road when you prefer a bed or a sofa bed. If you are more than two people, you can have a more comfortable environment by taking four tickets of the triple. Let’s say you got three people and three tickets. Then there will be a fourth person in your compartment and if there is a man in your group (child or young) and the fourth person is a woman then you have to keep your way to the male stamp in your group.

There is also a dining car on the train, you can spend time there along the road, but meals are very limited number and variety of ready-to-eat. Prepared soup prepared with hot water, rotating, grilled chicken and similar dishes served in a microwave oven. Sometimes you can run out without going into a dinner wagon. For this reason, I recommend that you keep food simple things with you and take your water when you take the train. Because there is no point where the train stops on the route and you can go shopping.

East of Kars

In Kars, city transportation is provided by buses and minibuses. You can find minibuses going to neighboring towns. But if you are staying in the city then you will prefer to walk from one place to another, because the old city center can walk from one end to the other in 10 minutes. You can easily take a taxi.

Food and Drink in Kars

Drinking travel guide in Kars
Goose and Bulgur Rice

We came to the most mouth-watering part of our Kars Travel Guide, namely Kars Cuisine . The regional dishes made in all cultures are connected to each other by means of climate and geography, that is, if you grow, you eat from it. For Kars this rule is both valid and not. It is valid because of the livestock products, which are the main livelihoods of wheat and legume, and the meat (both veal, lamb and goose). They are also accompanied by local herbs. The reason why it is not valid is that Kars is one of the important junction points of the Silk Road , so it is Safran and Turmeric from Iran.

There is no onion and tomato paste from Kars dishes, and it gives the dish a turmeric flavor. Horror (flour), Ayranaş is, and I will advise you to try the nettle soup Evelik soups. The sultanları of the counter-table, cooked in tandır, bulgur rice water made of goose; not found in meat, boiled, then cut it in thin dough, put on the beat butter and roasted onions Hangelin; garlic yogurt and butter on boiled wheat spilled sizing.

Hangel eating in Kars eating

Revan Köfte , which is made with the prunes and cooked with potatoes and served with noodle pilaf, piti , prepared by long and heavy cooking of chunks of chickpeas with meat, chickpeas and turmeric in earthenware (or now enamel) mugs; Iran made with rice, prunes, apricots, dates and Shirin rice blended with grapes that come to mind in one breath.

Şirin Pilav Kars travel guide
Cute Rice

On the other hand, Umaç Halva . If you ask what is the difference between flour halva, halva is poured a little milk on the flour and rubbed in the palms. So they make very little lumps of flour, then they make the halva by roasting the flour. In those tiny lumps, it creates an awesome crunchy flavor in the halva.

Dear Kars Travel Guide readers, if you wonder where they can eat them, let me explain. The correct address for Kaz is the Kars Kaz House owned by Nuran Hanım and you can also taste other regional dishes here. I suggest you prefer pilaf digging, it’s easier to eat. In general, Nuran Hanım is also in the restaurant, maybe you can have a little chat, she tells you what you have accomplished. Hanımeli Ev Yemekleri , located directly opposite the police headquarters, is another address where you can taste almost all local flavors. My answer to the readers of Kars Travel Guide asking how we will eat them all is as follows: they have made a menu that includes most of the local specialties, all of them tasted in tasting quantities, you can take it from it and taste all of them, you can continue with someone you like very much. The third address, Kamer , which I go to because it is very famous, has local cuisine as well as international cuisine.

Revan Köfte Kars travel guide
Revan Meatball

I’ve kept the surprise for the end, I’d like to eat a lunch. Now there will be people who are interested in what fish is with Kars. But Atalay’s Place is the only address where you can eat this fish with a bone that is rather large, not even a bone, which is grown in Çıldır Lake and where local people touch the yellow fish.

Things to Do in Kars

Kars travel guide Kars Places to visit

Kars ‘s old city center is located in a small area, but the most crowded part of Kars Travel Guide. Old Kars houses with traces of the Baltic Architecture on both the street and the side streets are worth seeing. As you visit the streets, there will be 10-12 different types of buildings, some of which are still serving as the Municipal Building, İsmet Pasha Primary School, the Revenue Building and the Provincial Health Directorate. Çeltikov Mansion , also known as Hekimevi, is one of the most beautiful buildings in Kars.

Kars City Hall travel
Kars City Hall

Because the city isn’t too big, it takes half a day just to take a photo of the street. You can visit Kars Castle and visit the Kümbet Mosque just below the castle. In the years of the Russian occupation of the memory of Aleksandr Nevski made in 1985, two minarets added to the outside of the Fethiye Mosque is also one of the must-see. The Kars Museum , where many archaeological sites, ethnographic objects and daily clothes and jewelry are exhibited, is also worth seeing.

Fethiye travel guide Fethiye Mosque
Fethiye Mosque, Kars

After walking around the center of the city (or maybe you leave me to the last day like me), head for a bit far from the city. Relax on the edge of Çıldır Lake , eat your fish; Go up to the shore of Lake Aktas and wave to Georgia; Go to Boğatepe village and discover how the cheese is made; Go to the Castle of Devil and take pictures and listen to the sounds of birds; Ani Antique City at least half a day to take a walk; If you find the means and means to take the Horomos Manatırı’ın do not forget to visit.

Kars travel guide sudden
Ani Ruins, Kars

I will not pass through a little reminder to those who read our Kars Travel Guide. Kars above 1950 meters above sea level. As the sea level goes up, the pressure increases and the amount of oxygen in the air decreases. Therefore, because our blood starts to carry less oxygen, you want to breathe more often and deeply. Maybe not in the inner city, but often taking short breaks when hiking and it is important not to overstress yourself, you should remember, your trip is not poison.

Attractions in Kars Horomos Monastery
Horomos Monastery, Kars

Kars Travel Guide: Shopping


What I will take from Kars, Kars Travel Guide, will give my readers short and clear: Cheese and Honey .

Varieties of cheese are made in Kars, where livestock farming is still the biggest source of livelihood. Cheddar and gruyere cheese might sound at first Çeçil, Herbed Cheese also among those who consumed the most. You will see so many cheese in the Kars Bazaar that I cannot. It’s a bit of a taste for your taste. But if you ask the most famous of the Great Zavots on Halit Pasha Street . You can find not only cheese, but also a variety of local honey as both honeycomb and strainer, if you wish you can get pollen. There is also a choice of cargo for a large amount of shopping.

If you go to the above-mentioned village of Boğatepe , you can get cheese or straining honey from the village’s dairy. You can also buy creams made by the women in the cooperative with their own hands or from the region’s 13,000-year-old taste Kavulca Wheat .

Where to Stay in Kars

Accommodation Guide

For your stay in Kars, you can follow two different routes according to your budget, or you can choose a hotel or a guest house. Due to the new revival of tourism, hotels are few. However, Kar’s Hotel , converted from an old Kars house, is located in the center of the old town of Katerina Palas . The Kars Park , Konak Hotel , Hotel Kent Ani is a well-known hotel in recent years. If you are looking for a lower budget accommodation, you can also stay at the Teacher’s House or DSI Guest House.

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