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Paris is one of the most important tourist cities in the world. Every year millions of travelers flock to the world-famous capital of France . In order to have a fun trip to Paris, you need to have some knowledge about Paris by doing some research in advance. At least you can have a more fun and comfortable trip as you have roughly information about the most basic issues you might need during your trip to Paris.

Paris Information

France’s capital and one of the tourism centers of the world and is one of Europe’s most popular places of Paris with its 12 million population. Many famous buildings in the city are located on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Information about a fun trip to Paris is:

Visa & Passport: Turkish citizens are required to take a Schengen Visa from France for a trip to Paris. Short-term visa applications have been made since 2013 through the VFS Global visa center. ( The cities you need to apply (Ankara or Istanbul) vary depending on the city you live in. Long-term visa applications such as student visas are made by the VFS Global Call Center and made to the Embassy.

Language:   The official language used in the country is French. Even if the Parisians know English, they may not speak French to you, or vice versa. It is not necessary to generalize that the country’s persistently trying to impose French on the world.

Religion: Most of France is Catholic, but very few worship. The hours of the church can be found at the gates of churches. Thanks to migration, the number of Muslims and Jews in the country has increased. If you are interested, you can visit the Grand Mosque in Paris.

Public Holidays

  • New Year: January 1
  • Easter Monday: Variable
  • Labor Day: May 1
  • Victory Day: May 8
  • Jesus on the Sun: 6th Monday after Easter
  • Bastille Day: 14 July
  • Rise of the Virgin Mary: August 15
  • Saints Yorutus: November 1
  • Armistice Day (1918): November 11
  • Christmas: December 25

Working Hours: Business locations and most small shops can be closed for 1 hour between lunchtime and 14.30. Banks are usually open from 09.00 to 17.00 on weekdays. (Some may be closed for 1 hour from 12.00 to 14.00.) No bank is open on public holidays and at the weekend. Stores and shopping malls are usually open from 09.00 to 19.00 hours, while some may be half or full days on Mondays. Museums are usually open from 09.00 to 17.00 and can be closed on Mondays or Tuesdays. The major attractions are open every day, except for public holidays. In museums and local attractions, the ticket sale ends 30 to 60 minutes before the closing time.

Trip to Paris
Paris Travel Guide

Best Time for Climate & Sightseeing:   In Paris, the weather is generally cold. In the spring and autumn, the weather is cool and the summers are warm and humid. The weather in the city is an average of 12 ° C per year. Summers are 30bilC in summers and 0⁰C in winters. August and July are the hottest period of the city, while the period between December and February is the coldest months. Weather in Paris can be very variable. At any time of the year, precipitation can be seen with cold. That’s why you should have a cardigan with you.

Summer is the hottest season in Paris, which is the period when tourists flock to the city. As of June, the number of tourists in the city peaks in July and August. On July 14 the Champs Elysées starting from the transition ceremony, held at the French Open tennis tournament in the summer and many festivals and events held in the city, it might be nice for Paris will organize the trip in the summer. During this period, the French plan their annual holidays. In August, many shops, restaurants and private museums can be closed.

The most attractive period for the trip to Paris is the autumn months when trees and greenery revitalize, and the number of warm and busy tourists is slightly reduced. The months between April and June and September to November are shown as the best time of the city. During these periods the climate may not be very reliable, it is advisable to have an umbrella and cardigan outfit along your trip to Paris.

Tours in Paris
Luxembourg Gardens

Time Difference: France, Turkey is behind time of 1 hour. So the hours 14.00 13.00 hours in Turkey in Paris.

Currency: Euro is the official currency of the European Union in France. Euro, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 Cent coins with 5, 10, 20, 50, 200 and 500 banknotes, as well as 1 € and 2 €. 1 Euro is equivalent to 100 Cent. Stores may not accept banknotes of more than 50 Euros during the shopping. (You can find all the information you may need by shopping in Paris on the Paris Shopping Guide page.)

Travel Budget:   Paris is a very expensive city, even at European standards. Accommodation costs will be the most important part of your trip budget. Please note that the hotel rates are between 100 € and 200 € per night. Breakfast costs 5-20 €, breakfast in the cafe 5-10 €, lunch in the restaurant 15-30 €, dinner from 20 € and will vary depending on your choice of food and drink. Metro ticket only € 1.3, 10 ticket: 10 €.

Electricity: the same socket type used by Turkey in France. You can use your electronic tools without any converter. The number of plugs in the hotel rooms may be limited because of usb coupler and so on. consider keeping it.

Telephone:   Before you go on a trip to Paris, you can explore your own operator’s overseas rates. If you don’t have a lot of international calls during the trip, Turkcell, Vodafone and Avea lines will be available. If you are going to have frequent conversations; kiosks, tobacco, post offices etc. You can use the booths by taking the prepaid phone lines sold in the shops. How to search the back of the speech cards is described. You can also use your credit card in the barns. You can use local sim cards for cheap calls and economical internet use. If your mobile phone does not have a SIM card lock, you can also purchase prepaid lines from local kiosks called Orange, Bouygues Telecom and SFR.

French telephone numbers are 10 digits and the numbers of the Paris region start with 01. To search for Paris from Turkey 00 39 1 xxxx can dial the number in the form. (039 France code, 01 Paris code). Although domestic calling Turkey from Paris, for example: you can search 90,222,555 00 xx form.

