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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Vienna is a city of palaces. The most important value of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and the royal periods before it was the magnificent palaces. Each reflects the grandeur of the empire at that time. The Hofburg Palace , which was the official residence of the Habsburg Handean for 600 years, is the largest of them, and I think it is the most magnificent.

Today, the Hofburg Palace, home to the Austrian Presidency , museums and the Spanish Riding School , is a must stop for a trip to Vienna.

In fact, the palace can be considered a city of its own. Because it is not a single building. Built on 240 acres of land, this palace complex with 2600 rooms has 18 buildings (or small palaces), 19 courtyards and a square, a congress center, various churches and chapels. For Horburg Palace, this is why it is called seb city ​​in the city Hor.

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Hofburg Palace Information

Information about the Hofburg Palace Vienna

The Hofburg Palace , located at the end of the Ringroad surrounded by a tram line in the center of Vienna, has evolved from the 13th century to the beginning of the 2000s.

As a result of each emperor’s attempt to leave a permanent work of his own, new buildings have been added to the palace in various centuries and the old ones have been restored. In fact, we have seen a collection of buildings belonging to the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Neo-Classical periods that we see today or which have traces of these periods.

But don’t let this diversity fool you. From the most prominent buildings to the finest details in the Hofburg Palace, everything is in great harmony.

In this article I will tell you about Hofburg Palace, but you can read more about our other sights in Vienna .

Hofburg Palace History

Hofburg Palace Vienna Attractions

Dating back to the 13th century, Hofburg Palace has been the winter residence of the Austrian and Austro-Hungarian emperors for many years. The Royal Family also spent the summer months at the Schobrunn Palace , which was the subject of another article.

The castle, built as the residence of the Duke of Austria in 1275 , grew up with the family as the family grew stronger and became the royal palace. In fact, the present-day Hofburg Palace is known as the Swedish Wing (Schweizerhof). In this part, there is also a chapel named Burgkapelle (Hofburgkapelle) from the 13th century.

Hofburg Palace Attractions

Over time, a number of permanent additions were made by the Austrian and Austrian-Hungarian King and Queen. For example, Amelienburg for Empress Amelie Wilhelmine, Leopoldine Wing for Emperor I. Leopold, Augustinian Wing , library building için

The Hofburg Palace continued to be the winter residence of the Habsburg Handean by 1918 and the center of the country’s government. Today, part of the palace is still used as the Austrian Presidency building.

What to See in Hofburg Palace

Vienna Trip Hofburg Palace

In fact, this is the most difficult part of the Hofburg Palace. I can explain the entire palace in sections, but some sections are not open to touristic visits, and some are open only at concerts, congresses, exhibitions, etc. Nevertheless, I will try to give some idea by enumerating the various sections mentioned in the article on the map above.

Imperial Offices

Vienna tour imperial apartments Hofburg Palace

Open to public and tourist visits in the Hofburg Palace, I think the apartments of the city ​​are the most popular.

You remember the movie ” Sisi “, don’t you? Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth’s (ie Sisi) apartments are among the most popular apartments on this tour. The Imperial Chambers, which have been opened to visit while preserving their original furniture and decorations, are exhibited in the halls, bedrooms, dining rooms and works of art.

In particular, I would recommend you to see Sisi’s hall. One of the most pleasurable and aesthetic among all Imperial Offices.

In the above image I marked Emperor Franz Joseph’s apartments as 1 and Sisi’s apartments as 2.

Sisi Museum

Places to visit in Vienna Hofburg Palace Sisi Museum

The Hofburg Palace The Sisi Museum on the wing facing Michel Square (number three on display) is dedicated to Franz Joseph’s beloved wife, Empress Elisabeth.

In the museum, which holds a mirror to the 19th century aristocracy, the Empress has a copy of the clothes and accessories of the Empress, a copy of her diary, her medications, the materials she used while traveling and a copy of the clothing she wore when she was in Munich from Munich at the age of 16. .

Imperial Silver Collection

More than 7000 materials from the imperial kitchen are exhibited in the Silver Collection (number 4), reflecting the life of the curious aristocracy of the period.

Each work in the collection is a work of art – albeit it is used in food, food or related works. Particularly the 18th century made of Asian porcelain and the most important pieces of Yakut dinnerware collection used in important ceremonies.

Other Museums & Events in Hofburg Palace

Trip to the Hofburg Palace in Vienna

The ones I have mentioned so far are the most visited places in Hoffburg Palace, even those that were part of the palace tour.

