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Tower of London, Londra Kalesi hakkında bilgiler

London ‘s former royal palace, the old mint, a former zoo, crown jewels and weapons of permanent attractions, the most feared prison of a time … Yes London Castle (Tower of London), all of them.

Today, Tower of London , which dates back to the beginning of the 1000s, was once a feared place because of the brutal events in its history, but today it is one of the most spectacular, aesthetic and remarkable tourist spots in the city. For this reason, I would like to compile the information about this castle for those who are going to London and want to buy the London Castle for their tour program.

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London Tower – Tower of London Information

Trip notes about the Tower of London

London’s most famous citadel, the Tower of London , attracts millions of tourists from all over the world with its rich history, rich collections and centuries-old guards, such as raven-bouts, with occasional brutality.

Here you will not only see the architectural and decorative beauty of the castle. At the same time Beefaters is still wearing the uniforms dating from the Tudor period 35 Royal Guard, castle permanent residents, and if the ravens believed that the British Monarchy’s end they if they leave, once here in jail and later executed persons from 9 days to the Queen, Lady Jane Gray , VIII. Henry’s wives Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard , VIII. Sir Thomas More , who opposed Henry’s marriage to Anne Boleyn, and Lord Dudley and his brothers , punished for supporting Jane Gray’s reign, VI. Henry ‘s story will be waiting for you here.

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History of London Castle

Information about London Castle, history

The history of the Castle of London begins with the White Tower, originally built by William the Great in 1078 . This tower, which was built to protect the city, was added to the tower by the following kings. However, the Tower of London is mostly III. Henry had enlarged his time, the King had built the inner wall surrounding the citadel with 13 towers, and the Royal Jewels moved here.

In the following centuries, the building was used as a mint, weapons were produced, there was an intermediate zoo, but the most painful of the noble or ordinary people who served as a prison in which torture is made unbearable prisoners.

Tower of London

Places to see in Tower of London

I briefly talked about the London Guard’s tradition of guardianship for centuries and some of the nobles held in prison. When you visit the castle, you will be able to make more detailed observations about their stories. Now it’s time to talk about what happened in the Tower of London.

White Tower – White Tower

Things to do in Tower of London

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the oldest part of the castle. Today, the collection of the Royal Armor with historical value is on display here. When the construction was completed in 1097 , the walls of White Tower, the tallest building in London, were 5 meters thick.

Jewel House – Royal Jewels Collection

London Castle Jewel House London travel

The Royal Jewelery Collection, where royal crowns are decorated with the most expensive stones, is one of the most interesting places in London Castle.

The collection exhibited in this collection is 2.2 kilograms in weight of St. Edward’s Crown , VI. The Imperial Crown, decorated with 3000 diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and pearls, and the Imperial Scepter, decorated with the world’s largest diamond, and other jewels, made for the throne of George and then used as the official imperial crown.

Bloody Tower – Bloody Tower

Tower of London

King III. Richard ‘s two nieces, the age of 10 and 12, and his brother’s brother who were believed to have been killed here in 1483, were named after the incident. Since the skeleton of the children killed was found in this tower about 200 years later, it is thought that this place is the place. Otherwise, there is no clear information about this incident. Today the Bloody Tower features exhibits on this gruesome event.

Tower Green – Green Tower

If there is a prisoner from the ordinary people in London Castle and they are to be executed, this is being carried out in front of the public in Tower Hill. However, if the Royal Family or an aristocratic prisoner is to be executed, it will be Tower Green . Those are Jane Gray, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard.

Beuchamp Tower

The conditions of detention of Aristocratic detainees are not, of course, the same as the prisoners, and they are much better. The Beuchamp Tower , where nobles were imprisoned together with their servants, is also the place where these aristocrats are imprisoned.

Royal Armory

VIII. It is the section that hosts the collection of Royal Weapons created by Henry and then expanded.

Medieval Palace

Places to visit in London Castle London

Tower of London is located on the banks of the Themes River of the castle complex and in 1220 III. The Medieval Palace , built by Henry, was a gateway to the castle in front of the Gate of the Traitors in front of him.

St. John’s Chapel

The chapel of St. John, made with stones from France, is one of the finest examples of Romanesque style architecture. And you must surely stop by the Tower of London tour.

Where is Tower of London?

How to get to London Castle

The Tower of London is on the banks of the River Themes by metro, train or bus.

  • With subway; Using the District or Circle subway lines, you can descend at Tower Hill Station.
  • By bus; 15, 42, 78, 100 and RV1 buses.
  • By train; You can get off at Frenchurch Street Station and walk 5 minutes.

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London Castle Current Entrance Fees

How much is the entrance to London Castle

London Castle entrance fees according to the type of visitors listed below.

  • For adults ; £ 22.70
  • For students over the age of 16 and older than 60 Pounds
  • For children aged 5 ;15 years; 10,75 Pounds

If you want to buy tickets online you can get through the official website of the Tower of London.

I would also like to mention that if you have a London Pass card, the London Castle tickets are also free . Just read the London Pass at the castle entrance.

Tower of London Visiting Days and Hours

The Tower of London is closed to visitors between 24 – 26 December and 1 January. Apart from that, it is open to visit every day of the year and visit hours ın

  • Open in winter (1 November to 28 February) from 09:00 to 16:30.
  • During the summer months (March 1 – October 31) 09: 00–17: 30.

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