Internet: In Paris; Wi-Fi is available in many areas of the city, including parks, gardens and municipal buildings. You can select the kablosuz Paris Wi-Fi 2h Wi option from the wireless lines to use the free service provided by the Paris City Council. Wi-Fi is available in many cafés. Internet use in hotels is changing. Some hotels offer free internet service, while others charge high fees per hour. If you need internet cafes; Address: 8 Rue de Jouy, 75004 Paris. If you are going to use the internet from the pocket, you can consider purchasing the local line described in the ılan Telephone Eğer section.

Mail (La Poste):   No more mail left. Postcards to friends who are left behind in the cities visited for some travelers are still indispensable hobbies. If you consider sending a card to your loved ones during your trip to Paris, there is an advanced postal service in the city. The address of the central post office, which is open 24 hours a day, is: Rue du Louvre No: 52. The post office in Şanzelize Caddesi No: 71 is open until 22:00 every day. This is the most central post office. You can reach the post office with the V George V u metro station.

Information about Paris
Paris, the capital of France, welcomes millions of tourists every year.

Security:   Paris is a much safer city than other European cities. Of course, where there is a lot of tourist density, you should be cautious against pickpocketing and consider your valuables. Do not carry too much money and valuable items with you. You can leave your passport in the safe in your hotel room if you do not need to exchange or exchange your money. Stay away from lonely streets, especially late at night. Along with your trip to Paris is as important as any where you behave already discreet. Do not use as much as possible the last trips of RER Trains. Likewise, try not to transfer from subway stations such as Montparnesse and Chatelet-Les Halle late at night. Paris police are used to taking care of tourists. Report any loss or theft to your nearest police station and embassy as soon as possible. With the record to be kept, you can claim your loss on the turnover.

Emergency Situations & Embassy: The police number in Paris is 17 and the ambulance is 15. When you lose your passport, steal your money or get into trouble with the police, you can call the Turkish Embassy in Paris and ask for help.

  • Embassy address and phone: 44 Rue de Serves 92100 Bouloge-Billoncourt.
  • Tel: 01 45 24 52 24, 01 42 88 47 54

Hospital, Pharmacy & Dentist:   Medical facilities in Paris are very good but expensive. You are already required to have comprehensive health insurance to obtain a visa. If you need to be treated at the hospital in Paris, you will be charged for the procedure and you can request a refund from the insurance company. Most large hotels have a list of doctors and dentists who speak English. If your disease is not too serious, you can take medication from pharmacies. One of the famous private hospitals in the city where you can get English service is American Hospital. The hospital is open 24 hours a day and serves dental diseases.

The pharmacies in Paris show themselves with their green crosses. “ Pharmacy Dhery her in Şanzelize Caddesi No: 84 is open 24 hours a day. Abilir George V üzerinden metro station.

WC: In Paris you can find public toilets all over the city. The fee is usually 30 cents. Streets are self-cleaning and free toilets. Some metro stations and shops also offer public toilet.

Tourist Information: The full name of the main tourist office of Paris: inin Office de Tourisme de Paris Turizm . The main office of the tourist office is located at Rue des Pyramides NO: 25-27. You can find the branches of the tourist information office at the major train stations, the Eiffel Tower (May-September), the Carrosel du Louvre and the airport terminals. You can get free maps around here as well as help with hotel booking. The web address of the state tourism office: , web office of the city tourism office:

Things to Do in Paris

There are hundreds of places to visit in the city where millions of travelers are hosted. Famous museums and art galleries of the world, famous streets and squares, magnificent historical buildings from each other, beautiful parks and gardens where you can listen to the head, religious buildings in different architectural styles … In short, what you can find in Paris is possible. Eiffel Tower , Louvre Museum , Notre Dame Cathedral , Pantheon , Orsay Museum , Sacre Coeur Basilica , Pompidou Merke zi and Les Invalides are some of the most important places you should visit in the city.

You can access detailed information, photos, map locations and transportation options in Paris by using the links on the Paris Attractions page.

Eiffel Tower

What to Buy in Paris

Shopping is one of the most enjoyable topics of our overseas trips. This is especially important if you are going to travel to one of the cities that are accepted as the fashion and shopping capital of the world, such as Paris . In Paris, you can find special stores of the world’s best-known fashion brands, as well as budget-friendly and stylish clothing. Cosmetics are indispensable for women. For those who travel a little more economically, souvenir shops in many parts of the city come to the rescue. Among the most classic gifts comes the Eiffel Tower keychains, mugs, t-shirts.

All information about shopping on the page, in

What to eat in Paris

You can enjoy all the blessings of the French cuisine, which is considered one of the best cuisines in the world, in the finest restaurants in Paris, from the hands of famous chefs. There are many foreign restaurants in the city if you are open to different tastes. Some of the most notable Parisian dishes include croissants for breakfast, onion soup at other meals, snails and mussels .

What you wonder about eating in the city with the page, the details of ethnic flavors in


Accommodation, as well as every trip to Paris to bring the most economic burden for the trip . If you do not apply for a visa, Schengen Visa will be a hotel reservation. You can book your hotel in Paris at the hotel page or use the great hotel reservation sites, which is a safer and more economical route. is one of the most reliable booking sites in the world. Depending on the hotel you choose, you will have the option to cancel your reservation free of charge without paying a reservation fee, even if you pay the hotel fee when you arrive at the hotel.

Hotel Terminus Lyon is a 3 star hotel on our last trip. Hotel Palym , Hotel Cecilia , Hotel Le Relais Saint Charles , Campanile Paris 19 – La Villette and Mercure Paris Close to the center, affordable and importantly, they have a high visitor rating.

Where to stay in Paris Where can I stay in Paris? on page.

Paris City Center Hotels

You can review the locations of the hotels in the city center on the map below. Prices shown are per night accommodation fees. If you wish, you can review the prices by entering the destination and date information.

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