In the palace complex there are also periodical events, and other museums are also available. The most important ones are an

Spanish Riding School

Vienna Attractions Spanish Riding School

The Stallburg Building in the Hofburg Palace (5) was built for the Crown Prince Maximillian. Today, the lower floor and the courtyard are used by the Spanish Riding School .

I can say that the Spanish Riding School, which is the only riding school in the world where the classic riding skills are still practiced, is the almost closed box office with the Lipizzan horses and classical music. Here you can visit the Stallbug Building , which is one of the best examples of Baroque architecture, or watch the morning training of Lipizzan horses and riders.

Hofburgkapelle and Hofmusikkapelle

Hofburg Palace in Vienna

I mentioned at the beginning of the article, since there is a royal chapel in the oldest, first part of Hofburg Palace. Hofburgkapelle or Burgkapelle (6) also called the church on Sundays and some religious festivals are usually given classical music concerts by the Vienna Male Choir.

It is not fascinating to listen to a concert in such an important place in the city where the most important classical music composers of the world are raised, or at least in a period of their lives.

The Royal Treasures

The Royal Treasures (7) in the oldest section of the Hofburg Palace in the 13th century were another interesting exhibit. The treasure collection, which is one of the two most valuable treasures in the world, has two royal crowns, one of the most remarkable works of this collection.

The first was the German Royal Crown , which was built in the 10th century and decorated with symbols from the Bible. The Austrian Crown made for Rudolf, and then the Royal Crown .

Albertina Museum

Hofburg Palace Vienna Travel Albertina Museum

The collection on the south-eastern end of the Hofburg Palace, Albertina (8), the largest building in the palace, is home to the world’s leading works of art. The collection, which was first created in 1776 and has more than 1 million pieces today, includes works by masters such as Picasso, Klimpt, Monet, Cézanne and Dürer.

Austrian National Library

Hofburg Palace Attractions

If you don’t say library, please. I guarantee you won’t regret seeing this place. Built in 1735 and overlooking the Josef Square, the Austrian National Library (9) is a work of art in itself. Especially at State Hall.

The charming dome decorated by the frescoes of Daniel Gran, the statues of the various emperors of Austria, the decoration decorated with mythological elements, the Austrian National Library are much more impressive than many historical churches, cathedrals and palaces you may have seen.

I mentioned some of the most important buildings and museums in the Hofburg Palace, but there is much more in the palace.

Other places you can see here are the Butterfly House in an Art-Neuveou-style building overlooking the Josef Square, the Hofburg Congress Center with more than 300 events per year.

And How to go to Hofburg Palace?

How to get to Vienna Hofburg Palace

Access to the Hofburg Palace, which is located in the center of Vienna, in the Innerstradt , can be reached by metro, tram or bus.

If you want to go by metro ; Take the U3 line and leave at Herrengasse Station .

If you want to go by tram ; You should get off at the Burgring Station by taking the 1,2, D and 71 lines.

If you want to go by bus ; Take the bus 1A or 2A and get off at Hofburg Station .

The entrance to the Hofburg Palace Museums is under the dome overlooking the Michealerplatz Square.

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Hofburg Palace Current Entrance Fees

Vienna tour Hofburg Palace Hofburgkapelle

The standard tickets for the Hofburg Palace include the Sisi Museum , the Emperor’s Apartments and the Silver Collection tours.

Price for adults : 13.90 Euro (with voice guidance in English), 16.90 Euro (with human guide)

Price for children from 6 to 18 years old : 8,20 Euro (with English voice recording guide), 9,70 Euro (with human guide)

Price for students aged 18 to 25 : EUR 12.90 (with English audio recording guide), EUR 15.90 (with human guide)

As I said, the standard tickets included only Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum and Silver Collection tours. Tickets for other museums and events mentioned above are sold separately. That’s why I mentioned the ticket purchase links for each of them at the end of the paragraphs.

Vienna Card (Vienna Card) with 1 euro you can get the discount. If you want to get tickets online before going to the palace, you can click on the official website of the palace.

Hofburg Palace Visiting Days and Hours

Hofburg Palace visit times in Vienna

The days and hours of visiting the Hofburg Palace are variable according to the season.

Between September and June; From 09:00 to 17:30,

In July and August; From 09:00 to 18:00 you can see the Imperial Apartments, the Sisi Museum and the Silver Collection.

For the other museums and events that I mentioned in the article, you can find special visit times or activity dates in the links I have given at the end of each section.

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